Corden backs Sam as next manager

Corden_1940797aComedian James Corden has shown he hasn’t lost his sense of humour after he says he wants Sam Allardyce to be West Ham’s next manager. Asked on social media today who he wanted to be the next West Ham manager, Corden simply answered ‘Big Sam’.

Last year West Ham fan Corden took over the running of The Sun for a day in aid of Sport Relief and interviewed Allardyce. This interview below might explain his steadfast defense of his old pal.
In 2013 Corden told Andy Goldstein on Talksport radio.
“I’m a huge supporter of Sam Allardyce and I feel like even the most pessimistic of West Ham fans now realise he is the right man to manage our football club.”

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14 comments on “Corden backs Sam as next manager

  1. As far as I’m concerned they’re a match made in heaven James Corden is as funny as the genius is humble

  2. The Biggest Comediens could be the two Dave’s and Fans that expect too much too soon .
    The ” Famous , West Ham way ” has seen us relegated three times with talented players .
    The mistake that sticks out like a sore thumb was getting rid of Alan Pardew , and the signing of Marcherano & Tevez . Ok , Tevez scored the goal that kept us up , but why were’nt more goals scored during the season ?? .
    I don’t recognise Tevez as a West Ham Great ,,. In fact , he hindered us and Pardew took the Blame ….
    Be Careful what you wish for , is a catch phrase these days , but it suits the Hammers down to the ground .
    I think the Owners are overreacting to the small success they have achieved ., and they are being impatient , just as SO many supporters …. They are in too much of a hurry and well be paying the price come 2017 …… Along with us Fans .

    • Who is this bloke..?? What b#####x…!!!
      yeah it was Tevez’s fault we were sh#te. Getting rid of Pardew wasn’t just a footballing decision.
      so you think that wanting more than 3 wins in 22 games is overreacting? So how many years do you think we should stay in our place & be gratefull to just being allowed to be in the same league as Citey, Chelski etc.?
      We haven’t played ‘The West Ham Way’ for years, so we haven’t been relegated at all for playing that way.

  3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,yawn.Special Brew king is back from the pub to talk **** like every other night!!Yaaaawwwnnn.

  4. Getting a bit tired myself , mate .
    Twinkle Toes ,,, loads of nothing to say and no action like , Noland .
    Let’s hear some of your S@@t then .!, You sound like just another Pub Fan .

  5. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion Twinkle, we don’t have to agree with them but at least respect it? Same with Corden.

    • Chelmo,he comes on everynight at the same time as a wind up.Was just playing along with it,so pls dont hit me with bs about what i should say or do.Kev is like clockwork,same time everynight,we have a bit of banter then he goes to back to his cave.Ffs,butt out!!!!

  6. The two biggest comedians must be Greenwood and Lyall,bloody jokers getting their teams to play attractive football and creating this crazy West Ham way. What we need is forty points a season,long ball tactics and none of that excitement nonsense. Self induced comas are the only way ahead.
    Haha I’d double up on those meds if I was you Kev you might get over Wimbledon moving to Milton Keynes and choosing the wrong team to support after that.

  7. Hahaha,Big Bad Kev has sneaked on while i was down the boozer.I was concerned he might forget about us,lol,thanks for your latest wise words Kevin.Good stuff 😉

  8. Jesus Christ,Kevin was on a roll tonight.We got a history lesson about Pards,Tevez & Mascherano.Can we have a bit about the Curbishley days tomorrow Kev? You are the mine of info 😉

  9. haha… I was having a drink with my friends and and I thought to myself… let’s see if kevin wrote his usual nocturn comment… and yes, here it is. Today I have learned that Tevez is not a great player, be careful what you wish for, the owners maybe are comedians and they are impatient (yes you’re right, 5 years of total crap with Grant and Sam aren’t enough) and the world will end in 2017… thanks kevin, you’re better than Nostradamus, we’ll meet tomorrow for your next oracle. Good night. 😉

  10. 22:49 and along comes Kevin with his pearls of wisdom, be careful what you wish for, sam is the messiah,we are doomed, he is the best ever, it’s the chairmans fault and tevez destroyed the club. Now I know your pi**ed off Kevin as your big comfy comfort blanket has gone but for your own sanity( what’s left of it) you need to move on,slow down with the special brew and tenants extra maybe type something when you ain’t half cut. I’ve said before Kevin your messiah will appear somewhere else you can stick on your I love Sam tshirt ,sit in a half empty stadium and still be able to see KN play for him .Until that time comes slow down on the beer and before 22:49 instead of turning on your Vtech kiddies laptop to waste your time with pointless comments have a night off stare at your ” Dung Beetle” and KN posters maybe give them a little peck but just have a night off..

  11. It helps me through my cornflakes every morning can’t be bothered to wait at night for him to slip his watchers,you must be good at tunnelling Kevin,what’s happened to your sister
    spookie wrong time of the month she has gone very quite,
    You must have something in common with BFS and BFC is it that you are a joke like them
    or have you eastern all the pies as well,
    By the way that is not a comment against large muscler men as I am in the same category
    as you can guess from my St Miguel habit,
    Diet what’s that a new form of defending

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