David Gold: ‘Don’t go back to sleep’

GoldshirtWest Ham Chairman David Gold has hinted at an exciting announcement today after tweeting ‘Don’t go back to sleep dg’ at 6.45am this Friday morning.

The tongue in cheek reference makes fun of a previous tweet he sent in the January transfer window when he said ‘Don’t go to bed dg’ on transfer deadline day.

We wait with anticipation but the question remains will be an announcement of a single or double signing.

Speculation suggests it could be a double announcement for Marseille play maker Dimitri Payet and Barcelona midfielder Alex Song.




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44 comments on “David Gold: ‘Don’t go back to sleep’

  1. Too early to go to sleep D.G and I’m sure we are all holding our collective breath.Hope this time is not a repeat of January.

  2. Ahah… I’m going to work Mr Gold… Anyway I really hope the names are Song and Payet… 😉

  3. I’m off to work but I’m not employed by British Rail so I’ll be staying awake

  4. Ive just finished my night shift and im really shagged out, ill try and hang on though David 🙂

    • The Payet process has been so quick already I’m sure you won’t have to wait long lol I’d head for the hay if I was you Dainon

      • ha ha, Im sitting here with some espresso, Im sure the announcement with be in the new few mins.. I see on wetpants someone thinks its a contract extension for Nolan

      • Hmm I wonder who that could’ve been lol you can’t go into a sacred temple and try and desecrate it,the guard was out quick lol

  5. Maybe he means ever again! We’ll all be like those people who shuffle around not doing anything and barely communicating only with strange noises or teenagers as there more commonly known lol

  6. I will sit here all day in anticipation!!No need to go to wetpants for info!! All you will find there everyday is f*cking State Aid discussions!!YAWN!!!

    • Oh man,everyday the same State Aid bs.Some guy always rattling on about people sticking their heads in the sand,lol.No fans aint sticking their heads in the sand,there is just nothing we can do about it as supporters even if true.Whats the point of banging on about something that is out of our control 😉

      • It’s good to know that you have “control” over the transfers and every other subject you talk about then.

    • True the Brad has spoken so they now have important council business to dissect I mean discuss. No time for fun on Friday for them lol

      • I wondered why my lights started flickering in my house & the tv was changing channels on its own.It was Mystic Bradley spreading his word on wpants 😉

        • Were do I find this ‘wetpants’ that everyone is talking about?

          • West Ham Till I Die.Stick it into google.You will known if you have found the righ one,theres pee dripping off the letters 😀

          • Thanks boys.I just want to see what all the fuss is about.

          • Was it exciting,lol.Am i missing great wisdom & wise words 😉

          • Don’t worry Rads the wisdom and wise words left with our last manager.

          • Well i assumed that but i hear such great things about the wise owls from wetpants i thought some of his vision & knowledge had rubbed off on them.Cant bring myself to go there.Went about three months ago & im still seeing my therapist 😉

      • Haha I know when he’s posted my dogs start barking and howling

    • Hey dangermouse you still creating several different accounts and having conversations with yourself, agreeing with everything you posted and heaping praise?

      Or was that just on that other site?

      • Oh wow,its flobyuck,wetpants biggest ar*ehole!!.Nice of you to visit sammerette!!Go play with your little friends instead of filling this place with your horsesh*t!!!

        • See what you did there boys,lol!!You have obviously had the pleasure of Fob as well then have you?!! Just a ****,end of story!!

          • Does this mean the truce is over lads,lmao.Now i know exactly why i never go to wetpants.Kids who want to come here to start arguements over rubbish.Grow up ffs.

          • You aint missing anything Rads mate.This is just one of the biggest mouths on there.Opinionated jerk tbh.Clearly bored today so wanted an arguement 😉

          • Its strange.They are the ones who slag this place but its always some of the idiots from there come here to cause ****.Dont see anyone from here ever go to slag an individual on there! 😉

          • Oh come on dangermouse you used to post a lot on WHTID then you got caught praising yourself as another poster so skulked over to here and now slag off the site.
            Who does that?


          • Ok which of you hired the clown for the day? 😉

      • Cant beat someone who never posts here coming over to post rubbish.Oh well,guess it amuses him 😉

  7. There’s an article in the Herald Goa from Marseille saying, more or less, that Payet has joined us.

  8. What is this? We are about to sign someone!!! I had no idea we were in the market for more players haha!

  9. Looks like Mr Gold went back to sleep!

  10. We must wait for Mystic Bradley.When he gives the word it is a nailed on deal 😉

  11. Double deal will be great.Soon we will know 😉

  12. Ahh go easy on flabbyduck or whatever his name is,he could be the new Kevin after weeks of intense treatment we cured him,so anything is possible lol

  13. Don’t worry, it will be announced just before everyone goes for a nice lunch up West.

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