Club ITK: “Two more signings in 72 hours”

boleyninsiderWest Ham’s “Boleyn Insider” has claimed that an announcement over two more signings may be made by the club within 72 hours!

In what may be his informative column he says: “I can exclusively reveal that the Club are close to making two more signings and hope to announce them in the next 72 hours.

And he adds that Monaco’s central defender Aymen Abdennour – although Β highly regarded, Β is likely to be joining a top European club for a fee in advance of Β£20m.

As ClaretandHugh reported earlier this morning, we have held a big interest in the player and have continued to pursue him but unfortunately it seems we are unable to meet the asking price.

However, Boleyn Insider confirms what we said in the same article, that the club are looking to sign another central defender.


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28 comments on “Club ITK: “Two more signings in 72 hours”

  1. I only believe in Mystic Bradley,sorry this means nothing until Mystic B spreads the word πŸ˜‰

  2. If he gets this wrong we need a new head of the propaganda section lol

  3. Jenks & Song ??

  4. In our dreams Jenks and Song. It” be more likely Borini (Β£8 million for a replacememnt Carlton Cole who will sit on the bench and not score when he comes on – do not get me wrong I love Carlton) and a Centre Back who does not cost Β£21 mill and is not Ogbanna from Juventus.
    Hopefully it will be the striker from Roma do not know the cost but must be able to score more than Borini and the midfielder from Betiskas (Urdal I think). Followed by Jenks next week and a Centre back followed by Cabaye just before the season starts.

  5. The ITK insider, mystic brads using the almighty power of the tinterweb and daily newspapers to give us these rumours, receiving gratitudes from there adoring followers to make themselves feel indispensable. How about this for an idea ?when a player has their photo taken when they are signing a contract and putting on a Irons shirt guess what that means he’s our player..speculation is speculation and that’s all that Mystic Brad is doing no point analysing it to death… Oh and I have it on good authority that we are after at least 6 players all with 2 legs 2 arms and a head more to follow lol

  6. Hahaha,yeah i saw that,lol,the boleyn insider crap appeared with an article then the Mystical Bradley appeared with his words of wisdom.Cant believe some people are actually dense enough to ask Mystic Bradley questions about who we are in for.It cracks me up πŸ˜€

  7. Happy for anyone coming in that has been mentioned on this site even Boroni as long as the dead wood starts to flow out the door,

  8. Some of the deadwood would flow out of the door as well,like a well used sewer πŸ˜‰

  9. Anyone but Borini. Sorry. He would be a terrible signing. The club has denied being interested in him so hopefully that’s the case. Probably Jenks and Song.

  10. Let’s just wait’n’see who gets photographed in the shirt, eh? As long as Fabio Borini isn’t one of them……. Charlie Austin would be my choice as an addition to the forward line. He reminds me a little of McAvennie.

  11. Well, adding some quality depth to the defence was. A ‘given’ once our two midfield targets were tied down, wasn’t .

  12. We will probably be waiting next week for these two signings with-in 72hrs,lol,the Mystic ITK did only say ‘hope to announce’ after all πŸ˜‰

  13. ahah … I don’t know this legend called Mystic Bradley, but I got my eye on Rolfe, the official stats man of wetpants… 2 days ago he announced Song’s return saying “Welcome back Song”… It’s probably best if he devotes himelf to stats… lol

  14. And there’s the word announcement ,we must have more announcements that get people wired up than anyone. Monday announcement 72 hours, Tuesday announcement 72 hours,Wednesday 72 hours, Thursday 72 hours guess what happens Friday lol.. And every time Mystic Brad mentions it it’s like a collosal wave of statistical bull**** of who it could be,where they play ,if there in the country ,do they like sugar puffs or frosties I’m surprised no one has spontaneously combusted on WHTID yet but if they do…. An announcement will be made in 72 hours

  15. So frosties or sugar puffs lets develop a pointless thread it seems to work elsewhere lol

  16. Lada could we all show some appreciation towards Monkey Bellend who clearly for our benefit i assume had the thought to point out as a thread that in two articles on wetpants they had 800 comments by more than 100 people.I think this is a stat to be admired & we should respect the time he took to do this.It is however a shame that 600 of the comments would have been the same topic repeated again,again & again & another 100 comments would have been completel & utter b*ll****.Still,we should be appreciative of his efforts.I for one would like to tip my hat in his direction for this fantastic stat & award him with the ‘Bellend of the Day’ award πŸ˜€

    • ahaha.. and the winner is… sorry Ty, only one? I now have a problem… lol

      • Ok,ok,we know Rolfe is your fav.You really need to let this manlove thing with him go,lol πŸ˜€

    • Be careful Ty the opinion police will be after you citing your obsessive behaviour., you must conform to the higher powers from other place and remember there’s no clique there you can’t say such libellous things…we don’t 200 posters coming after us

      • Lol,well i wouldnt have mentioned it but i know Mr.Bellend seems to love his celebrity status here so i thought it only fair we didnt ignore his hard work.You cant shatter a monkeys confidence,its just wrong πŸ˜‰

        • Forgot that Ty he’s in a list with those Z list greats who deliver pointless sayings, pointless stats and are held up high as the chosen one. His flock of disciples shall follow him through hell and high water, thank him for just saying hello while changing their own minds so he can bestow his wisdom on them. Reverend Bellend I salute you and your 800 thought provoking comments

  17. Oh & Frosties πŸ˜€

  18. Bahaha,i saw that,he is my hero.The Justin Bieber of west ham forums,a celebrity of epic proportions.Never will there be a second Monkeys Bellend in the world of online forums.I doff my hat to him πŸ˜€

  19. Im still waiting for his autograph,though i think he is probably more Donny Osmond than Justin Bieber πŸ˜€

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