Black and white seats restored at the OS


Live time lapse images from the Olympic Stadium show white and black seats being re-installed in the lower tier of the rebuilt Olympic stadium this week.The sight will be disappointing to many Hammers fans who expected to see new Claret and Blue seats in the rebuilt lower tier at the stadium.

Construction firm Balfour Beatty and their subcontractors are currently working 24×7 to get the Stadium finished before the first stadium test event on the 19th July. Construction will stop between the 19th July and 7th November to allow test events and the Rugby world cup to take place.

A West Ham insider has suggested the white and black seats will be removed for the second time following the completion of the Rugby world cup and the OS lower tier will be rebuilt for a second time so there is still a chance of Claret and Blue seats before the first ball is kicked in anger in August 2016.

In response to this story Chairman David Gold has responded to fans on twitter saying

“You will be pleased with the new stadium, the facilities and the new seats. The new seats will look great”


You can watch the time lapse images of the Olympic Stadium transformation on the link below.


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  • Quickdraw is going loco says:

    If the Daves make the brave and exciting choice for our new manager we’ll never see the colour of the seats on matchday anyway.
    I’m more interested to see the colour and layout of next season’s kit,any news Sean or Hugh?

  • coyi1973 says:

    But the lower tier needs to be removed after the rugby World Cup so these seats will have to be removed. No point in putting in new seats for th to be removed. Retractable seating will then be installed so maybe new seats will be installed with them

    • I agree, seems crazy to rip the seats out for a second time and replace them again after the rugby world cup. Still no confirmation of what will happen after the world cup

  • JIMRSA says:

    Seriously, as I have predicted before this is no news . . . it is NOT our ground we just rent for a certain time of the year, albeit “Anchor Tenants” . . . is a big shame that we could not have been accommodated but the additional cost to replace the seats (especially in Claret and Blue) with all the uproar of the cost already, blah, blah would have been a political hot potato.

  • essexclarets says:

    Couldn’t the seats from UP be used??

  • Rads says:

    They are all ****ty,discoloured & faded in many cases aint they.Look at the east stand seats,it is like a mosaic:D

  • spyinthesky says:

    Ok a far more in depth discussion of this has taken place on Skyscraper so will try to give a brief summary here just so people understand what we are seeing at the moment. It is presently arguable how what is going on in the lower tiers relates to the retractable seating for us next year.
    It seems likely much of the structure in front of the concrete rump terracing is to be part of what will become the retractable seating. However as the retractable seating structure will need to be as deep (front to back) as the movable structures PLUS the depth of the concrete rump itself that they are putting seats on at present then those seats on that concrete rump cannot possibly be part of the terracing in football mode. They either become irrelevant in football mode but stay put within the gap as the movable terracing moves forward and further movable structures added behind them in the resulting gap, or they will be replaced eventually by an overlapping movable structure combined with the front sections we see (or replacements) and then moves forward as a whole. Indeed it needs to be understood that at the ends the middle bit stays as is and the two side portions of the end terracing move forward and then together to cleverly form a less severe curve and then the side terracing can move forward to meet it.

    Anyway the point of this here is that the seating you see going in on the concrete portions won’t, at least in that position be relevant to what we see, so it doesn’t prove that the seats will or will not be black and white for us. That said, I suspect most will when the actual terracing we use is in place.

  • bubs says:

    Don’t care what colour they are just who is sitting in them and what they are watching,
    Let’s get real if you are lucky enough to be watching Westham in Europ or the premier
    In another season you won’t care pity they are not all white that would fit with claret and blue further back

  • Rads says:

    Would be nice to have claret & blue seats,but if they aint so be it.Im not going to spit the dummy over what my jacksie is placed on 😉

  • Dainon17 says:

    These seats are bigger & have padding so they will be much more comfortable than the little rock hard seats that we currently rest our bottoms on.. That said I was hoping that they would do what we have seen in the ‘artists impression’ mock up’s of the stadium, ie use ALL of the current white seats with a FEW of the current black seats then just add a few thousand new claret seats & jiggle them all about to make a different seating pattern. Crossed hammers or a WHUFC pattern would do – its really not hard to get right

    That way we wouldnt have to pay for 54,000 new seats, maybe it would only be 8,000 new seats that we require. If the Davids are really worried about us making a smooth move into our new home they could go the extra mile on this. I know the Davids have mentioned that they would rather spend money on the pitch improving the team than on seats in the stands & there is a lot in that that makes sense but its also very important to have the fans content with the move in such a delicate time for the club

    I was pleased to see the capacity raised by 600 🙂 – Its my opinion that this stadium will be best cramming in as many seats as possible and if necessary reducing the ticket prices more to fill the extra seats. I read that there will be 60,000 seats but some will be closed off so we can gain the UEFA cat 4 stadium certificate which allows the stadium to hold big cup finals & other important matches. I think we should use all the seats we can and add some extra between the lower bowl and upper bowl even if the capacity rose to 70,000+ just make tickets SUPER cheap… the atmos would improve and im sure the extra tickets would sell if it priced correctly. This would also mean we gain extra fans going forward & appeal to better managers & players with such a massive home gate.. (we would be in the Man U bracket)

    Currently the club are stating that it will be the 4th largest football stadium in the premier league and that is true for about a season, then Spuds and Liverpool will both go above us with there new stadium improvements.. so really at 54k we will be 6th largest

    I back us to make this stadium the best it can possibly be, the right stadium is not impossible to achieve but i fear we will only get about 70% of its potential with these current plans. Maybe we can tweek it in a few years time when a billionaire takes over 🙂

    Sorry about my massive post but i work in this large construction area and its a bit of an obsession of my


  • TysonM says:

    Lol,any chance of you constructing a winning team as well 😀

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