Championship for Bargain Hunt ?

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Former Everton CEO Keith Wyness believes West Ham United should target multiple players from the Championship  in the summer transfer window.

Wyness suggests that the Championship offers a pool of talented players who can be acquired for a reasonable price. He points to Jarrod Bowen, who thrived after his move from Hull City to West Ham in 2020, as a successful example.

It appears that West Ham are planning to bring in four to six new signings this summer, with a focus on homegrown British players. This strategy comes amidst an expected exodus of some domestic players from the current squad.

Reports suggest West Ham have already begun talks for Hull City defender Jacob Greaves, with a price tag of around £15 million.

Wyness cautions that the focus on homegrown players might drive up prices unnecessarily. He suggests that the Championship offers good value for quality players.

So is the solution finding quick solutions through transfers and developing young players through the academy? Wyness suggests that while academy development is ideal, sometimes immediate investment is necessary.

Nevertheless, the Championship could be a fruitful hunting ground for West Ham as they look to reshape their squad.

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