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City v Irons …in the cold light of day

By CandH blogger Allen Cummings


So when we look back on the events of last night, in the cold light of day, what do we make of the latest chapter in the never-ending saga of West Ham United’s troubled season?

Well, the result still stands at 2-0 to Manchester City. Nothing we can do about that but how should we view the events at the Etihad in the bigger picture?

Surely judging by predictions I had seen prior to the game, admittedly from some of our more masochistic supporters who were warning of a goal-feast at our expense, 2-0 was almost a ‘result’.

It certainly didn’t dent our goal difference as it might have done – and like it or not, goal difference is often defining factor, of any scrap at the bottom of the table.

Hadn’t we all tired of Pellegrini’s naïve, some say non-existent approach to defending, that left us wide open to teams with City’s ability.

Remember the 5-0 thrashing they handed out in the first game of the season! Had we been sitting on the end of another five goal hammering, or worse, this morning, would the response have been: “It doesn’t matter – at least we gave it a go – we played the West Ham Way”. I very much doubt it.

The cries would have been: “pathetic defending” / “the team just gave up” / “they rolled over yet again”. City were hurt by all the goings on of the last seven days, they had a point to prove and unfortunately for us, we were the handy fodder. The lambs to the slaughter – only it wasn’t quite that was it?

Moyes set the team up to make life difficult for them and  to a degree it worked – that’s why his post-match reflection was far from defeatist. Managers often see things differently to us – that’s because they have a responsibility. We don’t.

It doesn’t get any easier . After last year’s Premier League champions we move on to face this year’s Premier League Champions (elect) – that has to be said of course, but who in their right mind thinks the final outcome will be anything other than a Liverpool triumph?

We’ve known for a while the fixtures we faced – and the majority opinion has been we need to grit our teeth, accept our punishment, and look beyond to the games that remain. Those are the games that will inevitably define our season.

Does anyone really expect Moyes’ approach to the Liverpool game to be very different to last night? I certainly don’t.

I do expect Jarrod Bowen to be given a bigger role though  and I believe we will actually get to see Felipe Anderson given some game time.

Moyes obviously has the next game at the London Stadium very much in mind, when we entertain Southampton, and will be building towards that.

There will be a different team – and a different game plan for that one, of that I am convinced.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “City v Irons …in the cold light of day

  1. Sorry Allen I didn’t see it that way. Moyes set us up to fail whichever way you look at it. Had Jesus been on his game he could have scored a Hat Trick and had it been the other way round we would have been screaming for 2 Penalties hand ball against Cresswell and Ogbonna grab around the nether regions of Aquero.
    The fact we had only 22% possessionusy be one of the worst ever
    . City hardly broke into a sweat, Mendy had so much space and time on the left it was if we didn’t have a right back.

    Much more effort needed against Liverpool on Monday

  2. Liverpool are there for the taking. There last two games, only just beat Norwich 1-0 and lost in the CL 1-0 . Their having a blip, nothing to fear, 2-0 to the Irons.
    It’s ok , the nurse is on her way!!

  3. You’re only half right Allen – of course we wouldn’t have been pleased with losing 5-0 and many probably would have said the sort of things you’ve written. However, there HAS to be a middle ground – we can’t just turn up to games wanting a low scoring defeat?! it’s utter madness and completely disrespectful to our travelling fans. How on earth the club can say ‘get behind the team’ when the team isn’t even playing to win is beyond insulting.

    We should play every game to win – not to, as you put it, ‘make life difficult for the other team’. No sensible fan expects us to win against Man City away, but most of us could see that City have been defensively poor all season, have been exposed with pace and they had Sterling missing – we therefore had a tiny opportunity to maybe get something. So instead of at least ‘trying’ to expose the obvious weakness they have, we decided we’d just sit back and hope they don’t score too many. Not only is that a terrible way to play football, but it puts HUGE pressure on Southampton at home. Imagine if we’d nicked a 1-1 draw last night, massive point, huge confidence boost. Instead Moyes ensured there was no chance that was going to happen.

  4. So by this thinking why not ask the Premier League to forfeit our matches against the likely top 14 and only play 10 games a season???
    I started to first doubt the West Ham way (which to me has always meant no more than have a real go to win every game – none of this Academy of football stuff – had started to go when Allardyce set us up to lose games by only one or two nil against the Big Boys.
    Football is entertainment – how is watching a Team under Moyes worth watching when he concedes the game before a ball has been kicked?

  5. I’m with you all the way there Allen. I’m seeing and reading so many negative thoughts and reactions over last nights game and what will happen against Liverpool on Monday. I read it on this site, on twitter and view it on the social media channels. I’ve got to the point of blocking all negative views and opinions on twitter. The guy I feel sorry for is David Moyes. He didn’t have to come back. If anyone has a point to prove its David Moyes after the board let him go when he was here before. I’m old enough to have been through many relegation battles at West Ham. What I saw last night against Manchester City, was a West Ham team being positive fighting for their lives. All these negative opinions are not welcome. Get behind the team who are trying their hardest. Look beyond the Liverpool game to the home game against Southampton. The team need our positive support if they are to survive the drop. COME ON YOU IRONS.

  6. Totally agree. Whichever way you look at it we came out of last nights game with some self respect. We weren’t totally annihilated like we were first game of the season under Pellegrini with his naive supposedly attacking football.

  7. I feel sorry for Moyes. I don’t think certain West Ham media channels realise how much responsibility they have for swaying fans opinion, turning them against a manager or the board or Brady or the players or whoever they want to have a pop at next. It just creates constant negativity and no doubt it affects players confidence levels and ultimately the football we get to watch. It’s a vicious circle. It’s West Ham damaging West Ham from the inside out.

  8. I admit that I was one who called for Moyes to be retained at the end of his previous stint and hence believed that he deserved another chance – now I am beginning to have second thoughts

    Teh question that I cant answer is why did it go so wrong for SLav in his second and (short) third seasons?

    Not a happy Hammer right now

  9. With you all.the way; forget negativity, as I believe we have a good manager and now some quality players to get us out of the mess that Chilean free-loader got us into. COYI’s

  10. I see where you are coming from Stephen but we are in a mess. In my opinion, first time around David Moyes did not do anything Slav would not have done if we had stuck with him, I loved it when we appointed Slav and really hoped he would be our Arsene Wenger and take us forward for 20 years. In reply to Zahama, how many managers would have survived without a dip through moving away from Upton Park and then having to deal with Dimtri Payet turning into a drama queen diva? He was sacked for struggling through this period but look at him now! An ex player with incredible passion, modern style and great rapport with players and fans, would have him back in an instant. I hate to be negative but after over 50 years of false dawns and under achievement it is really hard not to be when your squad is threadbare and your best hungry, talented, pacy players are all out on loan. All we seem to have at the moment is resignation and apathy and personally, I have got to the point where I think the only positive way forward is:
    Get this horrible season over and get relegated
    Cash in on all the superstars that will no doubt want to leave
    Hope GSB get scared enough at the thought of loss of revenue from relegation to sell up
    Get some new owners in who have money and know what they are doing for the good of the club and the fans
    Get all the talented youngsters back and give them a chance
    Get Slav back or a young hungry manager in touch with the modern game
    Start building again from scratch in the Championship and build something sustainable for the future with a long term plan

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