Gomez: It looks all over for the Irons

West Ham now look to have missed out on the battle for Maxi Gomez with the striker reported to be announced as a Valencia player later today (Tues) or tomorrow.

Despite meeting the £45 million buy out clause it has emerged that the Irons were unable to reach agreement with Celta Vigo on an instalment plan over which the fee should be paid.

Now the 23 year old looks certain to sign a five year deal with last season’s fourth placed La Liga outfit and remain in Spain with the Champions League qualifiers which was his preferred option throughout the negotiations anyway.

That ensured there was no certainty he would choose West Ham anyway even had the club have been able to agree terms with Vigo.

So this long and drawn out saga now looks to have come to an end with Vigo choosing to pick up £14 million plus  Santi Mina and Jorge Sáenz included in the Valencia deal.


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35 comments on “Gomez: It looks all over for the Irons

  1. shame but we must move on a buy players that want to play for the club

  2. Left confused. It came down to us not being willing or able to stump up the release clause in a single payment. You have done some good financial analysis on the club before but I have to rely on what can be achieved on a rizla packet… Im adding £20M plus in season ticket sales to the money we just got from China and thinking that was sufficient. So much for our priority target.

  3. Typical cheapsjate owners when are we going too getva top class signing?

  4. What is up with West Ham.just pay f***** money in 1 lump for Gómez.

  5. Shock !! Not 😏😏😏 if as i understand that the buy out clause has to be paid upfront there’s no way we would do it. so why waste everybody’s time by trying to pay in installments knowing it would not be accepted plus the fact that we had to convince him to actually want to come anyway when it was supposedly known he wanted to stay in spain. Sounds as yet again bluster from sullivan but more the fact agents pushing a deal to us as the greedy buggers would get a bigger percentage

  6. As disappointing as this is, we don’t need another striker who doesn’t want to play for us and has been coerced only by the money on offer. Belotti would be worth pursuing but no doubt MH has already implemented plan B.

  7. What now for us? I hope Pellegrini and Husillos have a Plan B , C and D with 4 weeks left and one experienced striker whose halfway out the door 🙄

  8. I don’t actually think it’s over Hugh Celta playing games is my take on it all . Watch this space I say !

  9. Move on MP hope you have plan B or C it was a tall order with Valence in CL and he not wanting to leave Spain.. Shame but we really only want players that play for the badge and club and not want to be a second choice. ..

  10. Not too unhappy considering time this was taking and player not convincing in wanting to come. All go for Haller I hope now?

  11. Just pay the money as stated in his contract!!!! For **** sake why do you always try to hold cash back and jeopardise every managers plans!!!!

  12. Suits me. I wouldn’t want a player who didn’t want to be here – Arnie anyone?

    As soon as he said he wanted to stay in Spain we should have kept our powder dry and moved on to the next player on our list. Now all potential sellers (and players) will know we have £45m and £150k/week to “offer”.

  13. We are officially a joke, Husillos has to take accountable. Why are we paying him, he is not doing his job, we are in a mess, no top midfielder, need two quality forwards and we have spent 24m on a player who does not seem to be able to tackle. I really do not know what he is doing.

  14. This could be a blessing in disguise if the reports were true Valencia was his preferred choice as they offer what we can’t European football and the Spanish climate. Shame for MP but hopefully we will get his second or third choices who may well have more goal threat than Gómez who is s 1 in 3 striker and not yet the finished article. Belotti is a better player than Gómez if he is on the radar as is Callum Wilson although both of them are supposedly 60m plus. Balotelli is a nightmare but would guarantee 20 plus goals if we could afford his wages. Hopefully there are some cheaper options out there that have potential?

    • No 32 the voice of reason amongst all the MOANERS on here.

      • Cheers mate, guess we will find out more tomorrow. This time of the year hard to guess what’s true and what’s not, certainly don’t want players that see us as second choice. If MP can turn Hugill into a world beater our problems are over hahaha

  15. Well fancy that,we made an offer for a player then its accepted along with another club.The selling club want £45m,the competing club don’t have that sort of money so they offer a first teamer plus 2 other unknowns plus £14m,which,in their opinion tots up to £45m. My club then increases its offer to £45m cash which is what the selling club wants.We offer the player double the wages he will get with competing club but can’t offer Champions League competition.My club then wants to pay by instalments,but rather than coming to an agreement about it we give cause for the selling club to pull out.How?

  16. So Hugh I read that we wanted to pay over 7 years , if that’s true it stinks of Sullivan not wanting to pay the amount asked for . It is about him saving face and saying we tried yes we did but payment over 7 years really what would you expect . Anyway Gomez might actually want to come to us so it’s not over until the fat lady sings . COYI

  17. Now where do we go? Only a few weeks left till the transfer door closes and no out of out striker on the books 😞

  18. Al!.that wasted time ,what a joke .pre season is upon us and we have no forwards ,so much for a problem free season..😂😂😂

  19. And WHU having wasted weeks of the transfer window going after a player who never really wanted to play for us in the 1st place.
    There seems to be ‘one that got away’ every summer

  20. So we’ve now missed out on our top 3 striker choices if all is to be believed, top six finish?? Need two strikers Now not the second week of August, time for the management team to show their worth.

  21. Typical West Ham! They offered 10p a week for 50 years and wondered why Vigo didn’t jump at it!

  22. Probably better all round anyway . He would most likely have been gone in a years time and there was no guarantee of his repeating his Celta de Vigo goal scoring form in the Premiership . There is still time to find a decent striker . Keep the faith . 45m was a Lot of money in the first place .

    • Agreed. And to call the owners cheapskates for not stumping over FORTY MILLION in one lump sum would be like calling us all cheap for not buying our houses in one lump sum. If the deals are structured with loans with low interest then we would be idiots to do otherwise. None of us have any real idea of the financial complexities involved. Banks would slaughter us on future loans if we gave away all the cash.

      Besides, doesn’t sound like the player has any heart in Irons football and, as Kevin points out, completely unproven in the Prem. How many of the moaners have been following this man to begin with and have only heard of him this year.

  23. Thank goodness for that, he didn’t sound as if he wanted to come to us from the start.
    We want players who want to play for us not just for money.

  24. Well the backroom team seem to have made a huge mistake in wasting two weeks trying to force this deal through when they did not know if the player would want to play for West Ham & they must have also been aware that they could not pay the asking price for the player so managers wish or not it was never going to happen so why waste time when they could have signed other players possibly for less money & who did want to play in the PL.
    Let’s hope they have some other good players who they can approach apart from a couple of recognised centre forwards we still need a defensive midfielder, left back & centre half, not too long for them to get their act together.

  25. Does any other club have these problems?.lacazette,carvalho,Bacca now it looks like Gomez is added to the list.They obviously have not got the money or want to make peacemeal payments.The big teams just Wade in with the cash and that’s the big difference here.

  26. Thank goodness. Now go and get Haller.

  27. Hoorah now we can read about some other players hopefully. Was getting very tedious.

  28. We fxxxd up in January when we choose Arnautovic. Let’s move on and get Chicharito fit and find another young striker! Everton Suarez from Brazil seems a good fit to me!

  29. Well apparently we wAnted to pay the money over a 7 year period😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t believe they didn’t go for that😁 ..ffs what a bunch of absolute Muppets we have …this will be the first thing used when the problem start.. We couldn’t get out striker targets but we did try ..(over a seven year period) 😂

  30. We haven’t had a deadly 20 goal a season striker probably since Cottee and McAvennie graced the hallowed Boleyn turf. We have been muddling around with strikers that struggle to make double figures.

    So why now can we expect to attract these sorts of players. Finding Cottee and McAvennie was pretty much a fluke. Proven 20 goal a season strikers now come at a price tag of 50 mil plus and salaries that are beyond our abilities. Plus these guys want Champions League footie.

    So we are screwed in that regard.

    So let’s do what we normally do, spend 15mil or so each on a few strikers that may scrape 10 goals a season and hope our very talented midfield step up to the plate, because we will NEVER attract top strikers to the club as long as we are not an established Champions League club.

  31. The only criticism I have is that we spent so much time on a fruitless quest. I don’t blame the club for trying to defer some part of the fee over a period of time. That’s how most fees are paid by clubs in our financial position. We are not a rich club. Our fans can’t seem to grasp the fact that had we paid 45 mill up front, there would have been no money for the midfielder, the other forward,the other centre half and the left back that they say we must sign. Nobody knows the true facts except the people handling the deal, so all the speculation about paying over 7 years is just that, speculation. Yet some of our fans seem to leap on any rumour to use to bash the club. Let’s wait and see who we sign before going suicidal.

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