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Former Hammer speaks out for Premier League players

Former Hammer Don Hutchison believes it is not fair that politicians and the media focus on highly paid football players.

He raised the issue that wealthy musicians, film actors, bankers and the uber-wealthy with offshore bank accounts seem to be getting away scot-free from any criticism.

Hutch wrote on Twitter in response to the Players Together initiative  I love this about our game! I could ramble on about other industries Music/Film/Bankers/Off shore account holders etc but I won’t. The majority of footballers are from a working-class background. They adore the beautiful game! Well played guys❤️⚽️”

Hutchison is the latest in a long line of former footballers to defend his former profession in light of protracted negotiations over possible pay cuts, deferments or donations from the top-flight players.

The chief executive of NHS Charities Together has welcomed Premier League players getting together to help the service cope with the impact of the  global health situation and said: “This is what footballers have always been like.”

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2 comments on “Former Hammer speaks out for Premier League players

  1. I’ve been handed a 20% pay cut to keep my firm viable in the current crisis. No discussion, no wrangling about where the 20% goes, just a straight reduction. Much as I love players such as Noble and Snodgrass, they are sooooo out of touch with reality. They take home in a week what I get in a year but still try to play the ‘Oh, but I pay my tax’ card to justify not taking any reduction,

    Guys, you’re earning millions a year and currently you’re not doing anything but ‘train at home’; hardly worth several thousands of pounds a week.

    So grow a pair, face reality like the rest of us who are seeing f**k all for our season ticket money that we struggle to pay, and stop being such prima donnas. Never mind how much our owners are worth, look at it from an average fan’s view.

    You’ve lost all respect by letting that parasite Gordon Taylor speak for you; it really doesn’t matter what vehicle yo7 now come up with to showcase your contributions, you’re at least a month behind the average bloke. So stop whinging and get real; if you weren’t footballers you’d be basically unemployable, so take start acting like responsible members of society and role models. You take the applause, so take the pay cut.

  2. I cannot understand how we have got to this stage. The whole point of the pay deferment (not cut) was to enable the clubs to continue paying their non playing staff and help lower league clubs to survive. Are the players saying they don’t give a toss about the clubs that give them such a lucrative living? If they really wanted to help all involved they could have accepted the deferral (not cut) and still given to the charities of their choice. They would be taking a very temporary hit but helping everybody and giving out a great message to the public. At the moment they are being their own worst enemies.

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