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Dimi and Sam bring a smile to cancer victim Jack

hammers-fan-and-cancer-sufferer-jack-howardWest Ham’s stars Dimitri Payet and Sam Byram gave young cancer patient and huge Irons fan Jack Howard reason to smile with a Facetime call.

Brave Jack is fighting kidney cancer and has been given weeks to live but his family is refusing to give up the battle as they bid to raise £250,000 to pay for revolutionary treatment in the US that could save him.

Byram says the pair wanted to “give you a ring and wish you all the best” which delighted the 12 year old.

West Ham donated £5,000 towards Jack’s cause which Hammers co-chairman David Sullivan matched personally to help boost the figure to over £80,000.

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The fundraising effort is being made via a Crowdfunder page which has so far had 1,718 people support.

Payet told Jack: “We wish you a good recovery and we hope to see you soon in London Stadium.”

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12 comments on “Dimi and Sam bring a smile to cancer victim Jack

  1. Nice to hear a positive story, all the best Jack COYI!!!

  2. Nice one.Yeah best wishes young Jack.

  3. £10k? Tight gits.

  4. Great input Paco.I mean sod the fact that a kid has weeks to live let’s take a childish swipe at another football club.You must have some screws loose.
    Pretty sick guy ain’t you.Im sure other Evertonians must be so proud of you.

  5. So Paco you think football rivalry is more important than the life of a child???
    And just how would you have reacted if we trashed your forums taking the p#ss out of young Rhys Jones’ murder??????????
    What a disgusting excuse for a football supporter.

  6. I’m having a pop at your club and your filthy rich Chairman who after getting the deal of the century (that’s what it looked like) when you were handed the London stadium, they only donated £10k. My heart sinks when I hear of children with life threatening illness. Even tho I was chuffed with the result we had on Monday, nothing compared to the pride I felt when my club donated £200k to Bradley Lowery’s (Sunderland fan) cancer treatment. When you consider the prem is awash with money, you would have thought your billionaire owners would have dug a little bit deeper. My Auntie left more to charity in her will.

  7. So you are basically saying you have nothing better to do in your sad life than use other side’s blogs to ‘have a pop at your club..’.Oh yeah,tit for tat because some West Ham fans used your site to take the rise.99% of more likely 100% of whom would have been nothing to do with this site.Ok good luck with that sad boy.

  8. Paco if youre that mentality unstable that you need to have a pop at other teams then there are 100s of articles to do it.You can try to justify yourself all you want but using this article to have a pop only shows that you belong in the gutter.How Everton must rejoice in having a fan like you.Im sure most Everton fans must cringe at people like you if they know what levels you stop to for your own cheap thrills!!

  9. I’m pointing out a fact. You lot are applauding a lousy £10k donation. I bet Payet is on more than 10x that amount. You could have used the money you saved on flags. I understand your loyalty, but even as a WH supporter you must admit this is a pathetic sum of money. They should have donated it on the sly, it would have been less embarrassing.

  10. And you think if the kids family read this your bullsh1t it helps how??
    Does no one like you on Blue Nose sites so you have to have a go at other teams
    You are one of the worse type of fans who uses other teams site,only want to pop.

    There are some proper fans about that will interact with each other but at the end of the season say well done to each other or maybe a decent Evertonian would have said well done lads for your comeback at Goodison.But you,no chance,just appear to sh1t stir.

    What the f#ck does it have to do with you in the first place.

  11. I’ve just caught up with this creep. You won’t be bothered by him again

  12. Nice work Hugh.I stopped reading his posts last summer when he was here before.He is a bloody weirdo.

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