Irons boss gives Benny a little knock


Over the past few weeks or so CandH have been accused of having an anti-Moyes agenda, which is perfectly fair as that is the case and has been explained on various occasions.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion… that’s ours – but we have also run pieces from those who are pro Moyes and unless things become personal towards individuals or the site- which is against teh rules anyway – we are happy to offer the opportunity to all.                     

But let us look at an event yesterday during his post match interview. I think we all agree that Said Benrahama had a good game; in fact some pundits went as far as naming him man of the match.

But Moyes had another idea in his head as he chose to criticise him rather than praise him after West Ham beat AZ Alkmaar last night.

Benny got West Ham back into the game against the Dutch side with a superb penalty midway through the second-half last night, which kickstarted our comeback to win 2-1.

Thanks to the 27 year old Algerian`s display last night we are in a good position to reach the Europa Conference League final

However, when asked by reporters if he was impressed by Benrahma holding his nerve from the spot, Moyes chose to criticise him for something he did after scoring the penalty

“I couldn’t actually understand why they took so long on the decision, because I thought the referee have given it and I didn’t have a chance to see it. I thought he was maybe looking to see if it was a yellow or a red card, I thought that might have been what they were waiting on. I really have no idea what the delay was on. He held his nerve, finished the penalty off, but he had a great chance to finish another one off later on, which was much easier.”

We aren’t really sure whether that needed to be said – some will say yes, others no but it isn’t really confidence building stuff.

Moyes has been overtly critical of Benrahma in the past, sometimes with valid reasons, but come on – last night he was great so let’s give the fella a break.

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  • Clive says:

    I have myself accused Claret and Hugh of having an anti Moyes agenda but you don’t deny it and indeed freely admit to it but if you think copying and pasting a quick few sentences from someone who makes a quick pro Moyes comment in a chat forum is “running a pro piece” and is somehow balancing things up somehow then I have to say I think you’re wrong. That’s not me being personal by the way. I know some people are very touchy and easily offended when no offence was intended, that’s just me giving my opinion.

    • Accusing me of being touchy and easily offended “when none is intended” is only your opinion. I call that personal and it will be followed by no more. Mine is that it is enough to say you believe we are anti Moyes just as it is your right to say you support him…end of. There have been several pieces but as a passionate pro Moyes man you will always denigrate the effort. It my decision to decide our policy. I am defending that and it has nothing to do with being touchy or offended

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