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Greenway protest to go ahead on Saturday

A protest organised by Hammers United will go ahead this Saturday with the group publishing final arrangements for what they have named the Greenway stroll.

The group said: “The stroll will take place along the Greenway, with a number of locations to join depending on your own travel arrangements.

Please be aware there are a number of disruptions to rail services so please check your journey in advance and plan accordingly. The stroll will start from the Plaistow entrance of the Greenway at 12.15pm.

Banners are welcome but please remember that they must not be abusive. Our cause is strengthened if we maintain the standards of decency that have epitomised our campaign thus far.”

The same group staged a Black Balloon and anti board banner protest at Anfield on Monday night which was covered by Sky Sports and other media outlets.

Early estimates believe that between 2000-5000 supporters could take part in the protest despite a weather forecast for heavy rain.

An OSB meeting with the West Ham owners was postponed on Tuesday evening, it was seen as an olive branch by some with a statement announcing the reconstruction the official supporters’ board with free elections this summer.

WHUISA’s Committee says will await for more comprehensive details directly from the football club before deciding whether to join saying “the devil is in the detail.”

Hammers United have yet to respond to the club’s statement of the reforming of the OSB in the summer and whether they will put up candidates for election.


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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

37 comments on “Greenway protest to go ahead on Saturday

  1. JUST WHY ; EXACTLY are we protesting ?
    Wish somebody would explain it to me ! . Is it just that people want more than is reasonable or is it just out of pure blind spite regardless of the consequences ?!
    Time to get behind your Team instead of staging such rubbish .
    We have been only a supporting club in the League for as long as I can remember . And that goes a long way back . All these nonsensical protests are Really getting annoying .

  2. If you all want to protest so much , then maybe it’s better if you leave us in peace and go someplace else . Us Older Fans & Supporters are getting very tired of all the Crap .

    • Tom Petty once sang a great lyric: “Rebels without a clue.” If there was some plan beyond Get out I might be able to get more interested

      • I agree with those who say they are fed up with lot.
        I keep thinking about the phrase “ be careful what you wish for”
        Charlton, S Wednesday,Blackburn,Stoke,Leeds,Blackpool,Sunderland I could go on but I will not.
        Why don’t they go and support Arsenal they are always moaning about something
        Let’s ALL get behind the team on Saturday ⚒

    • They are leaving you in peace, the protest is outside the ground. Other than balloons and some banners the support the players got Monday was brilliant.Just a shame we couldn’t nick a deserved point but roll on Saturday.Also we are all supporters who want the team to do well.

  3. Kevin,
    We have lost our home, for a rented athlectics stadium. We have not progressed on or off the field in the 10 years of their tenure.
    We have 2nd division training facilities.
    We employ 1 scout.
    The directors have taken millions out of the club & just loaned money back, with interest payments to themselves.
    The list goes on & on.
    Please read up on it, the info is all freely available online!

    • What’s the plan to replace them? Haven’t heard one personally.

      • Maybe if we can’t replace them, we could possibly change their approach. OSB already disbanded, so they are starting to take notice of the protests. Only Sullivan can sell the club, so it is down to him to show what the plan is. And will Brady hang around whilst she is getting negative media

        • No it’s not. It’s up to the protesters tell us all what THEY want. Beyond wearing GSB out stuff what is their plan to make it happen and what is the plan afterwards. If u want Sullivan out what point is there in him telling you what HIS plan is. Given the GSB out stuff presumably that’s your aim. He has no other responsibility than to carry on until he decides to leave. SO WHAT do you actually want. I want Brady gone – she’s a real problem but would you give up £1 million plus a year becos some protesters are having a moan up. Think not!

  4. I am with Kevin let’s get behind the lads and the hell with protests.

  5. These protests are not annoying at all these groups go to matches home and away on a regular basis.
    We were promised big things by the owners but it was all smoke and mirrors they put the least money possible the club is run for their own gains we where up rooted and stick in a make do athletics stadium promise of a world class team for a world class stadium all lies and the support is always there for the team 💯 percent so unless you know the facts about the fans don’t moan

    • I think the point some want answered is what’s the plan rather than why the protest. Do they have a plan to replace them or do they believe by forcing them out via their demonstrations etc that’s the end game. If so we may be in real trouble with nothing beyond that.

      • Hugh. A plan could well be to let the owners know they are not wanted.

        David Gold said that when the Birmingham City fans made it clear they were not wanted, they looked for a buyer.

        Perhaps we could have the same.

        GSB. You are not wanted. Put the club up for sale.

        • Oh that old chestnut. I think there’s a little more cash involved in the PL. There is no plan. It’s a moan up conducted on a wing and a prayer i It won’t work. When u have a plan let me know, I may be more interested.

      • Protesting is a constructive way to pursue change.
        It’s much better than letting dissatisfaction dissolve via complaining and wishful thinking.
        Richard Nixon famously boasted that “policy will not be made in the streets”.
        He erred and was ousted.

        With Your regular hypocrisy, you belittle decent protests with “What do you Want?”

        I thought it is reasonably clear that the desire is custodians fit for purpose. Effective protest does not require a specific replacement plan.

        You then throw in your own desire for “Brady to be gone”.

        Using your logic:

        How will you achieve her removal?

        Will you replace her?

        If yes, what are the credentials for the new person?

        • So now it’s belittling to ask a legitimate question and it’s apparently incorrect therefore to explain I’d love Brady to go. What you are really saying is: “I’ll have several pops at you because I really don’t have an answer.” I am not going to stage a protest over her leaving because it’s pointless

          We won’t get her removal. You won’t get the board’s removal.You just don’t get it do you? U need a plan and don’t have one other than GSBOUT. If you think a protestt outside the stadium, on here and elsewhere is achieving anything you are nothing like as intelligent as you would like your verbosity to have us believe you are.

          Of course protests are legitimate. I’ve never said anything different but if I am going to protest I want to see change and that’s not going to happen so there’s no logical reason for me to do so. It makes people feel better nothing more.

          Usual hypocrisy eh? Please explain or is that the usual personal stuff because you are a bit of baby who can’t have his own way and can’t actually answer the question or raise a logical response. In those circumstances it’s usual as you show to asking the person you see as your adversary your wn questions rather than attempting to answer his, presumably because there isn’t one.

          And for the record, it makes absolutely no difference to me if GSB stay or go. Believe it or not there are things in my life bigger than WHUFC. I’ll protest over homelessness and austerity – universal credit and the disabled being hammered. Not football.

          Get yourself a life.

      • So we are not in trouble now?

        Hugh – replies are vetted – presumably to ensure we play nicely – but you are ok with Kevin’s use of the word Crap – is it because you agree with his line of thought?

        Is it so wrong after 10 years of not very effective management to legitimately protest?

        Manchester City and Chelsea have both done quite well with their new Owners – and I seem to remember both City and Chelsea being a tad disappointed with previous owners – but hey what they know?

        • Don’t tell me what’s vetted. If people want to swear, that’s edited out Nothing else. I have always claimed it’s fine to protest. I am asking for the protester’s plan. This is simply whining. I don’t consider crap a swear word. I use it myself. Don’t tell me what is or isn’t allowed for the sake of a whine. You can say what you like but at least try to answer without this normal nonsense

  6. Kevin & Keith,
    With due respect, i’ve been going to watch West Ham since 1971, so i know the ups & downs.
    Hugh, a start would to be replace KB, she has managed to upset just about everybody.
    Not bad pay for a part-timer either.
    Who replaces them?, i don’t know, but somebody that actually knows how to run a football club would be a start!
    GSB will not have meaningful dialogue with supporters groups (whatever they say), so there is little option but to call for their removal. I think they have burnt too many bridges to be forgiven personally

  7. Can’t these clowns go and get involved in politics, join a union, or a religious cult or something to get their kicks? Why do they have to attach themselves to West Ham, or even have the audacity to think they are representing all West Ham fans. They can turn out with their gsb banners and slogans and black balloons well how about putting the same amount if effort into supporting the club? Where are the West Ham banners, the West Ham flags, the Claret blue balloons instead of the black ones? Seems to me they would rather we got relegated. Why West Ham websites and YouTube channels etc have to advertise and help promote these people is beyond me. The ICF are no more. The bad old days of football hoolagnism are gone. It will be a good day when these protest groups are gone because it will mean West Ham are doing well on the pitch.

  8. We have lost our home, for a rented athlectics stadium.
    AT LEAST WE HAVE A MODERN FACILITY, Yes Boleyn was our birthplace growing up but we outgrew it.

    We have not progressed on or off the field in the 10 years of their tenure.
    We have 2nd division training facilities.
    We employ 1 scout.

    The directors have taken millions out of the club & just loaned money back, with interest payments to themselves.


    Personally I am fed up with the protests. It does nothing except dishearten the players and bring our club the tabloid headlines they crave.

    It’s our team, we were born we were born into it, we inherited it from our fathers and grandfathers. Sorry our parents aren’t the Sultan of Brunei who can buy us expensive cars we are who we are.

    If your not happy then move or stop going. Or maybe you love the attention the 5 minutes of protests on social media gives you.
    Stop *****ing and moaning and use your voice to shout support for the boys.

    Otherwise “GET OUT OF MY PUB”

  9. Hugh, What is it particularly with Lady Brady you dont like.

    • 1/ Treat fans with contempt 2/ Control freak 3/ oversaw the disastrous move to the LS 4/ Only works three days a week 5/ Controls every area of the non footballing side badly 6/ Too many other jobs to look after our interests properly in my view

      • So she did/does all that with absolutely no instruction, or more pointedly objection from the other 2 at the helm?
        Just what DOES the Baroness possess that appears to make her Teflon, unsackable?
        It surely can’t be her business accumen.

  10. Not being funny but its all about opinions..I’m neither with or against the protests but these fans follow the club everywhere..and as long as it peacefully done it’s there right to ,like its a peoples right not to do it. If we all agreed it would be a pretty boring site hugh..I dint think its fair how the people against the protests on here are just insulting the people who are for it….its there right surely..
    Simply put the owners have not delivered on 1 thing so who can blame them really …they pay a lot of money to go to the games ….

  11. But many fans have complained about many individual aspects of the club – Brady’s role and behaviour – the stadium experience – the total lack of an independent supporter voice – the lack of club infrastructure – the lack of investment in the training facilities – et al.
    It has come to GSB OUT because they refuse to listen and change.
    It’s, basically, being run like an incompetent “tin pot dictatorship” and has come to the point that many just want it to stop and beggar the “be careful what you wish for” and “we saved the club” mantra of the owners and a section of the fanbase.
    Doing nothing just gives them the mandate to carry on.
    How can you ignore the fact that the only supporter group Brady will listen to are the ones she set up and the only change,so far, has been it’s initials!!

    • Thank you George. At least that’s explicit. So it’s about them quitting or whatever the right words is cos it’s hard to sack youtself. What happens then given they are wanted out rather than to converse with supporters? This is not a defence or attack – merely a question to which I have yet to receive a reasoned response

  12. The organisers realise that they cannot get the owners out, but,a for start, they want Brady gone because she is toxic and a valuable drain on resources that they would prefer spent on a full time CEO, DOF and permanent infrastructure at the club – I’m sure that is something that you have in common with them?
    GS OUT bit is what they,ultimately, want ,if they are not prepared to do it and actually fall in to line with every other PL club and have a genuine independent supporters group that are listened to rather than the puppet one which appears to do as it’s told!
    This club deserves better than a pair of “chancers” continually making the same mistakes and not listening to it’s customers.This has been simmering ever since we moved and we have been subjected to the same hollow and broken promises at best and marginalised as morons,neanderthals ,malcontents,et al ,at worst.
    It’s time to show that it is not a handful of moaning morons and that it will be done peacefully and the team will get the full unwavering support throughout the game.

    • I think you need a slightly different position than. Firstly Brady won’t be moved – something I’d love to see happen. Describing people you want to talk with as ‘chancers’ isn’t a great negotiating tactic and whilst your comment is the most reasonable so far for me it fails to explain how you intend to get them out. There doesn’t appear to be a plan as such

    • Sorry Hugh, that was not an attack on you it was simply asking if you had the same misgivings as many of the fans and I certainly do not view you as a board supporter,far from it – you ask the questions and act as a devil’s advocate to garner views from all sides and I respect that.
      Let’s see what a peaceful protest achieves and if the board listen, acknowledge and offer to make changes or just try to marginalise and demonise anyone who dares to question them – it should not have come to this,but we are we we are!

      • Thank you George. I’m a journo. I seek answers. That’s about it. Whether they stay or go is immaterial to me. I’m a Hammer and have been through the best and worst of times with it.

  13. I would rather negotiate with someone who calls me a chancer than a moron!
    Do you want you’re club and it’s board to listen and be accountable ? Do you not feel that the OS was oversold and feel let down by what we actually got over what we were promised -and I don’t mean “world class stadium” or “Champions League” aspirations?
    Why can Brady not be moved? She does not own 51% of the club.Is she more important to Sullivan than the wishes of a substantial number of supporters ?
    The plan is for a change from what is being done now,because it is plainly not working.
    From what I can see, the only plan was to get hold of a free stadium and sell the **** out of it to smooth the move and success will,inevitably, follow!
    You want to see a future plan from the unhappy supporters , but seem to be prepared to accept no such plan from the owners.
    Are you not a tad disappointed that the “18th richest club in the world” is so woefully and consistantly under performing ?
    Some people can accept that they are helpless and that the owners can do what they like and we most all be good and loyal supporters and accept that fact.Some people think ,hey this is not ok and want to do something about it – It’s only futile if you allow it.

    • From start to finish an attack with no answers because you clearly have none.
      As so often before you wreck it all by attacking somebody who simply asks a question. You appear to believe that asking a question represents confrontation and a defence of the board – that is not the case. I have said numerous times they oversold the stadium, and that Brady should be moved aside. It is ridiculous to turn on me because I can’t answer why they won’t move her or themselves having admitted I want her gone. It is also rubbish to claim I don’t want a plan from the owners cos I’ve written precisely that many times. They currently run the club and presumably believe they have a plan. Supporters are protesting. My question again is: How do you plan to remove them if they won’t go? I have protested all my life politically and have seen nothing change. Why? Because standing with ban the bomb or whatever posters is as productive as shouting board out – goes nowhere. It’s not about me WANTING to see a plan. It’s about hearing how you plan to achieve this objective. I’ve never seen shouting, hollering and moaning work. If you prove me wrong fine. In the meantime direct your anger at those who deserve it and can do something about it. I can’t! It seems to be that when a difficult question is asked the answer is to attack the person making it. And that’s why you are failing – too much sound and fury signifying nothing (to quote my favourite writer),

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