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Benrahma takes aim at Moyes

Rejuvenated Benrahma takes aim at Moyes 

Said Benrahma has taken a dig at David Moyes following his winner for Lyon against Metz. The Algerian is on loan to the French club with an option to make the transfer permanent, and he is clearly loving life.

Two weeks ago, he spoke of the training at Lyon being more intense and enjoyable, and now he’s spoken again by taking a sideways swipe at The Hammers.

“It’s a goal that will give me a lot of confidence,” he said.

“Already, after the goal, I felt a lot better, I expressed more, and I had freedom.

“It’s worth continuing like this; I have a team who trusts me, I have a coach who trusts me, the entire club trusts me, and I try to go into the field.”

Read into that what you will, but it’s clear his current club is getting more out of him than West Ham were. If Lyon continue to climb the league and maintain their move away from the relegation zone, it’s safe to assume they’ll rubber-stamp Benrahma’s long-term future.

Benrahma takes aim at Moyes following his move to France

Benrahma takes aim at Moyes following his upturn in form

It’s certainly not a great look when numerous players leave and start performing better elsewhere. It just feeds into the feeling that all is not well at West Ham, and it can’t be any coincidence that Benni, Pablo Fornals, and Thilo Kehrer have all spoken about ‘trust’ and ‘confidence’.


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