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C&H Exclusive: David Moyes fate date set

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Will owner David Sullivan offer Moyes a new deal as West Ham manager?

By Sean Whetstone

West Ham joint chairman David Sullivan will sit down face to face with manager David Moyes before the end of May Claret and Hugh understands.

West Ham play their last game of the season against Manchester City on Sunday 19th May so the meeting is scheduled to take place sometime between Monday 20th and Friday 31st May.

Crucially club sources insist no manager has been offered the West Ham manager role for next season as the club honouring the existing contract of David Moyes until the end of June.

The board will not make a final decision until David Sullivan and David Moyes sit down face to face in May despite West Ham sporting director Tim Steidten drawing up a contingency list of managerial candidates to sound out managers availability and their desire to take the role if it becomes available.

The end of season review meeting will discuss whether there is appetite from both sides to offer a management contractual extension to the 61-year-old Scotsman.

A decision one way or another is expected to be made before the season ticket deadline on 3rd June

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  • D.f.butcher says:

    With all this hype about managers and so forth, I personally think there’s one thing missing in all this and that’s the word entertainment , as a season ticket holder I want entertaining it seems as if the clubs gone kind of wooden moyes and other individuals seem to think it’s the fans duty to support the team but surely it’s the teams responsibility to entertain me with something resembling football, at the moment the only strangely entertaining thing that happens is when Kalvin Philips appears because I’m on the edge of my seat thinking of f&&k what’s he gonna do next,let’s face it at the moment i have more chance of getting a postcard from the pope than us playing champions league football, hang on the postman’s here?

    • Voss says:

      Is it just me who believes all the manager interviews etc are simply a ruse to say in June “Well we tried but there is simply no one better available” when they wheel out Moyes with a new contract.
      I find it hard to believe Moyes keeps quiet when all this is going on unless he has agreed to it.
      Either way, the total disregard for us fans by the board and Moyes comments is enough for me to keep my £2.5k in my pocket and not Sullivan from next season

  • Rozzer says:

    Enjoyed both posts and the two goals we scored on Saturday though for the first time struggled to get from the station to the ground then long queues at the disabled line plus the turnstiles.Been a very active fan for seventy four years so back in the old second division then promotion and attended all the Wembley finals and seen wonderful players who would stop to talk to you.
    Met John Lyall and Ronnie Boyce spent the day in the old stadium and spent at least an hour with them. It was a great experience why did they sack him ?
    An old Manager I was related too told he started Bubbles at a time when all you got was the post horn Gallup.
    Read this site every day.

    • Steve Gower says:

      Heard lots of people say they will not renew if Moyes stays. Not heard any Moyes supporters say they won’t renew if he’s sacked!! Funny that!!!!!

      • Sensible says:

        The club are taking us all for fools, they clearly think we are stupid and I will not be renewing until I know who the manager will be, 100% if its Moyes I won’t renew.

      • Christian Of Ephusis says:

        I will renew if he’s sacked

      • Trewert says:

        Why would they ?
        They support the club not and not a Manager. Rather odd that anyone would say that in any circumstance if they were a club fan !! Clearly not everyone can be judged by the same standards.

    • Howard says:

      I will not renew my ticket and neither will my two sons if that Scottish ****ing imbecile is kept on as manager. He is an absolute imbecile that ruins centre forwards and young talents lives. He had a chance in September to bring in two strikers one on loan, he bought in nobody. In January he had a chance to bring in strikers and wingers knowing we had injuries and Africon he bought in nobody and even got rid of Benrhama.and Fornals. We had a brilliant chance to get into Europe and play exciting football. He has let us and the team down. He hasn’t a clue how to change systems and give youngsters a chance, get rid now of the Scottish *****. Plus his substitutions when he makes them are pathetic, I hate him, as for winning a trophy he was lucky apart from that we havnt won a , last year we were lucky to stay up.thing

      • Mancunian says:

        Wow, big insults – “Scottish”. I wonder how that would play in Liverpool or here at Man U, after their ****”**”ing Scottish *******ing managers and players won everything for years.
        Disgraceful bigot.
        Only thing that will make West Ham successful is a trillionaire Arab Sheikh as owner rather than a retired pornographer. Won’t happen.
        Can’t wait to read these posts over the next few seasons. I’m already sorry for the next 5 West Ham managers, whoever they may be.

      • Whammer 1 says:

        Bang on m8

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Moyes is going to go he will sort a position for himself with another premier league team to show us what we are missing out on and that’s fine he doesn’t need to tell or show us we already know given his arrogance he wouldn’t keep quiet while the club interview possible new managers he would definitely have something to say so he knows what is going to happen I suspect he will be staying or he has another club to go to either way he will come up smelling of roses

  • John Gurney says:

    I’ll be renewing my season ticket whatever happens, I support West Ham United!!

  • Trevor says:

    I still believe that Moyes has already decided to walk away

  • Bonzo says:

    Moyes will not be sacked. He will either leave of his own accord or they will not renew his contract. This is the way Sullivan has done it for many years. They say we will sit down and talk at the end of the season. I don’t know why nobody believes them. Unless it’s because nobody believes a word Sullivan says anymore which is quite possible.

  • Hugh Jars says:

    Moyes is finished at the Hammers. Sullivan and co need buying out. One stale, boring crew there now.
    Fonseca, come on!!!!!⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️

  • Steve Foley says:

    They are lying, like they do when they say they tried to buy this player, that player. They are just making noises, they’ll say they couldn’t find the right manager and Moyes will stay. That’s a certainty, 100%

    • Paul Warwick says:

      Don’t think he’s staying, the things he’s been saying suggests that, slagging off fans sounds like a dead man walking, he’s never done that before

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