Big Ray sticks it on Spurs

British actor Ray Winstone poses during a photo call for the movie "The Crime" in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013. The movie will have its premiere in German cinemas on Feb. 28, 2013. (AP Photo/dpa, Joerg Carstensen)

British actor Ray Winstone poses during a photo call for the movie “The Crime” in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013. The movie will have its premiere in German cinemas on Feb. 28, 2013. (AP Photo/dpa, Joerg Carstensen)

Ray Winstone’s view of the move to the Olympic Stadium makes brilliant reading in his autobiography which is my current reading.

Here’s what he has to say on the subject in his book titled “Young Winston”:

“I’m proud of where I come from but that doesn’t mean I never want things to change. For instance, on the controversial subject of West Ham moving to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford in 2016, a lot of people who ask me about it expect me to get really upset, but I don’t think it’s a shame at all. I will miss Upton Park but it’s always been hard work to get to. And if you want the club to progress , we’ve got to take the chance of a proper stadium with better transport links and parking facilities as that’s the only way to attract better players. On top that, to be honest, the whole thing has probably been worth doing Β just for how much it’s pissed Tottenham off.”

Young Winston in paperback is published by Cannongate Books atΒ£8.99


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38 comments on “Big Ray sticks it on Spurs

  1. Hahaha,classic.He is right,anything that ****es off the Spuds is worth doing πŸ˜€

  2. Lmao,P.i.s.s.e.d is blocked by the swear fliter on comments but its fine in an article,great stuff πŸ˜€

  3. Yes Ray, can we bring him into the fold… Head of media relations maybe ?

  4. I was down at Westfield on Friday picking out our new seats, when the video came on with Ray Winstones’s ‘over the top’ commentary it caused everyone to burst out laughing – he really lays on the ‘professional cockney’ thing it was hilarious!

    I’d never been to Westfield before – it’s pretty impressive – we got our seats sorted out fairly easily, looks good!

  5. Lesson 3: “Right Nolan you *******! I’m the daddy now, next time, I’ll ****ing kill ya!”

    • Nice one Hamburg,glad to hear from you again

      • Been very busy, clearing out my deceased mom’s house and in the process of putting it on the market. Leaving a football ground is one thing, selling your childhood home another.

        • So sorry bud, been there done that ****e, time will help

        • Sorry to hear that Hamburg,best wishes to you chap.Hope you can erase the sad emotions you have now & keep the good memories for years to come πŸ˜‰

      • Have to admit I saw you saying on WHTID I hope it hasn’t all been painful for you and good memories brought you some comfort

        • Having been through the same thing 18 months ago after losing my mum HH I know how difficult it can be, keep your chin up pal think of the memories

          • Cheers guys. I suppose it’s the combination of losing so many things at the same time: Your beloved mom, your childhood home, the part of town the house is in with all the shops, parks and streets, yes, even the bloody visiting neighbour’s cat you have gotten attached to and bonded with.
            It’s all a bit much and if West Ham wasn’t there I’d probably have gone nuts already…

  6. I just read that Boleyn Insider comedy section on the OS.He says expect the first of a possible three signings by the middle of the month.What is all that about.The middle of the month,ffs,its only the 6th now!

    • The famous Bolewyn Insider and Bradders who between them are so in the know that they know nothing. There 6th sense ability of seeing into the future and breaking down by hour date and time our future signings, there disciples following them and crying out for answers fretting that without them they can’t provide a full synopsis of statistics and formations, without there inside knowledge where would we be?? Happy lol

      • I thought the fake prophet had disappeared into the ether leaving his disciples hopes and dreams dashed lol

        • He will rise up again and regain his flock ,just having a couple of weeks off all inclusive at Pontins minimal wifi so unable to lift sorry post new stories

        • I’ve heard they don’t have papers delivered there either so it’s a nightmare for him. We can’t expect his mystical powers to work under such strenuos conditions lol

  7. The Daily Liar has come up with a new name we are “interested in” Andros Townsend for Β£15m. I love these reports, have we got a multi billionaire hiding in store room at the BG? We are going to be spending about Β£100m+ if we sign everyone we are “interested in”
    Barcelona we are coming for you…. lol

    • Haha,we are ‘interested’ in half the players on the planet.At least this year it aint Wickham though πŸ˜‰

  8. What happened to Dan Bentley coming in from Southend?? Thought that was meant to be a sure thing at the end of last season. Very good young keeper, could have signed him & let him stay at the seaside for another year on loan.

  9. Espn have said we have already signed Martin Samuelsen… who, where, when & how much??

    • We signed him about ten days ago.Young lad,18,norewegian,we got him from Man.City academy when they let him go.Fuxk it im saying no more.I started to sound like a wetpants stats expert for a moment,lol πŸ˜€

  10. Lol careful there mate. That would be scary.

  11. Oh yeah i remember him now, i thought he was a new ball boy. Only looks about 14.
    I even posted a comment on him…. doh… πŸ˜€

  12. I like this actor, he’s really good… he should play Sam into his autobiographical film “You don’t know how nice it is lying on the bench making a lot of money”.

    • Ahah Matte Ray is versatile but not that versatile to play a hippo lol

    • Ray playing the Hippo in the ” Pudfather trilogy”
      Episode 1 the Early years- Hippos untold story growing up in Dudley working three jobs to make enough to get his hands on steak and kidney pud and chewing gum.
      Episode 2 the transition years – From spotty teenager to footballer , the highs the lows the lows the lows.
      Episode 3 the deluded years- moving into management , getting jobs without winning anything at all, putting himself forward for top jobs, his affair with Mrs Nolan his blood bond with Mr Curtis his ability to earn fortunes for doing nothing significant at all.

  13. Excellent stuff GW,could you add flashbacks in the second one where his orphan father goes back to the village of Allardyce to avenge the man who stole his lard factory and turned it into a health farm. Can’t think I got that idea lol

    • That will be the spin off ” Hippo Origins” starring a young unknown Paul Potts lookalike playing the part of the hippo trying to rid the world of healthy snacks and fluent football

  14. ahaha… brilliant script GW and Quick… Congratulations, I will be sitting in the front row eating popcorn πŸ˜€

  15. And that’s why Ray Winstone is in my top two of the coolest people on the planet…

    • Who’s the other one?you can’t leave us hanging like that lol

      • ahah… It is logical that the other one is Sam… I don’t know why you don’t understand Quick… lol πŸ˜€

      • Pretty obvious isnt it.Its Bruce Forsyth.Why else would you have him as your avatar,lol

      • D’oh! Of course it is as it is with all of us,it’s all this DG induced sleep deprivation it’s messing with my brain lol

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