Captain Kurt Zouma? No Thanks.

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West Ham United’s sinking ship isn’t just about finding a new manager. With David Moyes departing, another crucial question emerges: who will lead the team forward? The answer emphatically shouldn’t be the current captain, Kurt Zouma.

Zouma’s captaincy has been a baffling choice from the start. His on-field performance, particularly against his former club Chelsea, leaves much to be desired. But even more concerning is his complete lack of leadership off the pitch. While other players took the time to acknowledge the fans after the demoralising defeat, Zouma was the first to disappear down the tunnel, a gesture that speaks volumes about his commitment and connection with the West Ham faithful.

The void left by Declan Rice’s departure is undeniable. His leadership qualities were a significant asset to the team. He inspired his teammates with his toughness and mental strength, and he wasn’t afraid to connect with the fans. Those are qualities desperately missing from the current West Ham squad.

West Ham needs a captain who embodies the fighting spirit and dedication that the club represents. Someone who leads by example, both on and off the field. This isn’t just about barking orders; it’s about inspiring teammates, fostering a sense of unity, and building a strong bond with the fans.

The search for a new manager is just one piece of the puzzle. Finding the right leader to wear the captain’s armband is equally important. With a new manager potentially at the helm and a true leader on the pitch, West Ham can rebuild, recapture its identity, and hopefully rise from the ashes of this disappointing season. The captaincy isn’t just an armband; it’s a symbol of hope for a brighter future for the Hammers.

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  • Murray Parker says:

    Hopefully someone who doesn’t kick cats. Says it all really. Bobby would be turning in his grave.
    Either brand new player or maybe Bowen as he seems to care unlike some!!!

    • Michael says:

      The team needs a complete make over, sweep away the rubbish, keep the good bits, and start over, Kurt is pat of the problem and should not take the shirt off

    • Rod Le Vicount says:

      Well said.
      Trouble is most of our fans have condoned his disgraceful behaviour and the club dealt with it appallingly at the time playing him the very next day.
      I’ve not felt the same about the club since.
      But don’t forget Moyes loves animals.
      Yeah ok David!!!

  • Simon says:

    I would give the armband to Bowen i a heartbeat he gives 100% all the time

    • Y Street says:

      100% Agree-should’ve happened after Rice left.

    • G Pawley says:

      Bowen has skill, commitment and passion to carry captain’s arm band.
      Zoom(a) is another of Moyes cockups. Can’t organise defence let alone whole team.
      Has speed of a three legged donkey. Question has already been raised whether he would pass a medical if transferred.
      Complete back four needs upgrading, replacement for Phillips, left winger who can play across front row and a striker.
      Involvement of academy plays and stronger sub bench required.
      Small aged team, all Moyes doing. FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE is very apt (not surprising they are leggy).

      • Kevin Goodman says:

        Totally agree, quite often during a game I look at particular payers, like a coaching outfit should do, just to see what they do in a game, positioning,marking, awareness etc. And if you just take 2 players, although there are more, and watch Soucek and Zouma during the match it’s quite breathtaking that these players are not only premiership level but are constantly picked with Zouma being chosen as the captain even though he couldn’t, quite clearly run a bath let alone his defence. Moyes says players are tired but won’t play decent youngsters who are queuing up to leave but loves Phillips and Ings!!!!

  • Michael Holdsworth says:

    What I saw today embarrassed me as a fan.except for 2 players Bowen and kudas I would have docked their wages because they were not playing IE working for the club.and call that waste of skin a captain for west ham .our defence not been same since Dawson looked half the team were not interested one bit.

  • Trevor Bettell says:

    Bowen should be captain always gives is all was a disgrace today against Chelsea

  • Hammeroo says:

    Next captain, like most on this thread agree, should be Jarrod Bowen. He truly loves the club and his new family are West Ham until they Dyer! Furthermore Jarrod has recently put his hand up for the job in the future. Well, the future starts now, or very soon anyway.

    Captain Bowen for me!

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Jarrod should be the captain. and no matter who the new manager is will in all likelihood take the same view .

  • S shields says:

    Been saying it all season zouma runs like he’s on stilts **** defender need 2 new tough centre backs a goal scoring foward pequeta has been rubbish since the man city approach no midfielder can tackle moyes puzzles me with some of his sub choices he as done this season think we need to bring a new manager to help restore the west ham way

  • Dave Doone says:

    Moyes should have gone long ago. He’s got no tactical awareness and doesn’t know how to bring on a sub to change the formation. All the other managers know how he will play. Why he bought Ings is beyond me. Used to be a good player but has been lead legged and over the hill for a few years. Zouma was a donkey at Chelsea so don’t know why he bought him. Moyes has had some luck over the last few seasons but came up against a class outfit in Leverkusen which showed us up. Think that’s five 5-0 defeats including Liverpool in the cup and a 6-0 against the old enemy. Have been supporting the hammers since the early 60’s and don’t recall a worse set of results in a season

    • Rowland Scherman says:

      Moyes doesn’t seem to realize that often the best defense is offense. Other teams do.

  • Clive Smith says:

    Bowen is the obvious choice for cap. But if he turned it down, possibly JWP? The whole squad needs sorting out. Soucek, Zouma and Oggy need moving on. We could do soooo much better. COYI!

  • Graham says:

    Everything screwy seem to happen after Stewart Pierce left.

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