Gold tells what will make him leave West Ham


goldsullivanpngDavid Gold has always made it crystal clear privately he won’t stay where he isn’t wanted!

There are sections of the fanbase who would like to see him and David Sullivan sell up and others who demand that far more cash is spent.

And in one ghastly post a few weeks ago on the highly dubious social network a ‘follower’ snarled at him: “Why don’t you just die” to which the co chairman answered; “Be careful what you wish for.”

Since the fan revolt against the pair at Birmingham City which ultimately forced them out of St Andrew’s, Gold has been very aware of fan responses which is why he remains on Twitter.

The undercurrent against the duo’s ownership is always rumbling away and it reignited this evening when at the end of a long thread of comments two appeared to sum up how some feel:

And another said:

At that point the 80 year old declared: “If 86% of West Ham fans voted for me to go I would go I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted. dg

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  • master says:

    man needs to get off and away from twitter. full of complete ******.

  • John says:

    86% lol that will never happen. That did make me wonder tho, I’m not asking for a poll as that would disrectful but what do you reckon? Straight question, ignore who comes in, no qualified answers, straight “stay” or “go”?

    We all know there are haters, I’ll call them morons, but surely the morons are in the minority, the owners they’ve got their faults but if push came to shove?

    I’d say 70% would vote stay. Higher or lower?

  • The Yellow Pampernel says:

    Twitter is full of retards.Its why there is a word limit so it doesnt tax the thick f@cks IQ too much.

  • Stan The Man says:

    I have never ventured in to the world of ****tery as an account holder,i have however read his account a couple of times.
    My overriding impression of the twitter using west ham fans who contact him was one of club weilding captain cavemen types who evolution left behind millenia ago lol

  • mywhufc says:

    In Theory, they should be the most popular owners ever,
    In practise they are the masters of their own downfall.
    Their legacy is one of division and change.
    Its now a case of reaping what they sow

  • Stan The Man says:

    Yes Nigel i do agree to some extent however as i mentioned to Sean recently my motivation for going to watch us at 69 is my family time with my son and delightful grandson.
    I have neither the time nor inclination to wage a war against Brady and the owners like some raging tasmanian devil lol
    I certainly dont have the time in life left to give two hoots whether some silly London has been put our badge or not.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Gold isn’t the issue, he is the most credible West Ham fan as far as the board is concerned, but Gold at this point is only a minority shareholder.
    The one calling the shots is Sullivan, with Brady’s help and they see West Ham very much as a promising investment opportunity, they are temporary fans in my eyes.
    Sullivan will need to let actions do his talking in the upcoming transfer window.
    If we have another transfer window like last year we will be in for another season of stagnation or even regression.

    • The Demon says:

      Sully is no temporary fan or Johnny-come-lately. Back in the early nineties – well before the Birmingham purchase – he held a 24% shareholding in the club, but Cearns & Warner wouldn’t allow him a place on the Board. That’s what led to him selling up (not staying where he wasn’t wanted) and pursuing his football ownership aspirations elsewhere.

      He’s a true Hammer and it will take something absolutely extraordinary by way of an offer to get him to sell. Or even more torrents personally offensive sh1te by the morons on ****ter.

  • Stan The Man says:

    Says Bah Humbug Hammer the man who spent a year or two selling the global west ham to all who would listen lol
    And now sits on the other site grumbling like a man who has chronic piles.

    • HamburgHammer says:

      No, I never sold the idea of West Ham as a global brand, that was the owners’ idea.
      I will admit though that like many others I fell for their marketing talk and promises hook, line and sinker. Which is why I’m struggling to believe anything they say now, even if they might actually be telling the truth occasionally…

      • Stan The Man says:

        I can tell you one day in the future you younger pups will look back and think wasnt i one miserable bugger back then.Constantly grumbling on a football blog, what was the bloody point.

        • John says:

          So did those that moan now think Tore and Zaza were bad signings? No they didn’t. HH you raved about Nordtvielt. The other signings didn’t look so bad either. Hindsight eh?

        • HamburgHammer says:

          It’s my 45th birthday soon, so I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a young pup…;-)

  • John says:

    Such a daft thing to call Sullivan “a temporary fan”. Sullivan is a fan as is Gold and Brady. If someone started supporting West Ham last season they’re still a fan. Sullivan had shares in West Ham before Birmingham and you only had to listen to him to know what it meant to him when he bought West Ham 6 years ago. Brady is a fan, ok so she is a new fan, she became a fan 6 years ago. So what? I know people who have supported West Ham for less than 6 years.

    They were all a long way from investing in a £500M company 6 years when they risked their own money that’s for sure.

    As for this summer comings transfer window I expect Sullivan and co fully intend and hope for a better one

    • HamburgHammer says:

      My bad, it’s true, by all accounts Sullivan started supporting West Ham when he used to live in Hornchurch, so my comment was indeed daft.
      I think we can still disagree though about Sullivan’s way of showing how much he supports the club.
      I know it’s always easy to spend other peoples’ money, however, I feel the investment into the club from their side has been fairly cautious and limited.

  • Stan The Man says:

    Yes Hamburg you could say that to some extent.However i always think of how Tony Fernandes wanted to buy us around the same time and look what his frivolous spending did at QPR at the time of him going there.
    I dont know young H we will all disgaree on things but as long as we can do it with a smile on our faces thats all that matters.

    • HamburgHammer says:

      Sure, you can always find negative examples of utterly terrible owners we can only be grateful for not being in charge. On the other hand there are better owners out there as well. Well, maybe Sullivan is indeed the best we can hope for.

  • Stan The Man says:

    No Hamburg i wasnt trying to find any old example i was talking about the man who wanted to buy us.
    Yes of course there are better owners about.
    It looks like you being drip fed negativity from your buddies has done a good job on you hamburg lol

  • John says:

    It’s hard to argue with someone who agrees his comment was daft! Fair play to you. The negativity from a few on your site of choice is unbelievable HH I just wish those people would acknowledge the good as well as scream about the perceived bad they see. Sadly they’re unable to do that and quite how that makes their day a better place I do not know.

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