Former Hammers thrive away from toxic West Ham


Former Hammers enjoying life away from Moyesball 

In what must be an embarrassing situation for West Ham manager David Moyes, Said Benrahma hit goalscoring form for Lyon yesterday.

Benrahma came off the bench to give Lyon the lead in a crunch game against Metz and continue his rehabilitation. This follows Pablo Fornals scoring a sumptuous goal for Real Betis and Thilo Kehrer starting every game for high-flying Monaco.

It’s hard not to view these former Hammers as footballers repairing their careers after being damaged during their stints at West Ham. They all appear to be blossoming following their departure, and it does not reflect well upon the club.

Former Hammers_Pablo Fornals_Said Benrahma_ Have benefited from leaving West Ham

Former Hammers are thriving away from West Ham

Both Fornals and Benrahma appear to be very happy. Like birds freed from captivity, they’re beginning to stretch their wings and look like the players who first arrived at West Ham a long time ago. Benrahma, in particular, finished his goal with a finesse and expertise that deserted him under David Moyes.

It’s a damning reflection on the Hammers’ manager that these players have left the club and had their confidence repaired in less than a month. As a result, their current coaches are getting the best from them, and they look like different players.

It just goes to demonstrate the straitjacket in which everyone operates at West Ham. I know there are good people working at the club. However, from a footballing perspective, it must be a depressing place to work as an attacking player.

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  • CloudywiththechanceofMoyesball says:

    This is one of the greatest fears for me if Moyes gets a new contract,why the hell would our talented attackers want to stay when they have such a thankless task & why the hell would quality forwards want to sign for for us when they spend most the 90 minutes of a game watching the other teams with 70% possession.Its hardly an inviting option for them.

  • WestSidePhil says:

    Yep and we know the answer….they won’t as they will be off in the Summer to enjoy playing football …something Mr Moyes seems to ignore as he’s happy if we don’t have the ball to begin with!

  • hammersmiff says:

    These players had plenty of opportunities to prove they were good enough to command a 1st team place. When we get a replacement for Moyes, will you want him to re-sign Kehrer, Benrahma or Fornals? I very much doubt it, they’re simply borderline Premier League players, nothing more.

  • ResultsMatter says:

    Sometimes a player looks hopeless in club A, but looks good in club B. When this happens, it could be due to several reasons.
    – The type of players around him.
    – The style of play of the team.
    – The “chemistry” with the manager.
    – Whether the player feels he is wanted and appreciated.
    -The position he is asked to play in.

    I wonder what players who have left would say about their time at West Ham. An “exit” interview by an external person would provide valuable information, as the player now has no reason to lie.

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