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Cottee: I’ve had enough of Hammers board

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Hammers legend Tony Cottee has urged the West Ham board to do the right thing and announce David Moyes’ departure.

As C&H pointed out earlier, David Moyes is clearly struggling at West Ham and is looking increasingly isolated. The whole world, including Moyes himself, seems to know that he’s leaving the club at the end of the season. However, without confirmation, there are unlikely to be any scenes of gratitude at The London Stadium without some decisive leadership from the Hammers board.

Speaking on his X (Twitter) account, Cottee said: “Absolute joke of a board!! Hung out to dry our 3rd best manager ever, publicly courting and talking to other managers (who aren’t as good as Moyesie in my opinion), is really poor and classless…
It now seems obvious that it’s time to change managers, but there are ways of doing it.”

The former Hammers striker continued, “Please make an announcement and give the manager the send-off he deserves against Luton. Yes, the team was awful today, but the worst thing at a football club is uncertainty, and the Board is fully complicit in creating that since we won the Cup!

“The circus is fully back in town and 14 years is far too long, a change is needed at the top! I’ve had enough. Our loyal fans deserve so much better.”

Strong words from Cottee, but it’s hard to disagree. With rumours of a falling out between Moyes and Director of Football Tim Steidten, as well as suggestions that the chairman is ignoring the advice of Mark Noble and Steidten, the club appears to be in a mess.

There is also the looming situation of a petition and fan revolt if the club were to appoint Julen Lopetegui, and a concern that his appointment could prompt resignations from within the club.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the club reacts in the next 24 hours.

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  • Andy⚒ says:

    100% on everything TC said 👍

  • Anonymous says:

    100 per cent correct Sullivan and useless part time overpaid Brady need to go

    • MJC says:

      TC is correct, it’s classless by the board.
      Like him or not, Moyes has served the club well & deserves some sort of recognition, especially bringing a euro trophy home for the first time in decades.Get rid of Brady for a start aswell.

  • Deathblow says:

    Judas Cottee who wants to run West Ham, shooting his gob off.
    Shut the **** up, you and your embarrassing sucking-up to fans as you want to be part of a take-over.
    Well, the last one was as big a circus as the regime we have, and you supported them for the money and the hope of the top job.
    Go away and take David Moyes with you. Actually, no, David Moyes is a better and more honorable man than you, Judas, will ever be.

    I feel sorry for Moyes as perhaps, with a better owner, he could’ve been able to choose his own style of players, not the mercenaries and ‘presents’ he didn’t want,
    Yeah, ok, he enjoyed the power and job security, but we all knew that Sullivan and his Dame would **** it all up eventually.
    What a ****ing joke of an owner and situation we are now in.
    So West Ham.
    A couple of good seasons then back to the dross when the penny-pinching slug won’t spend money on suitable players just ripped off by agents who take him for the imbecile he is. He’s made them al, and sub **** awful players, l millionaires yet squeezes every last penny from the loyal fans.
    Yeah, I hate and despise him and the dame, but I will never hate David Moyes.

    • 🙄 says:

      Sorry but thars Drivel

    • SD says:

      I agree, whilst he is a legend, who we all respect, he is now to caught up saying something to cause news. The group he was allegedly in failed yet he still spouts off. I would reckon if they won regardless of what he says we would have a different manager

      • Kevin Goodman says:

        Let’s get this right. Terry Brown was the problem years ago as have said before we’ve always had **** owners who never wanted to spend money and only take as much for themselves from the fans. Tony Cottee tried to buy the club with a consortium but Brown kept raising the price to gain as much personal money for himself even though he knew the Icelandic’s had questionable finances. A TC buyout would have put the club/fans first instead we got a bankrupt outfit that took the club to the brink of bankruptcy before Sullivan came in and saved the day. Unfortunately for us he should have taken the immense profit he would have made and sold to a much larger outfit that would have taken us to new levels but he’s stubbornly kept control for his own financial good to the detriment of this great football club. Think he paid approximately 60 million for whu and sold our beloved home for 40 million but values us at 600 million.

    • **** says:

      ****ing hell I bet you loved Sam ****ing aladyce as well

  • Tony Anning says:

    What a pity David Moyes reign has to end like this. He has been a good servant to the club and deserves better. This is a decent club & we should be grateful for what he has achieved. Having said that it is time for him to go. The recruitment appears to be a mess and we have an ageing and it seems often disinterested set of players who rea;;y should not be playing for West Ham .Not all players, but far too many.

    The team appears to lack motivation & some of that has to be down to the Manager. On the other hand we do not really know the ins and outs, power struggles etc, behind the scenes. I fully understand that we all want to see a West Ham team playing something like Manchester City, but that takes time, a world class Manager & a lot of money. money the board simply do not have.

    So let us be grateful that Mr Moyes has kept us in the upper half of the PL for several seasons & wish him all the best when he leaves. Hopefully the next Manager will recruit well & we can look forward to a period of, if nothing else more exciting football.And no more 5-0 defeats.

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      We have the 4th richest owners in the premier league. We aint pauper’s despite what the vertically challenged one likes to make out .

  • Steve Elson says:

    100 percent agree with you Tony! I actually feel sorry for Moyes!!
    It is despicable of the board to hang him out to dry!! No wonder the players have given up as well!
    Time for the board to open their mouths and give him some respect!! It’s them that have divided the fans over Moyes!!

    • Paul Debono says:

      Some of the players are to old specially at the back the club needs to get some young ones in also a striker

  • Steve Moore says:

    Why do so called fans, call for Moyes to go when there last 3 seasons we have had European football and won silverware, we played well v Liverpool and got a point, yesterday the same players embarrassed the badge of West Ham yet no one calling for players to go. Managers are constantly under pressure without the clubs fans on there back ,

    • C&B's Moyes Out Army says:

      Oh dear 🙄 I’m assuming you’re a Moyes fanboy. Well,I’ve been a so-called-fan for more than 50 years. Your hero is a cancer in the club that needs to be cut out immediately. Everything about him reeks. Same 11-12 players every week which he then blames but does NOTHING about. No promotion of youth players,predictable subs (everyone knew JWP would be first on yesterday). Worst loan signing in Premier League history in Phillips, lack of any other transfers in January. The list is endless. He should go now,just like he should have gone even before the Palace debacle.

  • Syd Puddefoot says:

    Absolute;y right Tony.

    And can someone stop the irritating pop-up adverts!

  • Brian says:

    I sent a comment to say exactly what was wrong with the players a week ago and yesterday I was proved me dead right. Its not moyes fault it the players not running and closing down. Look at a video with the top 3 teams as see how hard the work and how bad our players are. Get rid of the old players as the new players are working hard. B.j

    • Gary Bowyer says:

      It is 100% Moyes fault. He has a team of creative players(well some of them) and yet continues to play low block defensive tatics. We even made Sheff Utd look like world beaters (amongst many other clubs) we have been battered and spanked far to many time this season due to his in ability to change. Been lucky with a few results with 3 wins in 2024, conceded 70 plus goals. 4th worse in the league. Could not get a tune out of Haller and Smackers becos of his system and set up. Having said that the owner still smacks us, drawing interest of the loan when he bought the club year on year rather than paying it off. Selling decent squad players in Jan and buying sod all to replace them. Laughing stock of a club. What is it 3 years since we have tried to buy a striker. Linked with at least 100 each window and nothing. Moyes may have been a savour when he stepped in for a second time but he has gone full circle and put us back to where he started. A short term fix for zero long term gain. The club has no structure or business plan to bring stability and long term objectives. Let’s me honest here they didnt sack him sooner as they didn’t want to pay any compensation, so as a result we suffer so the owners can gain. They are not supporters just parasites sucking the club for all it is worth. A long hard road ahead. 😩😩

  • Dave says:

    I find it hard to agree, Moyes has stated that there is a contract on the table and he will decide at the end of the season, if that’s true then Moyes is responsible for the indecisiveness, he’s also stated he has the final say on transfers, so the lack of, and age of, players is down to him, as for actively looking at other managers, are they supposed to wait for Moyes to make his mind up before looking?
    If it is the boards fault for the manager, and players, situations then Moyes has been lying to us for years

  • Patrick says:

    Could not agree more with Tony David’s Moyes and Sullivan have no place at West Ham for me it all went wrong when those idiots in charge decided it would be a good idea to move to Stratford killed the heart and soul of the club RIP WHUFC

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