Hammers new home kit “leaked”


The secret is out

For the second year running the Irons home kit for the new season has been leaked on the Internet after the kit went on sale in a Thailand sports shop called SuperSports with ties to Umbro.

West Ham have not confirmed a release date for the new 2017/2018 season home shirt but a source close to the club admitted the images circulating the Internet were genuine. Club officials will be furious that it has leaked again in Thailand and will be asking Umbro to confirm the source of the leak.

A twitter poll this afternoon shows 45% like the new shirt with 55% disapproving of the design.

Let us know what you think of it.

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29 comments on “Hammers new home kit “leaked”

  1. Looks very ordinary to me . Nothing special what-so-ever . Was hoping for something that stands out and screams West Ham . That shirt , don’t .

  2. But then again , I’m still unhappy with the Crest . So I am hard to please anyway .
    That’s me Folks .

  3. It is as described by Ex Whi Employee on his podcast so I reckon probably it is accurate, looks ok but much prefer the away kit with black and Argentinian blue bits (at least that is what the blue reminds me of) the away kit is supposed to be almost entirely sky blue if that rumour is true also

  4. Looks more umbro than West Ham.

  5. Looks pretty bang average to be honest. When are the club gonna be a bit more adventurous with their designs this is boring. As mentioned above this is an umbro kit not a west ham kit.

    • Awful would be a better description . A bit of local pub type shirt . But that’s not fare really , as some pub teams turn out in a well designed kit . West Ham need to up Thier marketing both on and off the pitch . That shirt is not going to do it . Thank heavens I still have all my old kits . Last season’s shirt ( apart from the crest ) was better .

  6. Looks like Aston Villa.

  7. I like it. Much better than the last one, hated the blue I thought it was more of a turquoise the blue is more west ham blue in this one.

  8. Reminds me more of a Burnley shirt in all fairness.
    Not sure I like it…

  9. Well done fellas im glad to see that even the kits are worth moaning about now lol

  10. It’ looks like Burnley. It looks like Aston Villa. No sh*t Sherlock! That’s because they all play in claret blue 😂😂😂

    Can’t say I’ve liked one more than the other over the years. I mean they’re all better than chelseas or ManU or the Spuds because…. it’s got hammers on it!!

  11. Lol i wonder how many Burnley & Villa fans say “dont like it,it looks like West Ham” whenever they get a new kit 😁
    Lets be honest they are always going to look a bit similiar,they are all ‘kin claret & blue 😂

  12. Its quite an achievement to make you think the Marcon kits we’re not that bad after all…..
    I think the designers at umbro are either spurs or millwall fans.

    Still, at least with the kits being this poor it means I can add to my retro collection at 30 quid.

    Much better in looks and value.

  13. Would agree it’s not the best but then other than the adidas kits most of ours have been Pony (pony included) at least the away kit looks pretty good and who cares as nearly every other club have rubbish kits as well, football kits are designed by morons not fashion designers and we like mugs pay £55 quid or more each to buy them.

  14. Looks like something run up on an home old Singers sewing machine in a few minutes, badge still does nothing for me.

  15. There is only so much you can do with Claret & Blue. There are always going to be some that don’t like it. Easy don’t buy it buy the 2nd kit instead

  16. Lads you sound like a load of fashionistas in Paris,Milan or New York 😂
    Its a Claret & Blue West Ham shirt,what more do you want.Its got a Claret body & Blue arms as usual.You lot have been watching too much Gok Wan i think 😂😂

  17. Awful kit. Worst for a long time. Looks like a 5 year old designed it. Like the away though. That it slick and smart.

  18. Don’t mind it to be honest,pretty traditional, not too over the top looks West Ham to me. COYI

  19. Having hit a long time high two years ago……. the home shirt gets even worse than last seasons’. Burnley’s new top is much better.

    Note to the club…..Please tell us that the black kit is a third option and that there will be a new sky blue away version as we seem to have every other year.

  20. Everytime i think forum users have exhausted all options when it comes to moaning along comes something else you to go in to one about.Even the shirts aint safe from you lot lmao

  21. Lol Robbie.Honestly i really like it.I think it looks smart.Still prefer when we are signed up with Adidas though,they do much better kits.This one is nice imo.Probably the old farts still want ones made out of wool with v necks that have string to do them up 😂

  22. Taken influence from the 1999/00 kit maybe? A modern update.
    at the end of the day it’s got Claret body & Blue sleeves, we got no choice but get used to it because it won’t get changed until next summer. I think it will grow on people after the 1st few weeks & remember it’s a lot better than some of the crap over the years.
    Why can’t clubs go back to changing the kit every other year? To fleece us fans of more money each season is the answer to that one. Thats not aimed at us but every club bring out 3 new kits a year at £55 a time with the 3rd kit being worn about 3 times.

  23. I dont buy kits anymore.Its not an attractive look some 70 year old codger walking around in a football strip lol

    • Nor me Stan and I have 15 years on you. I’m not sure it was ever a good look. Our fans will go into complete meltdown when we go the route of some other clubs that tap into the highglow yellow or bright green lmao.

      There is only so much you can do with a claret and blue shirt isn’t there?

      • I think we have always been lucky with our kits when you think of some of the florescent jobs about.Then sling in the salmon pink and putrid green kits and we have got away with murder lol.

  24. Personally I like the Avco kit 1986 and the Alpari with the white collar that looked smart.
    New badge also very bland to me.

  25. There’s a web site I have used where you can buy replica kits & even the lastest for about £7, there are only very slight differences that most people wouldn’t notice. I got this seasons white 2nd kit & the only bit is the blue stripe on the shoulders. Added bonus is my brother lives in Indonesia & he brings them with him so no postage. Not going to pay £55 for basically a t-shirt

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