DG: “This is a fantastic moment for everybody”

Gold arms up in airDavid Gold has hailed tomorrow evening (Thurs) as a massive moment for the co owners and fans – particularly those who have never enjoyed a European night under the Boleyn lights.

And although Lusiantos are hardly the strongest opposition in the world he believes a sell-out crowd is a triumph of hope and optimism for the West Ham faithful.

He said:”It’s a fantastic moment particularly for all of those youngsters and other fans who have never been here before. It’s a special moment for David and myself as we have never been involved in European football. It will be a special night for us both.

“The fans have clearly made this an even by snapping up every ticket. There really is a new air around the club and we are looking to get a big result.

“Although Lusiantos are hardly a world power we will treat them with respect as they will want to make an impression on what they will see as very big opposition.”

Looking ahead to the Premier League campaign he said:”I believe West Ham are at the start of something very big – we want the big five looking over their shoulders and saying: “Watch it West Ham are coming for us.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

84 comments on “DG: “This is a fantastic moment for everybody”

  1. Lets learn to walk before trying to run. I doubt that these early EL ties will show us much.
    most preseason games are normally harder than thiz game. Show respect but go for the jugular & fill your boots.

  2. Cant believe the season starts tomorrow.Lets hope it feels like a long season for positive reasons not because we are all depressed,lol,oh yeah,he’s gone hasnt he,scrap the depressed part 😀

  3. It’s a good opportunity for the club to make progress towards the bigger picture. The most valuable experience is for the younger players to enjoy. Let’s not blow it out of proportion! This European adventure shouldn’t be taken seriously before Christmas.

  4. Fantastic build up to the start of the season, here is to hoping the Boys run through and qualify for the group stages. Happy Days…

  5. Lets just enjoy the ride.No point in over complicating the situation at the moment.Enjoy the moment,worry about the premier league when it comes around 😉

  6. Let’s build the team at each round the same as friendlies,this could be good for the team
    last year we had all that travelling to NZ and look how we came out the gates,
    Plus we can find out so much about our youngsters and the squad in general

  7. Finally managed to navigate my way through all the adverts.

    The side we are putting out tomorrow is stronger than I though it’d be, anyone got any info on the subs yet?

  8. lol …This is a fantastic moment, that’s true… but how many times does he have to say it? 😀 He’s euphoric, he feels the positive vibes of the C&H Hotel guests… 😀

  9. Still better than the other Dave telling anyone who’ll listen the Billic was actually second choice.
    Talk about putting a downer on things 🙂

  10. Looking at the team i can’t see many that will be kicking off at the start of premier league campain. This will be their time to shine & show how good they really are.

  11. Game live on whutv

  12. Winge winge winge,
    Why can’t you just be happy fobyac,you do not have to be like Victor Mildrew every day,
    Forget the adverts for get the negative views
    Breath deep breath smile
    Now isn’t that better,Subs don’t matter we will. Have one the game before we need any of them,
    Matte it’s like a night after Figa

  13. Haha,i saw this earlier on the other unmentionable site.All having a meltdown about sully saying this.So f*cking what,it was common knowledge Slav wasnt first choice.It was pretty well publicized that Rafa turned us down at the 11th hour.Who the **** really gives a sh*t about what Jack,DG or Sully say on social media or otherwise.Who gives a f*ck whether Jack has a column on the official site,who gives a f*ck about the ITK on the site.I tell you who does,people with nothing better to do than moan or think they are the bloody chairmen & manager rolled into one.What a crock of sh*t all this ‘it makes the club look unprofessional’ ‘it makes the club a laughing stock’.No,it is the idiots who moan about ridiculous stuff who make themselves look like the laughing stock!

  14. Did you need to get that off your chest 66,haha,must be the heat sent you into overdrive 😉

  15. Always one who only sees negativity. 99% of the fan base are excited for the up coming season. You… moan moan moan…

  16. Was that all aimed at me?

    Is there any subject that can be discussed in here ….or is it only what they’re saying on another site?

    I was just commenting on what DS said compared to DG

    Jeez you lot don’t make it easy do you.

  17. We were on a positive thread & then you pop up with negativity. You obviously wanted a reaction. Well you got one.. cheers for putting a downer on things

    • “We were on a positive thread”
      How pathetic
      Grow up mate ffs

      Maybe when you’ve stopped your WHTID watch you can give me a list of subjects I’m allowed to comment upon.


  18. No fobyac,none of what i said was aimed at you,but whether on this site that site or any other site is immaterial.I was merely saying that i am p*ssed off with the forum bandits who want to find dopey things to moan about like the bloody ITK,Jack on the official site.Most people dont give a damn.Many dont even use it let alone start bleating about it making the club a laugh stock.What do they think,fans from other clubs go to it everyday to see what west ham are up to 😉

    • That was kinda my point mate

      There are a few reporters who are looking at every opportunity to give us a dig, maybe we are stepping on a few toes and they don’t like it……I just can’t see why DS would give them more ammunition to use.

      He’s done a fantastic job so far….I just wish he’d stay quiet

  19. My whtid watch…???
    comment on anything you like, just so fed up with people being negative. You just happened, to be the one that got me ****ed. Would have been anyone who came along. Not personal

    • Fair enough then mate.
      It seems I’m always the one that comes along on here though.

      It’s this hot weather…….how can the football be starting tomorrow?

  20. I dont really see the problem.He is only stating the obvious & that we all suspected.By him saying it now it puts it all to bed before the season starts.If Slav has a bad start which im sure he wont then the subject would have just run.Was Slav first choice,second choice,blah,blah.Its been said now.Done & dusted,no more questions need answering about the situation.Slav knows he was by far & away not first choice.I would rather it was said now than the middle of the season.Yes people think he shouldnt have said it but the Rafa subject would have been asked at some point.Now its done & out the way & Slav can get on with doing his job 😉

    • He didn’t help last season with his “I signed Sakho, not Sam” comments.

      Who can remember the good old days when hardly anyone knew who the directors were?

      • Its only prehistoric British managers have a problem with that.Most european & younger British managers know how the land lays.They have a head of recruitment or director of football anyway.So with Slav it wont be a problem.He will let Henry & Sullivan get the targets & wont need his ego massaged by claiming the signings were all his.He will just slot into the system 😉

  21. Didnt even know what he had said till i came on here.Only in The Sun anyway wasnt it.It will be someones kharsi roll tomorow.Unless they are reading online,then i hope it wont be 😀

  22. Blimey,i got better things going on in my life than worrying about what Sullivan said in the press.I love The Irons but they aint going to have me in my grave early worrying.If people want to have meltdowns over a newspaper article good luck to them 😉

  23. fobyac you are an argumentative idiot and it the likes of you that will effect our club,
    What ever your problem is change or take it elsewhere,
    Get over BFS and all the other negative ****e
    Sitting laughing at your computer because you are causing disruption is pathetic

    • Well there’s an easy solution mate…..don’t read them.

      So I take it you’re the one on here who decides who should and shouldn’t post?

      Get over yourself pal.

      I’m as entitled to my opinion as you are and I am also as entitled to air them on a forum as you are.

      **** me you complain about the other site being cliquey.

  24. Listen pls,i very rarely comment on here,actually only been on here about 6 weeks to two months but these guys on here were nothing less than welcoming to me from my first comment till now.Not because i was sycophantic or agreed with everything they said.Far from it actually,i have my views,i express them.I agree,i disagree,never been an issue.So take from it what you will but i have never been treated as an outsider on here even though i am not a regular poster.There might be guys who have been on here a long time & so are friends but they have never tried alienating me.Now i will disappear back into the background.I have said what i wanted.Thanks.

    • My experience is the exact opposite.

      You can’t say anything on here without being accused of being negative or argumentative or running it past Bubs first.

  25. Lmao,if anyone should be gettng sh*t here it should be me.Im a regular poster/comment maker on WHTID or wetpants as its known on here.I should be getting bucket loads of sh*t being thrown at me but the lads have been good as gold.I post on both sites & i havnt been taken out by a C&H sniper yet,haha 😀

  26. Lmao,i forgot the swear filter would kill kn*b 😀

  27. Hmm,seems this article is time for me to go to my garden & meditate,lol 😀

  28. 6 months ago I started writing on this site and just want to say thank you to all the guys here. We had and we still have a lot of laughs together and although I’m not British, I feel at home here. Short heart-breaking parenthesis, this is not goodbye lol 😀

  29. Speak English Matte,all this Parenthesis goes right over my head,lol,So what your trying to say is your vanishing for a while 😀

    • ahahha… no Radai, I’m just saying the only thing missing here is the figa… loooool 😀

      • Hahaha,you & your bloody figa Matte.Milan is not a safe place with you around!!! 😀

        • Lol,he is going in search of Natalie Weber i think 😉

        • ahahahha… I’m the werewolf of Milan… loool 😀

          • Well i have learnt a new word since i have been here.I now know what to ask for if i am ever in italy,lol

          • ahaha… take my advice Spoonie: don’t you ever tell a Italian girl “Nice Figa”…she could slap you in the face… better “nice ragazza”… I too am delicate in the early… lol 😀

          • Oh ok Matte,i thought if i was in a bar i could ask the barman for a beer & a figa,lol

          • ahahha…I’m sure the wise old barman will understand your words and he’ll give you some useful tips… lol 😀

  30. See i cant even say youre i say your.No good using parenthesis on me,haha 😀

  31. What club are we signing this Parenthesis from and more importantly what are his stats? Lol
    I’d like to reiterate what others have said,I started posting here a few months ago,as everyone it turned out,and like all bar one I’ve had nothing but fun I believe you’ve all treated me fairly as I hope I’ve been the same under my ever changing name. Some of my comments have been agreed with,some not and some ignored (I’ve sacked my joke writer) but I’ve had a lot of laughs as well as rare sensible debate lol
    Finally I’ve seen the rabid dogs released,umm me included,in particular at Kevin and Spoonie at the end of the hippos reign but I never heard a complaint or a moan about being excluded,they got on with it and still do. We all have our views and we’re all free to express them so I dunno what the fuss is all about.

    • ahah… you’ll always be Big Ban Quick to me… your chimes meant the end of BFS… Is it wrong to say Parenthesis? It sounds good… lol 😀

    • Haha aah thanks Matte,the countdown clock seems like so long ago. Tbh I dunno about the use I just looked up the definition and didn’t understand it lol
      Btw as you can see the summer of love is over (in July) so it’s time for all hammers to burn their kaftans and beads and enlist in Slav’s army. First battle tomorrow and we’re on the march to many victories lol

      • ahah… I invented a new English word, I’m a genius… lol

        • Parenthesis is a word Matte,just not used much among normal humans in Britain,lol.

        • Matte umm if you’re a genius you must only have one plan,love Nolaninho and AC and have a fondness for pies,chewing gum,mudholes and your own ego lol

          • ahahha… ok you’re right Quick, I’m very stupid… lol

          • Far from it Matte you’re a genius really just not in the hippo sense lol

          • ahahha… thanks Quick, I’m not a genius… I like to joke… the foreign language limits me in some ways. I would like to say a lot more, but maybe it’s best… lool 😀

          • Like I’ve said before your English is amazing,better than most of ours which isn’t so hard I suppose lol

          • thanks a lot 😉

  32. Lol,well i thrived on the abuse because it made me laugh.But to be fair i was a naughty spoon stirring you all up,lol

  33. Good response from all you lads to my negative post
    but he was doing my bounce in every day,we have had Kevin Spoonie and Conkerpot and they are top lads because the did not winge all the time,
    Must need more beer or Figa

  34. No need for sorry bubs I fully understand why you said it. We can’t all agree on everything but to find disagreement in everything is a new one on me.

  35. Dont worry about it lads,you cant help being Sammerettes,lol,now thats really putting your head inside the lions mouth,lol,oh well,in for a penny in for a pound,lol 😀

    • We can’t really disagree with you Sams cos you’ve probably got all the stats to back it up and the formation we’d line up in lol

      • Oh dear Quick,i am such a let down to you im afraid.I know absolutely nothing about stats.All i know is that AC earns about 85k,Nolan50k,the ground holds about 35k & Hippo weighed about 6000kg,lol

      • They’re not too bad as stats interesting use of the word earns though lol BFS fluctuates about 50kg depending whether he’s been to the kharzi or had a press conference that day lol
        How did the autograph negotiations end?

        • Yep,negotiations are ongoing,i think banj said he would send over six autographed photos but i will try for more tomorrow.He always comes over to read here.He will see this,he cant help it,he has turned into a diva with his new found stardom,lol

          • Oi Sam you kn*b rot,what you doing on here,f*ck off back to wetpants!!!,ahhh,cheers Sam,no offence,just needed to get it off my chest 😀

          • Lol,Radai,no offence taken,im a big boy i can take it.Feel free to vent on me all you want.I give enough **** out i can take some back 😉

          • Ok,well done.I know who to come to now when i need to let off steam 😀

        • Haha yep I saw some of that earlier he maybe likes the idea of us pups being not so rabid. He’ll have an ego the size of the hippos at this rate lol

  36. you can say whatever you want as far as I’m concerned bubs, I appreciate you for who you are 😉

  37. You know what im totally fuxked off with all this.When i first came here i was actually willing to give hippo the benefit of the doubt.Me & bubs argued alot back then about hippo,but we still had a bloody good laugh together about other subjects apart from hippo.So what,we disagreed about Sam,argued about him.But away from hippo i had a good laugh with bubs.He is a top man in my book,end of story! 😉

  38. Agree with you Radai,like I said we don’t always agree but we have a good laugh. On the plus side it seems like you’ve got your battle face ready lol
    Btw I feel a clique accusation coming on

  39. Haha,i cant be bothered to argue with people anymore.Had enough of that during the hippo days.I do get a rabid urge sometimes though.Cant have my old buddy bubs fed up.I will take it out on Sam i think,wetpants w*nker!!,haha 😀

  40. Haha I don’t blame you I don’t mind a logical argument but when it’s a nit pick with what looks like the intention of twisting it into a row then the hands go up and it’s all who me? What did I do? boll@cks then it p!sses me off. I’ve watched the same story over the last few days and it’s always the same pattern,can’t see it’s a coincidence or not being included must be what floats his boat.
    Agreed about bubs and you’re right to take it out on those stat fixated nappy wearing formation drooling muppets lol

  41. Oi,oi,steady Quick i do have feelings you know,lol.I was always more a fraggle rock man myself,wasnt into the muppets 😀

  42. Haha I’ll be careful don’t want more feelings hurt tonight. There are limits thought Fraggle Fecking Rock (to give it it’s proper title)???? All that had was Mr.Mackay from Porridge no band,no Swedish chef,no Beaker,no Fozzie Bear,no chickens,no great musical numbers or great guest stars…..hmm seems that I’m the muppet or at least their stat man lol

  43. Btw as Wetpants leading feminist campaigner are you cheering on the ladies as they try to play footb…..I mean show their skills to try to win the WC lol

    • Yep,i have it on atm,the FIFA FIGA World Cup semi final,lol.Sorry i was just on the other site complimenting Bradley on his great work 😀

    • I think it’s woeful looks like we know where BFS has been since his untimely departure it’s all kick it long and rush lol
      I noticed the mystical one says “See the club says….” instead of his usual I’m being told,my sources say. Hmm could it be he just looks at all the various outlets like the rest of us mere mortals,devastating if it’s true lol

  44. Mystic Bradders is losing his powers,his disciples are doubting him.I saw a guy taking the rise on his thread lastnight,along with Sam as well.But Sam has been taking the mickey out of him since he first started threads,haha.I dont know how Sam survives on there the amount he winds them up.Funny as f*ck though 😀

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