Frustrated Hammers still waiting for a price



West Ham have again confirmed their interest in Manchester City’s Kelechi Iheanacho but the possibility of signing the young Nigerian remains some way off.

Rumours have arisen that the player has been on his way to London for a medical after reports arose on Sky Sports and the internet.

But they are wide of the mark and the 20 year old Nigerian – also fancied by Everton – remains on a Hammers striker list  rather than being close to agreeing terms.

We were told by a source: “He’s a player we like but the situation remains the same as it was a couple of days ago. We want to get a price from Manchester City but even that hasn’t been disclosed at this stage.

“It’s a frustrating situation for us because it is all in Manchester City’s  hands as we speak but these are very early days in the window but we have made our interest clear and obvious.”

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  • johnham1 says:

    The clubs ambitions are quite clear now – no interest in making top 6 if we are buying players who cant make top 6 teams. If this guy was seriously good he would have made indents into the City first team – but no he is probably 5/6 attacking choice and we want to sign him. We are a team standing still with the signing of players like him. I will be criticised yet again for these comments and I accept that but this is a signing that has a huge amount of risk associated with it. He has not shown the required level of performance to play in the premier league – too big a risk for my liking. I would much prefer to keep the 20 million and put it into bids for a top striker like Martial.

    • Travis says:

      Yawn…Johnham1 whos epitaph will be “this is terrible business”…

      • johnham1 says:

        Travis, terrible business means you spend 25m on a player who will not be worth a fraction of this when we try to sell him or the other angle is that we sign him, he plays and plays, the team start losing, eventually the manager drops him, too late relegated. I think good business is a loan signing with a view to a permanent deal if he makes the cut similar to the one that brought Zaza. Instead of losing 25m or worse case our PL status, 5m is a lot less of an impact. Hope this makes sense.

        • aykay says:

          Bloody hell mate! You’ve got high hopes for next season

          • EastHam says:

            Johnham Iheanacho is probably a better prospect than martial or rashford. this guy is going to be top class and tbh i would be suprised if he came to us. he was playing when aguero was injured up until christmas and then jesus came in who is going to be an absolute superstar so no shame to have his playing time cut when those two are available. the way i look at it we can have a budding superstar who we gotta do a bit of work on for 20/25 mil or we can get some one who is older and has been proven to be an average/ just over average striker like long/ troy deeney for the same money. I know which id prefer.

          • Stan The Man says:

            You are wasting your time eastham.I believe from​ memory Johnham was the fella who also said Antonio was a terrible signing and showed our levels if buying a player like him.

  • Travis says:

    Well i read he had left the nigerian training camp to come to london.The site seemed pretty specific about it but who knows..

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      That story has been reported by various sites out of Nigeria but then I have had a lot of reports out of Nigeria that I have had a massive win on the lottery and they only need my bank details to pay it in 😂😂😂

      • Travis says:

        Well yeah it more than likely bullcrap but even they must know whether a player is still at their national squads base or not lmao

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Move on, learn the lessons of last year if they haven’t given a price they probably don’t want to sell or are waiting for other bidders.

  • Chunk says:

    Would rather Iheancho on loan and spend £25 – 30 mill on ‘Bats’ from Chelsea. Seems to have all gone quiet on him….. Or is this a good thing ?

    • johnham1 says:

      Chunk, I totally agree with this strategy. In relation to Antonio I said that I would prefer to sign Moses over Antonio if I had the chance. I think this was completely vindicated by his season this season with Chelsea. The point I was making with Antonio was he had never played in the PL and so it was a greater risk than signing Moses. I am glad to say the risk was worth taking. However in Inneacho’c case he has played in the PL and is a good player but not the player to make us a top 6 team. Spend the money on Bats or Martial.

      • Stan The Man says:

        Make your mind up Johnham the other day you said iheanacho was awful!!

        • johnham1 says:

          Hi Stan The Man, my native language is not English of course he must be a decent player and if we signed him on a season long loan with a view to signing him permanently then I see that as a decent plan. But he is certainly not the player to make us top 6, that to me is Bats, Martial, players of that ilk. Unfortunately iheanacho has not shown us this.

  • aykay says:

    So basically all this talk about us signing about signing iheanacho is absolute ********? …only thing concrete is that ‘city know we’re interested’ ..lmao. We inquire about a player and it’s all over the papers same as bloody last year and look who we ended up with ….NO LESSONS LEARNED THEN…City are just waiting for alll interested clubs to confirm their interest and drive the price right up. If we really want him offer something ridiculous like 27/28m and force their hands. If we’re going to pay 24m what’s 3/4 m after spending nothing in the last summer apart from a couple of loan fees … with the tv deals all prem clubs have got money to burn we need to move quickly

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    Sky are back on the case saying we have put an offer in.Nigerian Football Federation say he has left their training camp. **** knows what the truth is.
    What does Seans Transfer-o-meter say.Come on Sean get it out.
    Bookies have us 8/11 with Everton next at 6-1.Theres no money to be made on this move.Im going to put a score on Carlton coming back 😁😁

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