Director of Football candidates identified


Lee Dykes

The Guardian have recently reported that West Ham are set to appoint a new director of football this summer.

The report claims that several potential candidates have been identified with the list including Michael Edwards of Liverpool, Monaco’s Paul Mitchell, and Lee Dykes, who currently works for fellow London club Brentford.

West Ham endured a poor season in the Premier League, only finishing six points ahead of our relegated rivals. The upcoming transfer window will be integral to how they bolster the squad and replace the departure of Declan Rice.

The problem is that the role of a director of football is not always clearly defined, but they do form a part of the senior management at a club and transfers are usually their chief remit.

Their responsibilities can vary from club to club, with some being heavily involved in all aspects of the business, including the hiring and firing of managers, scouting, recruitment of players, long-term strategy and the improvement of facilities. In other cases, the role can be slightly more specialised, depending on an individual’s particular talents.

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