New Irons disaster …how much more can we take?

Irons 1 Stoke 1

CressieAnd so it came to passeth that the Red Sea again failed to open and the Red Mist descended on Samuel Alerdici as he again failed to lead his wandering Premier League tribe into the winning Promised Land.

I’m sorry, forgive me but if I don’t laugh I’m gonna spend the rest of the evening crying my eyes out after another late late horror show.

This time the Stoke leveller came in injury time when Marko Arnautovic slid his angled shot past Adrian to break every West Ham heart inside and outside  Upton Park.

The Austrian finally made it pay after twice having ‘goals’ ruled out for offside.

Aaron Cresswell’s brilliant early free-kick had put West Ham ahead, but Stoke dominated for much of the remainder of the match.

Mark Noble had shaped to take the free kick but ran over the ball as Cresswell stepped forward to plant a brilliant effort into the top right hand corner.

Cheik Kouyate saw a couple of efforts saved and fly wide but it was the visitors who turned up the pressure with Cameron, Moses and N’Zonzi causing problems.

Adrian was the busiest keeper but saw a shot from Adam fly over before collecting from Walter. Reid was then in the right place to get his head in the way of a  Moses effort.

It was all hugely uncomfortable for the home supporters and Moses again had a big chance but shot wide after being presented with a chance by Collins.

Stoke cranked up the pressure again in the second half and Arnautovic slid home a 69th minute effort that was judged offside.

Then Diouf headed in a powerful effort which thumped the inside of Adrian’s post before rebounding  to safety.

Adam then shot wide before in the 94th minute Arnautovic made one count, passing into the bottom left corner after finding space in the box. 1-1.

It’s become seriously boring to talk about heartaches and heartbreaks…it’s worse than that. We just cannot see games out. Something is wrong, badly wrong and it has to end.

It’s all well and good talking about pro and anti managerial lobbies but the far more serious fact is that we are sliding and sliding while failing to learn the very important lesson of how to close matches out.

If we reach deep into our hearts we know what the answer to these problems has to be.


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14 comments on “New Irons disaster …how much more can we take?

  1. What a goal Creswell… What a c**p Allardyce… 1-0 and then starts his “attacking football show”… “Guys, respect the three points! It’s time to lock it down on defense!” but at the end… 1-1. Fatman’s philosophy has been fully confirmed “Guys, respect the point”.


    • Absolutely right. This man is a deluded,self promoting,arrogant egomaniac. Just wait for the crap he’s going to come out with on this one. I’m not sure if he actually believes himself the ****e he comes out with or he’s watching a completely different game to the rest of the world. Bin him off at end of season. And to all you Allardyce supporters and apologists out there….Wise up,eh.

  2. Excuse me but putting on Cole and Nolan is gifting the game not attacking football. He knows he’s not getting a new contract and is a stubborn as hell. Why he doesn’t realise that every stupid substitution will be seen by any new club is beyond me. Why Nene and morgan were not on earlier seems crazy. Bizarre tactics from a manager well past his time at West Ham again. Please let us have change.

  3. When you take off two forwards with pace you take away any threat of a counter attack and invite Stoke to push forward. Surely leaving Song on adding a midfielder and keeping Valencia up top may have given Stoke concern Poor Carlton barely looks up to league One standard lately.Nolan last week and Song this week are coming off looking bemused and showing disappointment but both games we went worse with chamges made!Lastly use some fresh lads perhaps Poyet off the bench we are mid table when is a better time?

  4. only way to rid is boycott 1 game then owners will have to get rid simple as that I know its wrong attitude to have but could be the only way to show the owners that enough is enough

  5. I just got back from the game & quiet frankly i would have preferred to have my balls nailed to a table this afternoon than watch that.I dont care how Sam fans try & dress it up its time for him to go.Cole on his own upfront,what a joke.I saw just now we had 34% possesion at home,though at times it seemed less.Something has to change,i cant handle two more years of this garbage if Samasaurus stays.It is getting beyond a joke.Yes the players need to take responsibility at as well but Sam is just clueless.If he cant play his plan A way we are screwed.Pls Davids just get rid of him,i pay a large percentage of my wages each year following The Irons,always have,but i really am wondering whether it is worth it while this fool takes the p*ss out of me & the other fans.Sorry if i offend you tunnel visioned Sam fans,but i have had enough.For the first time i will write this- BFS OUT!!!!!

  6. Just got back from the game…….not going again until fat Sam goes. The man is deluded and past his sell by date… This is now calling into question the 2 David’s credibilty..what is the point of de motivating players and fans by sticking it out to the end of the season. If Sam remains next season that’s me gone, refuse to put up with it any longer!

  7. I have the same thoughts but i cant not be there for the last season at The Boleyn.That idiot will be gone before i have that dilemma i hope.

  8. Sorry you lads that paid and had to watch that like true fans you are,
    DG now you know 1-0 up on comes Nolan then take off the best forwards we have and bring on 1 old forward to hang on then complain we gave it away,
    BFS YOU GAVE IT AWAY,you put the pressure on our defence by trying to hang on to your job by trying to get the points,
    You are a failure and now we have to pay for your mistakes any other team that employes you are mad,

  9. bfs out ut out out

  10. I was there yesterday and I was happy for the first 10 minutes, then disaster.
    the substitutions were beyond me, why Cole , I watched him go for 8 headers, he never got near any of them, he is a joke, why take off our speedy forwards and put on two donkeys, Nolan & Cole, just asking for Stoke to come on to us, which is exactly what they did.
    34% possession at home , what a f******* joke.
    All his mates on the bench, Nolan, Cole, O’Brien & Jarvis, where was Poyet, Oxford & Burke, oh yea they are too young and not to be trusted, poor Nene couldn’t even get a kick, what is it with this Dinosaur of A MANAGER THAT HE STICKS TO LAST SEASON JOKES , NO IDEA, NO CREDITABILITY AND NO HOPE, SAM MUST BE GONE OR I WILL NOT ATTEND ANOTHER GAME WHILST HE IS IN CHARGE AND I HAVE BEEN GOING FOR 55 YEARS.
    I hope the owners read this column and take note of the fans, WE ARE THE CLUB, WITHOUT US THERE IS NO CLUB, remember that you two Davids.

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