Hammers set for move on Chelsea striker

Rumour raterWest Ham are again set to move in on Michy Batshuayi who is reportedly ready to leave Chelsea in the summer.

The Belgian striker – who was at the centre of a £35m bid from the Irons last summer – is ready to move on  either on loan or permanently — after being given little chance to show his value in Antonio Conte’s team.

The Hammers have been in touch with Chelsea before the winter transfer market opened over a deal but talks stalled on both sides.

Now, however, it seems there is more than an even money chance we will be in on a serious basis come the summer window.

The 23-year-old striker – signed for £33 million – has not started a Premier League game yet and wants a move with another London club ideal given his current circumstances.


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10 comments on “Hammers set for move on Chelsea striker

  1. If we were to buy him in the summer how much do you think we’d have to offer realistically? I personally think between 18-25 million would seem reasonable but cant see DG paying that

  2. I think they would pay that for the right player.I mean they paid £20 million for Ayew.
    We are not a rich club so obviously we have to cut our cloth accordingly but i can see us paying that much this summer.
    I was reading Slavens presser from this morning and it seemed that there was indeed interest from China for Carroll.I read £32 million being spoken of. That was however immediately dismissed as bullsh1t by the West Ham fan hierachy on whtid so i will clearly take their word as gospel on the situation,not Bilics or the clubs lol

  3. Lol Stanley.That figure was in The Mirror yesterday.All it said was ‘a source close to the club’ said that was the amount.Nothing official was mentioned by the club about any amount.You know how it works though,slag off the club without even knowing the facts.Sad b*stards 😂😂

  4. I can see chelsea wanting to recoup almost all of the fee they paid, especially to a london premiership rival. O.T. whats everyones views on RB, who would you like?

  5. Here we go again , talking too much . Letting everyone know how we want to set up next season … It beggars belief that we can’t keep quiet .
    Players we are interested in being bandied about so much that other teams want to usurp us no matter how .
    Now talk of Batshuayi , again , when Chelsea don’t really want him . Why can’t West Ham understand that Chelsea only bought him to prevent us from buying him ??!! . If he was that good he would have been playing on regular basis , not just as the odd substitute or in cup games .
    Man Utd are only interested in buying players we may like just to prevent us from buying them …. and on it goes . ( mind you that is exactly how Man Utd have behaved since I was young / old enough to watch football ) . Man City , Man Utd , Chelsea only buy up players to pre-empt any possible title challenge from Thier rivals ,, always have done , always will . Then leave them sat on the bench while they giggle at the rest of the Premiership .
    Reckon it’s high time we kept our intentions to ourselves whilst leaving the fans to ponder .
    Andy Carroll is a must for us , any doubters have no real basis to think otherwise .
    That little French phucker held us back and actually achieved what the bigger clubs would have been proud of ,,, namely , screwing West Ham .
    Please keep our ambitions to ourselves .. telegraphing everything is outright damaging .
    Bilic has done well and let me be the first to criticize myself . No need for digging at me .
    I freely admit that I am a worried Hammers fan ,, so let’s say no more .

  6. Who from the club has said anything about Batshuayi then Kevin.What beggars belief.Its just an article about a possible target not some secret service file that has been nicked 😁
    If you wasnt worried Kevin i would think something was wrong,though f*ck knows what you have to be worried about 😂

    Danielson if we were to go for a youngish rb i quite like Iorfa at Wolves or Christie at Derby but there are so many players who come to the Prem from anywhere in the world it will probably be someone i have never even heared of 😃

  7. LOL Rads….New scene in Spectre 2 when Bond is kidnapped by Belgian footballer somewhere in Stratford LOL

  8. Lol Hugh,honestly our Kev ties my mind up in knots,i have to breakdown his comments in to smaller sections to try to work them out.He is like a bloody human Rubiks Cube 😂😂

  9. i very much doubt if Chelski & Manure would care enough about West Ham to go out & spend £m’s just to stop the club from signing certain players.

    wouldn’t it be a boring place if there was no gossip

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