Breaking news: Austin to Hammers odds crash

Charlie_austin_3147013bBookmaker SkyBet has dramatically reduced the odds of Charlie Austin joining West Ham – making the England striker a 6/5 shot to move to the Boleyn.

But Newcastle remain firm favourites to sign the Rangers goal machine with odds of 4/5.

Just 48 hours ago, you could get odds as high as 15/1 for the QPR striker to join the Hammers.

You get still can a price of 16/1 for Mario Balotelli to join Slav’s foreign legion, while the Irons remain the unlikely favourites at 11/4 to sign Everton’s Kevin Mirallas, even though there appears to be no prospect now.

West Ham are also second favourites to sign Manchester United striker, Javier Hernandez, at 6/1, with Spurs as the 5/2 favourites. The Hammers are also listed as 20/1 outsiders to sign Yannick Bolasie from Crytsal Palace.


16 comments on “Breaking news: Austin to Hammers odds crash

  1. So fed up up with this constant speculation and paper talk. I’m sure we will end up with Hernandez or Austin but I’ve decided to assume nothing and just wait and see. The constant media bombardment drives you nuts and 90 per cent of it is b+++++cks

  2. If the Dave’s are allegedly prepared to go as high as £14m for Hernandez why can’t they put that cash in for Austin, and throw in Nolan and/or Jarvis for bait too? Nolan would do alright for them in the Champs.

  3. Jets. Problem is by throwing in Nolan and or Jarvis you’re basically lowering the bid. They are both a costly liability (wages wise) and offer nothing on the pitch.

  4. It’s defenders that QPR need with the retirement of Dunne and Ferdinand, we would be better trying to loan them our kids or Doneil Henry for a season in addition to a fee, but as mentioned this is all just constant speculations to keep the journo’s in business.

  5. I dont think we will sign either of those, the owners have already spent quite a bit for us & I dont see them going large again.

    Itll be a loan deal for someone who may or may not come off .. a bit of a punt, the davids do like a deal like that. Ive been thinking that maybe the Dave’s might fancy taking Balotelli on loan near dead line day. . . . but i cant see them laying out a massive sum of money (transfer & salary) in this window

    I would love Austin or Hernandez but i think its VERY unlikely

    • They might have spent quite a bit Dainin but so are Stoke,Palace,Newcastle & the rest.We have been a bit lightweight with the dough as far as im concerned.Especially when Gold & Sullivan are forever banging on about top six teams looking over their shoulders at us or we want to rough up the top teams.As it stands our outlay is just going to see us stand still in many respects because the other clubs are out spending us 😉

  6. I think Adrian may have something to say about Balotelli 🙂

  7. Has abyone tried qpr on 14mil yet. Bet we could nick him for that.

  8. Has anyone tried qpr on 14mil yet. Bet we could nick him for that.

  9. Looks like an all Mexican forward line with Sakho and Carroll,
    Don’t mention loaning out Henry he could be are best central defender this year,
    Better offering Lee for the year with Jarvis,if you offer Nolan it will drive the price up because of his wages

  10. According to Lee Boyer on talksh*t, Austin would be better off with the Geordies because of their wonderful fans

  11. It’s already been reported that the Hammers have improved their offer for Hernandez to 12million.Who cares what the bookies say anyway.

  12. There was a rush on Austin to West Ham because I think the odds had allegedly gone out to 15 – 1 not surprising people have a punt on it at that price. Just bookies making more money by offering silly odds on something that is unlikely to ever happen.

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