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Give us the survey result that matters – Boleyn or LS?

We’ve had a couple of surveys on things West Ham over the past couple of months or so and as one who trusts neither those or polls I find only one thing of significance.

Sadly, it’s a negative because the only thing they had in common was how few had bothered to fill out the questionnaire.

And usually when that happens it’s only those with a grudge who tend to bother.

To be honest both could easily have been titled ‘Upton Park or the London Stadium?’ because that is what the majority of the questions were centred upon.

A few weeks ago Hammers United put out their survey which saw around 5,000 of their people take part and it was heavily weighted against the new ground and therefore the board.

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The latest one saw around 3,000 take part and although there was a small swing in favour of the stadium such were the numbers voting it probably doesn’t mean too much.

So here’s your chance to give us your view – would you sooner still be at the Boleyn or settled where we are.

Give us your views – we’re listening

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Give us the survey result that matters – Boleyn or LS?

  1. Spot on Hugh. The survey clearly attracts those who never wanted to leave the Boleyn and hate everything about the LS. Logically speaking, the 25,000 new season ticket holders at the LS would be in favour but probably apathy swerves the survey.

  2. It’s all irrelevant.we are in the new stadium. Upton park has gone.Get over it it is not coming back.starting to get bored to !!!!. Couldnt care less about any survey.we are where we are.

  3. Yes the Boleyn Ground was so special but realistically it was too small for an ambitious club with a potential 100 thousand fans that want to watch them. However money needs to be spent at the London Stadium to make it more fan friendly.

  4. Just to pint out 5330 in total took the Hammers United survey.

    • ta….Supporters’ group Hammers United have published their long-awaited results revealing that a total of 5,330 took the online survey. The group say 43.22% of those completing the survey were members suggesting 2,303 of their 18,000 members answered questions about the club, listing their priorities for change.

  5. Upton Park had around 32,000 home/season ticket supporters and the London Stadium has around 54,000 season ticket holders. So you could take the view that 22,000 never or rarely experienced the old Stadium do how can they give a realistic comparative view. This number will increase over the years as oldies leave the scene. This will be accelerated if capacity increased further as planned. The new stadium must have something going for it as we now 60,000 + to games.

  6. The problem with the LS is that its not built for football.
    On the occasions I’ve been there I found it to be an uninviting and somewhat soulless place especially in the upper tier.
    That being said the matches that I’ve attended tend to have been when we’re in a run of bad form or struggling near the bottom so my view is likely to be jaundiced.

  7. For God’s sake let’s move on. Our home is now The London Stadium. Harping on about the Boleyn is wasted energy. Let’s make the best of it. Yes leaving the Boleyn has left many memories, but it was a decision that had to be taken. Over 60,000 fans, now watch every West Ham home game. We could have only dreamt about that. Onwards and upwards. COYI

  8. Before the lock down I had the misfortune to go with my son to Stamford Bridge. The dreadful knee room and poor view showed me how good our new stadium is. People and pundits keep having a dig about how far away the supporters are from the pitch but the old Wembley had a running track around the pitch and I can’t remember any whinging then.

  9. When referring to the Boleyn I wonder which Boleyn people are talking about. The Boleyn I saw my first game in, in 1958, was a totally different ground to the last game I saw against Man U. It happened to be in the same place.

  10. It made financial sense to move to the LS. Upton Park could not have been been developed any further. A great “little” ground but in terms of the current Premiership and competing with the so called Top 6, it was too small. What I would like to see done at the LS is make one end similar to that of BVB and their wall yellow.
    If results carry on improving the LS will have atmosphere.
    After all, Bayern played in a very open Olympic Stadium and it didn’t stop them winning trophies.

    • Please do explain what you mean by “financial sense” EssBeeMUC. From where I’m sitting in the stadium.each week, I just don’t see that. The move appears not to have transformed the commercial fortunes of the club. For instance, the ads for local builders merchants and skip hire companies on the wraparound screen. Spurs, meanwhile, are rumoured to be closing out a deal with British Airways for naming rights at the new WHL. I’d also like somebody to point out to me, with evidence, that the Boleyn couldn’t have been developed further. As far I’m aware no evidence of a planning decision has ever been made public.

      On the one hand, I do agree that it’s time to move, and to forget what I still see as the injustice of the move to the LS. On the other hand, when I see the some of nonsense that gets spouted about in defence of the move (see above for some classic examples), it really does make me question the judgement of some fans of the club.

      The only beneficiaries of the move to the LS have been the club shareholders, in my view, who are able to demonstrate that a club can be maintained in the PL with a smaller balance sheet and lower stadium.running costs than would otherwise be the case. From the fans’ perspective, so far, a very generous view of the move would suggest it’s had little impact on the fans’ matching experience.

    • Looks like pretty pro stadium response to your story Hugh 3 negative post that’s a high percentage perhaps a few more happy fans should have done the survey

      • Spot on mate
        Unlikely to be recorded as its not one of Hugh’s love ins

        • I don’t do love ins despite what many seem to want to believe Robert. I loved the Boleyn and didn’t want to leave but truth is I’m happy we did. I have a great new spot on the halfway line front row of BB.

  11. Every West Ham fan seemed to love the Boleyn, as i did too. Leaving to get home was a NIGHTMARE if you had to go to the tube though; sometimes an hour long queue just to get into the station. No fun on a cold, rainy night. Of course it had its charm, like Highbury, Roker Park, Maine Road, etc, but football is all about money now (as is everything else, sadly) and so we HAD to move in my opinion. Some argue that income hasn’t drastically increased but they don’t seem to understand the basics of finances. Wages go up in price. To be fair to the families and to keep football affordable, ticket prices have hardly risen. AND we got a new, expensive carpet…!!

    Would those fans moaning about the board now have moaned about a lack of ambition had we stayed at a ground with a capacity just over 35000? Who knows, but moaners do like to moan don’t they?!

    LS isn’t ideal, but I’ve witnessed some cracking atmospheres when we’ve been playing well. Maybe THAT’S all that has been lacking in the new stadium…

  12. I’d like to be 24 again instead of 64; that also won’t happen. What’s wrong with these people who choose to live in the past?

    Surveys are only worthwhile when conducted by an independent body. There is an old saying in sales, those that hold the pen control the conversation. It’s the same with surveys by groups with an agenda; they always ask the questions that will give them the answers they want. That won’t stop the Daily Mail and other tabloids publishing them’ or morning TV stations running them. However anyone with half a brain should realise the results will be biased.

  13. So, a bit like the survey that the Board ran prior to the move to the OS, which, from memory, was packed with loaded questions, and was used, along with other propaganda, to justify the move, then? I agree: it’s time to move on, and look back with fondness on the memories of Upton Park. But I won’t ever forget the untruths that were told and the spin that was spun by the Board prior to the move.

  14. Allow the couple of thousand who hate London Stadium and want to go back to the Boleyn to gather around the old site on matchdays. I’m certain that they’ll love it and the local people and businesses will love them. Win Win. Might even free-up a couple of thousand seats at London Stadium for those that would love to be there enjoying supporting our wonderful West Ham United. Win Win Win.
    Anyone know the results of the turkey survey? Do they like Christmas?

  15. Sorry I am going to have to disagree with the majority and say Boleyn every time, LS will never be our home.
    But instead of whinging and moaning, after attending Boleyn for 31 years including 21 years as a season ticket holder I had one year at LS and give it up as I just wasn’t enjoying it .
    As far as it being because we weren’t playing well that’s also nonsense as during my time I’ve seen us play far worse and in lower divisions.
    It kills me to miss the games but considering throughout my support I have had a 530 mile round trip to the ground I can no longer justify the times and the expense if I’m not enjoying the experience
    Good news for all the apparent LS lovers out there as it will give you more space to attend wearing your brand new scarves and eating your £7 pies.

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