“Bewildered” Sam: ‘The players are nervous’

Sam-Allardyce-edited1_2519771West Ham manager Sam Allardyce admitted immediately after the game that he is “bewildered.”

He said: “It’s bewildering at the moment, since Manchester United we have thrown seven points away in the final seconds of the game.

“You tally those up, that’s 50 points, looking good and its a really good season, but throwing this one away is bitterly disappointing.

“The lads showed a lot of nerves, and it was a very good goal from Stoke but it is difficult to take. We have to be more capable of seeing the game out.”

Hopefully there will be more of an insight into exactly what is wrong from him later but the snap reaction would be: “If you are beweildered mate…how the hell are we supposed to understand!”


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20 comments on ““Bewildered” Sam: ‘The players are nervous’

  1. Please Hugh, don’t publish other photos of his fat face… I could break my mobile… his words speak for themselves. Honestly, it’s not worth commenting… He will always be a clown.

  2. Well maybe if you didnt make d*ckhead substitutions we wouldnt need to see games out like we are a conference team playing a prem team you mug.Damn im so p*ssed off with this guy.I dont let football get to me generally.Im old enough now to realize in the scheme of life football really is just a game.But this b*stard is getting to me big time!!!! Just jog on you mug.

  3. Yes Rads, football is just a game, I totall agree, I’m always ironic about it…
    But I don’t like getting fuc*ing played.


  4. Surely we need to stop sitting back, making defensive substitutions and allowing the opposition to attack while we defend our lead, only to inevitably lose it. I’m no manager but it seems glaringly obvious?

  5. I think Sam should try being a stand up comic. His “I’m bewildered” statement is priceless.

  6. I tell you what,if you go on forums there are still idiots defending Sam & telling people they are ‘sh*te’ fans because if they dont back Sam they are not true fans.Well i will tell those d*cksplashes now if they are being the true fans they are arseh*les,because their delusioinal beliefs in Sam & their desire to persuade the Davids into giving Allardyce a new two year contract will do more damage to this club in the next two years than anyone wanting him out.Bunch of pr*cks.Sorry for the language Hugh,im normally a good boy but im so p*ssed off with these idiots saying you aint a true fan if you dont back Sam.What an absolute load of b*llocks!!!!

    • Totally agree mate.I got back home a little while ago from the match & saw people still defending Sam.Telling people all this stuff you mention.If he stays for another term in office i will be so fed up.If it wasnt for it being the last season at The Boleyn i would consider not going anymore whilst that mug takes us for fools.He is making us a laughing stock,soon Palace will be above us.What a joke,we were being talked of as getting a european spot when they were in the reelegation mix.It is an absolute joke Rads.

  7. if u want cheering up go on to WHTID and see how everyone slagging sam off today….

    • Im not signed up to it which is a good thing because there are a few on there i would never get on with.One is a total tithead,he is the knowledge of west ham football club & is so up sams backside it is embarressing 😉

      • FOBYAC biggest **** on there tbh

        • Haha,he was the one i was on about,lol 😀

        • Dont talk to me about that guy.He is one of the most obnoxious geezers i have come across on west ham sites.I left there because i couldnt be bothered to read his crap anymore.FLOBYUCKY 😉

          • everyone on that site that licks sams arse is really making west ham united laughing stock

          • There are more than one or two idiots on there.They are always taking the p*ss out of the contribtors on this site with there C&H remarks.They think they are superior beings.I just take no notice of them.If they think they are the wise owls of west ham fans forums let them think it.But in reality most just laugh at them as they are arrogant jerks.

  8. Dont get me wrong,there are guys here who really tease & wind up Sam fans but it is in good humour,i can see that clearly.But that guy is just plain rude & so opinionated it is untrue.He speaks to people like dogs offering his wide range of bs views.I couldnt take it anymore,when that jerk leaves there many more will speak there in a more friendly enviroment.I left there a while ago.I pop on to see if the idiot has gone but he never has,lol

  9. It’s time now to up the pressure on the 2 Daves to get rid of this flop,how I don’t know
    And it’s easy for me to say because I am not there at the sharp end paying week after week
    But as a true fan I am near breaking point,

  10. Only thing that is bewildering is why he’s still got a job! Then I guess he has met his target of not being relegated so well done sam. But then when you aim so low and never try to excel it makes it hard to fail. Bring back Roeder!

  11. Cole and Nolan on when Morgan and Nene are on the bench. All you need to know about this manger was shown by those decisions. Nothing more need be said.

  12. Even one day on this guy still makes me mad.All this talk about ‘if’ we hadnt conceded in the final minutes we would have this many extra points.Well we did concede so talking about what ifs is b*ll****!.What good is it saying we would have 7 exrra points if we hadnt let late goals in,we did you kn*bhead! What if we hadnt scored in the last few minutes against Sunderland ourselves,we would also have two less points than now.Ffs,i cant stomach much more of this excuse making tool.

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