DG harassed on Twitter over OS issue

inner-bowl_02David Gold’s Twitter account has become less active this month – and it’s perhaps easy to see why as the demands for information – sometimes accompanied by some ripe language – becomes more intense.

The co-chairman – with 111k followers on the social networking system  – has originated just six posts this month, a big reduction on the numbers previously.

DG has always made himself available to answer most questions but gets plenty of baiting and the latest thread on the colour of seats at the Olympic Stadium seems misplaced and largely answered by the picture shown above and taken from www.whufc.com.

Having made it clear that “you will be pleased with the colour of the seats” to @ the demands came pouring in for him to be more specific.

Among them were such as:

Politicians answer I’ll try again What colour seats did you see DG

David, have you been watching the ? Starting to sound like Cameron. Answer the question!

has said many things I asked what colour were the seats He didn’t answer

he said you’ll be pleased, alluding to fact they’ll be mainly claret and blue

you were asked what colour were the seats ? Why won’t you answer such a simple question ?

I’ve seen the seats that are being installed, they are claret, blue and white, he isn’t lying, stop being so distrusting

DG the master of dodging question… He should be a politician

That’s twitter. Everybody has the right to ask questions but the aggression hat often goes with it is entirely counter-productive and may be slowly driving the co-chairman away.

The answer is clear anyway – it’s really more a case of using our eyes!



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13 comments on “DG harassed on Twitter over OS issue

  1. Completely agree with you, there is no need for bad language or offensive insults, but sadly at times DG does leave himself open, and I put it down to his age. In this modern world we all take the same stick if we express personal views on social media? wrongly!

  2. anyone who gets abusive over what colour some seats are really need to get a life and those who abuse the best chairmen this club has ever had needs to stop supporting us, that includes the morons who cowardly abused DS after the WBA game i hope they are suitably embarrassed never to turn up for a game ever again as you are not worthy. go and support spurs or millwall.

    • I think the fans that you are talking about are too thick to be embarrassed. They probably sent the online newspaper links to all their friends and family as a boast.

  3. Makes me laugh,we get so much grief on here for being anti-sam,sam haters,blah,blah,because we cant stand Allardyces managerial skills,disturbance of the team to incorporate his pets & philosphy on playing football but never a bad word is said about the chairmen or board.We all appreciate what they are doing for our club.All we need is a manager who can help them achieve the progress they wish for.Sorry Sam Lovers for critising your Messiah 😉

    • You’re obsessed with Sam. It must be reluctant love.
      This article is about the dimwits that always criticise the best owners that West Ham have ever had.

      • yeah & thats what i said wasnt it,i know the board are working hard to build this into a substainable,well run club.I was merely pointing out that we are all behind them & they dont need this abuse.You have just proved the point for me,that we admire our owners & anything said here is never about them but we say anything about your god Sam & we are the bad guys.You have the right name, Old Git 😉

        • Where did I say that I was a Sam lover or Sam is my God…. as I said, you’re obsessed with Sam.

          • Well i aint going to keep quiet & pretend he is some sort of genius if thats what you mean.It aint an obsession at all.But if everyone had kept quiet last year then the Davids wouldnt have said they had taken the fans voice into account when wanting more entertaining football.Why should i keep quiet about an egotistical,self loving,middle of the road manager.You say nothing thats fine,good luck to you for another couple of seasons of respecting the point.

  4. Seems to me that the picture is an artists rendition or they finished the roof & layed the pitch really fast

    • Yeah thats CGI of what the stadium might look like and most of those images on the club website carry a disclaimer saying “artists impression, may be amended due to planning permission’ theres a page on the clubs new website showing you how the stadium looks right now (updated every 15mins) 2 cameras inside and one on top of that big red art thingy giving a aerial view from outside

      Ill post a link to the stadium cameras but im not sure if it’ll work. http://www.lobstervision.tv/home

  5. Funny thing is Hugh
    He keeps going on about claret n blue seats yet in the pic above there are no blue seats
    Also the seats are still black n white and current planning states they will remain.

    Poor old DG walked straight into it
    It was a bit of fun
    There was no abuse or foul language that I saw
    He didn’t answer the question asked so made a rod for his own back

    Slow news day that it made a story to be honest

  6. Tbh i couldnt really careless what my a*se is parked on.Im more interested in whats happening on the pitch than whether i am warming a claret,blue,black or white seat.;)

  7. If people want to get so agitated or persistant about a geezer not answering a question about seats then they need a hobby or something better to do with their lives 😀

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