Fans give Bilic vote of confidence mixed reception

West Ham’s vote of confidence in Slaven Bilic after the fourth defeat on the trot has been received with mixed feelings by Irons fans.
Here’s how members of the ClaretandHugh Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ responded.
bilic2O I was at the game yesterday. Another spineless, gutless performance. We need someone to give players a rocket. We need to get angry and show some passion. Something which is sadly missing.
O If you think your gonna become a regular top ten side with the “club record fee” of £20 million  You can’t get Harrords quality at primark prices!
O What  worries me about Slav are the type of players he goes for. Or was it a case of the board offering him these players before he said yes cause they were the best that was offered? Snodgrass was a pointless buy and especially as he was the incoming midfielder for Payet. Would sell him asap!!!
O Put the club up for sale and see what happens. Must be one of the most exciting projects in Europe. I cannot see how the current owners can take us any further – I really can’t
O Hope I’m wrong but can see it being a very crucial end of season game against Burnley. Cause I think one of us will be going down. Hope I’m wrong.
O Must mean they haven’t lined anyone suitable up then. Gotta question the defensive approach we have surely the board can see that our mistakes weaknesses are always the same and never resolved? SB’s had several windows now to recruit suitable players and all we have is disjointed performances with no fluency or solidarity.
O We’re going to have the biggest stadium in the Championship.
O Ah, the dreaded vote of confidence. He’ll be sacked if we lose the next two.Martin Pacetti. Lose the next two and this time next week we could possibly be on the same points as Swansea and Hull depending on their midweek results.
O The dreaded vote of confidence, the start of the end.
O I cant see why people want the Board out.They did try and spend a lot of money in the last close season such as the Batshuayi  who chose Chelsea.
O Living in Swansea, and knowing many of their fans and our record at the OS, I’ve been saying I’m extremely fearful for that game, nothing would surprise me! 🙁 – please turn it around by then!
O Our problem is that we seem to have no interest in killing games. We just continue trying to score which is nice and all, but it causes us to just concede silly goals. Nobody really know who signed which players so it’s not really fair to comment on it.
OWhy is Slav the right person- a passionate manager who kicks microphones but tactically clueless I keep hearing he’s a legend – played one season for us and left for Everton.
O If that’s the case, why do the board put him under more unnecessary pressure by putting out a statement a few games ago saying performances were not good enough and must improve? (Which we all knew anyway)
O The vote of confidence that preceds the chop…..

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8 comments on “Fans give Bilic vote of confidence mixed reception

  1. I have seen it all before as many of us have.
    We will not go down,ok yes we are six points​ off the bottom three but im glass half full,we are also only three points off of ninth lol

  2. I would say of the board that they are clearly reasonable business people who have the good of the Club at heart.

    As Leicester City realised very quickly, you can do well one season but the true skill is in maintaining the level.

    That is where the West Ham owners clearly deluded themselves. An over-achievement last year was the cue to join the BIG Boys – Not!

    They thought any half-decent Overseas player would relish playing at an Olympic stadium – Not!
    Likewise with their ability to attract a top manager.
    What they are lack, in abundance, are management skills.
    The absolute worst thing they should try to be is ‘one of the lads’.
    Be friendly to staff and, in this case, supporters, but do NOT be friends with them.
    That is what they are trying to be with the incessant publicising of the Club’s business activities and intentions.
    The owners are trying very hard to be loved, while maintaining the female rotweiler as the ‘bad cop’ to do the dirty work.
    The effect of this is a raft of knee-jerk written reactions, contradictions and retractions.
    I would expect that Bilic has been hard-done-by but is no doubt paid well for his relative experience and, certainly, limited abilities.
    Hard done by or not, he is clearly out of his depth at West Ham. That is evidenced by the (one) way he sets out his teams, his reluctance to introduce younger players and insistence in playing people out of position.
    We used to bemoan BFS for ‘no plan B’. In comparison, BFS was a genius.
    All the people that say what a great coach he is probably are confusing it with his affable personality.
    The only ones qualified to judge are his peers and players.
    Players dare not until either they or he are ‘ex-‘.
    Which leaves the only one judge: results……….

  3. He should leave now before it’s too late .
    Thanks Slav but , you just ain’t right . You did your best . Nobody can doubt your passion but , it’s not enough just to be passionate , some football has to be involved .

  4. Right now we should be playing ” not to lose ” football . Not gung hoe for three points .
    Some managers understand that concept . But it seems lost on Slaven .

  5. Better than a 0-5 Macca mate. Then again maybe that’s not the West Ham way….yawn..

  6. Lets go back to boring football and winning f##k all shall we? Give me strength.

  7. It really doesnt matter who we bring in if we do the same ‘Faces’ will be moaning about them within a dozen games.
    I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago that when we had the run of six wins in nine the sites went like relative ghost towns.Now we go on a losing run fans are coming out from every concievable hole lol

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