Gold convinced we’ll have big name boss

Gold2David Gold is convinced the Hammers will soon be announcing a big name manager.

Speaking earlier today he said: “I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. When you see the Olympic Stadium, and I see it once a month or so, it’s just an amazing, iconic stadium.

“This will not only encourage managers to come and manage West Ham in such a venue, but it will also attract players. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for West Ham United to challenge at the very top.

“West Ham is one of the great clubs in the Premier League with an amazing tradition. If you add the Olympic Stadium then it’s an amazing package for any manager anywhere in the world.

“Everybody is on our radar. We are looking for the best and only time will tell.”


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23 comments on “Gold convinced we’ll have big name boss

  1. Sure it is,im ****ed off with all these ****s saying we will get a nobody.I am convinced we will get someone top draw.

  2. Keep the faith Boys… Keep the faith… 😉

  3. To all those doubters,worriers and those hypnotised by the last four years this is exactly why BFS is no more. The vast majority of us and just as importantly our owners want better,much better,we’re on the up so strap in for an exciting new ride of ambition and entertainment,it won’t always work but we’ll enjoy it and that is the West Ham way.

    • Are the owners that want better the same ones that employed Avram and Fat Sam?

      • Lol,still the sammerettes live on 😉

        • Like the two that employed him?
          Love the way that anyone who questions the Dave’s are seen as Sam fans when it was them who kept him in the job for the last 4 years.

          • Lol,ok,keep that dark cloud over your head,dont try seeing things in a positive light.I guess you are ones of the people who would love to see it all go t*ts up so you can say we never had it so good under the genius 😉

      • The very same ones who held their hands up over creepy uncle Avram and turned to BFS as a stabilising option and wrongly IMO let him stay too long through their idea of seeing out contracts. But they are also the ones,whether it be for long term profit or not,who have put their own money in delivered the OS,cleared a chunk of the debt and set out their aims clearly. Now they want a top manager to make the next step up and I believe they’ll succeed.

      • Grant was during the disastrous Icelandic regime and BFS lied to the board to get the last year of his contract renewed.In the end both managers got found out.Grant in my opinion was the worst.I think the current owners are more savvy than previous owners.I pray Brady doesn’t have an input on the new appointment.

  4. All these fans saying we wont get this man or that man.They dont have a clue,the same as 99% of fans dont have a clue whats going on with regards to who the board have or havnt talked to,been in decent discussions with.All just guess work all trying to sound an expert with no credible information to back it up.I have it on good authority we are going for Morecombe boss Jim Bentley 😀

  5. Even yesterday I was convinced the worst that could happen would be Bilic, still fairly decent, right ?
    Today I’m even more optimistic: We will end up with Klopp, Emery or Bielsa.
    A young(ish) manager with a big name befitting great ambitions and a move to a 54K world class stadium. Some players may moan as things will change in and around the club.
    But I reckon next season will be a far cry from the shambles we experienced for the last five months. We may not necessarily finish much higher in the table, but the whole feel about our club will begin to shift and change for the better. Very very confident.

  6. I totally understand your disillusion and your disbelief now; you belong to a glorious club, but the years have been a nightmare. I’ve lived glory days thanks to Milan but now it’s a bad time… and it’s strange, Milan used to winning but in the last few years many disappointments… You are brave fans, always close to your team despite relegations, poor managers, etc. Maybe you think that’s your destiny, but no. Things are now changing for you, you have good owners, a new stadium, a growing budget… you are in an ascent phase, you are in the sun. I know, it’s strange, but it’s true. Managers like Klopp, Emery, Ancelotti, Benitez … have now become a possibility . Yes, you can (as Obama would say… lol).

  7. Hamburg and Matte we’re singing from the same song sheet. We do have good but I hasten to add not infallible mistake free owners,who have done a pretty good job but now the pieces are falling into place to achieve a higher ambition and I believe that’s what they want and will strive to achieve

  8. We don’t need a “big name”. We need a young ambitious coach with real talent. I would guess 9 out of ten Arsenal fans had never heard of Wenger when he was plucked from Japansee football. Sure he had managed in France, but he was hardly known and definitely not a “big name”. Most of these so called big names can’t manage without a big budget. I guess 99% of us had never heard of Pochettino when Saints appointed him, – little experience and he had managed Espanyol to bottom place in Spain and been shown the door – but he seems to know what he is doing. I would be very happy with a talented “nobody”.

  9. I think Sparrow is spot on. A Benitez/Klopp type doing well would become the story and there would be constant speculation about a move to a bigger club. Don’t forget also Bilic has form in terms of doing this as a player. Still think we should push hard for Garry monk or Eddie Howe type who can build something over 4-5 years.

  10. 3 days have passed, no more ” Be careful what you wish for” ” He’s the only one to save us”.Pessism replaced by optimism except for those that still advocate mediocrity,negativity and just survival ( you know who you are!!). I’m like Bubs no one is going to get me down, if it’s Klopp,De Boar, Bilic, Emery even Mike Bassett all will be a step up from the nightmare of the last 2 years…

  11. Let’s unite now behind whoever the board give the job to,
    We can only watch on and see,if we give our 100% backing to the new man and he fails then we can react,
    There are only a few now who are bitter and sad do not let them get to you,do not let them stop you enjoying the last year at our great ground,
    Ignoring them will pisx them off more than biting and if you want to let loose just do what I do and mock them because that’s all they are worth
    We wanted this and we have it now
    We are the true Westhamuntilidie fans because we mean it

  12. It would be nice to have the comfort-ability to choose a relative unknown manager whose skillset is outstanding and take our team to the dizzying heights only our bubbles reach but unfortunately we don’t, we need to secure a good position this coming season ready for the big move and I think the bosses will want to go for a tried and tested manager (whoever that may be) . Whatever happens next I know one thing is for sure it’s gonna be an exciting season and I can’t wait!!! COYI

  13. I think the board won’t go for a “nobody” they may be ambitious but won’t risk it on a hunch. Although probably ruled out that’s why I wanted de Boer he’s young talented and never had a massive budget. Tried and tested in the sense of a good football ethos with pretty good results is what we’re after not the other version which most in football would class BFS as. If they’re a big name that doesn’t worry me they only become big by achievement and that is what we’ve got the potential to become ourselves. I trust the Daves to tick all the right boxes and choose the right man and can’t wait for the exciting and entertaining times ahead.

  14. Well said Quick, this step up that everyone craves will be a easy transition compared to what we’ve had over the last 2 years. Wouldnt it be nice to hear a manager that says ” We are going for the win” ” We want to win the competition” ” I made mistakes with tactics today” ” I thought I’d change the system as it wasn’t working” ” Andy Caroll is not an automatic pick”… Whether that manager says it in German,Croatian,Romanian,Turkish or English I don’t care as long as I see style, substance and determination I’m happy

    • Cheers. I agree the language isn’t a problem to me either but accountability,modesty and no misplaced arrogance would be great new characteristics too.

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