Exclusive footage as the seating moves forward


The much maligned and often criticised retractable seating appears to be moving ahead at pace despite the scare stories that have been doing the rounds recently.

Claret and Hugh partners hammerschat once again bring you exclusive video footage from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with the most up to date progress.

This particular video was recorded this afternoon and shows the seating on the side of the stadium where the dugout is situated. It can clearly be seen how much of the track the seating is covering with the corners particularly close to the pitch.

There had been a few concerns when only the top tier of the stadium went on sale for the second leg of the Europa Cup but it is clear from the footage that the seating is almost completely in position now.

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Hammers Chat video blogger @Gonzobignose


  • essexclarets says:

    Am I being stupid asking this…. is the gap staying that wide or are more seats going in? The rest of the ground is looking good.

    • TRB says:

      There will be no gaps between upper and lower tiers when they’ve finished the job.

      • Vintage Claret says:

        There will be gaps between the tiers. Except for the east stand. There will be walkways installed to access the lower tiers and the
        gap will evebtually be covered by some kind of claret and blue material

        • essexclarets says:

          Well that clears it up for me then……. 🙂 lol
          will there be gaps? No gaps apart from the ones that will be covered up 😉

  • Ray says:

    They are indeed being covered up.I read an article about the company who will do it.It will look fine when covered.The stadium whether you were a fan of moving or not looks fantastic.
    Clearly some of our fans will moan about it forever & a day but hey ho that’s their choice no matter how tiresome it is reading it from the same posters on sites all the time.Maybe we can get them a deck chair & they can sit outside UP on Match days.

  • essexclarets says:

    I always knew there would be a gap but in the clip it’s massive. With each picture I see the ground looks better & better.

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