Hammers star admits they ignored Moyes

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Tomas Soucek has all but confirmed what many of us already suspected: West Ham’s players have stopped adhering to David Moyes’ instructions.

Speaking to the club website following the 5-0 loss to Chelsea, the Czech midfielder said: “I have to say we really deserved it because we did not do what we were told,” he admitted. “We did some good individual things but not as a team. Going forward and backward, we did many things wrong, and we got punished for that. On the other hand, we could have scored a few goals, but we conceded a lot of easy goals.

“As a team, we need to have great spirit and be compact all the time. If someone goes pressing, someone else should cover, and the opposite cannot work like that, and we got punished for that today.”

It’s stating the obvious to suggest the players did not do as they were told, that was apparent to all who watched the capitulation at Stamford Bridge. What is more concerning is their obvious lack of effort which indicated their reluctance to run for their manager.

West Ham have conceded a staggering 70 Premier League goals this season, and the Hammers’ form in 2024 places us in the bottom three. Clearly, Moyes’ methods have failed spectacularly, and his players seem to have lost complete and utter faith in his tactics, if not in the man himself.

Whilst Soucek likely intended to defend his manager, by admitting that the team failed to follow instructions, he has inadvertently revealed an uncomfortable truth.

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  • NEIL TURNER says:

    he is an embarassment to all of us at WEST HAM

    • Tony Smith says:

      It’s not a case of Moyes needs to go, it’s Moyes should of gone months ago. It is heart breaking watching them players heads go down, and you could clearly see on there faces yesterday that they were sorry to us fans for there display. But don’t worry soldiers, because very soon your wishes will be granted and then yous can all show your true colours , “The Real Claret & Blue” ….T.B.C……

  • TONY S says:

    You’re right, it is embarrassing please Sullivan buyout Ruben Amorim’s contract release With the players we have got now and our youth side coming through add a few additional Players in the market we would have a good team. Certainly good enough to get into Europe next year and please play better football than what we have been given. We might even get to be massive again😁😁⚒

    • Tony Smith says:

      It’s not a case of Moyes needs to go, it’s Moyes should of gone months ago. It is heart breaking watching them players heads go down, and you could clearly see on there faces yesterday that they were sorry to us fans for there display. But don’t worry soldiers, because very soon your wishes will be granted and then yous can all show your true colours , “The Real Claret & Blue” ….T.B.C……

    • The Central Scrutinizer says:

      Do you think it’s that easy?Just buy out Amorims contract and he will sign for us?
      No he is either going to stay at sporting or move to another club but not West Ham.

  • Bonzo says:

    If you don’t run you don’t play is Moyes mantra but he keeps playing the same players who’ve not put the effort in on so many occasions this season. Small squad is no excuse because he’s also said he likes working with a small squad. Or does he just say that to protect the owners who haven’t got their wallet out yet again in the January window.

    • Ray says:

      It’s been obvious for a while that the players have no faith in the manager. When players like Ward Prowse are left on the bench, tells you everything about the managers mind set. We have so many great attacking players it’s unreal that we concede so much possession, on the other hand our defence is garbage. Thanks for Prague David, go now and maybe take Sullivan with you.

  • Tony says:

    Put the 21’s out there, at least they play as a team !!!!

  • Benny the Aussie says:

    That’s pretty poor actually and they should pay for tickets to the fans that turned up (Our Fans)
    For me Moyes should of gone last season, Tim should be allowed to do his job and Sully please sell up

  • Phil Baker says:

    The most important person at any club is the manager/head coach . Pay for the best and he will transform a group of mediocre players into a world class team , just look at Leverskusen ( Alonso ). Moyes turns diamonds into coal . Watch out for a record defeat against Man City on the last day if Moyes is still in charge .

    • Stephen cassar says:

      Totally agree we have shipped in 70 goals with a defensive minded manager… he has been rubbish wherever he’s been apart from keeping a steady **** at Everton…..thanks for prague not p#ss off

      • Tony Smith says:

        It’s not a case of Moyes needs to go, it’s Moyes should of gone months ago. It is heart breaking watching them players heads go down, and you could clearly see on there faces yesterday that they were sorry to us fans for there display. But don’t worry soldiers, because very soon your wishes will be granted and then yous can all show your true colours , “The Real Claret & Blue” ….T.B.C……

  • Walid Mohammed says:

    Moyes’s tactics may be not that good, but to me it seems aome times we concentrate on individuals, from managwr to individual players, we have good players who we think are not good and we ask for them to be sold, players like Ben Rahma, I believe he is very good, but the formation is a problem, now we are after Aguard, he is very good center back, may be the problem is the Managers problem, we should not sell him yet, let us see what the manager thinks. Players line Thiago Silver are perfoming for Chelsea instead of their ages. The think the problem with difence started when Stuart Pearce left the club,

  • Billboy says:

    Here we are again, end of season, no concrete plans laughing stock of the league. Dodgy owner, dodgy board, manager with more ego than talent. No wonder players want away , . Nobody any good wants coaches job, tidy players don’t want to come to us.Sullivan is only bothered about his bank account and uses us as a piggy bank. Waiting to play the relegation shuffle next season.

  • Walid Mohammed says:

    We may think, we did not achieved much during Pearce time, but our difence was not as bad and the team in general, with all due respect, was not as good as its is now, in the form of individual player quality.

  • Walid Mohammed says:

    May be Billboy is somehow right, we had the Brown at one time, and after selling Rio he dinied Rednapp 5 million to strengthen the difence. But on the point of good players, we have good players, Moyers tactics is a problem, We do not see player moving to create spaces, we only dipend on counter attack, even the vounter we are using now is different from the counter we used to see, during Comb of Ben Rahma and Cresswell,

  • Timothy Stewart says:

    Moyes should have quit whilst he was ahead he won us a trophy he could have stuck 2 fingers up at the fans and said there you go I’ve won you a trophy truth is there were already bad apples in the cart they have now rotted to the core we cannot even defend him as a good defensive coach some of the football has been pre historic when you start conceding 5 goals at palace and Fulham the writing was on the wall David thank you for everything you have done you probably shouldn’t have taken on another season also I don’t believe he can take us up to the next level or the players in the team that. Can go up to that next level

  • Chris. says:

    What a load of rubbish call yourself professional footballers a joke

  • Dave says:

    We need Tim Steidten to be allowed to source the manager we need, then we need both of them to be allowed to discuss who we need as players to start next season, that should include some of the youngsters coming through though, we then need a good cheque book, Is that going to happen? I cannot see it for one minute, Moyes has to go now in my opinion, I think one of the coaching staff could look after the team for the last games, this would allow the time for this to happen, we all know what will happen though, Moyes will stay till the end of the season, we will only be able to muster probably a new manager, maybe a couple of players if we are lucky, then we will probably lose as many or more players than we actually buy, then head for relegation next season.
    I hope I am wrong but Moyes needed to go latest at Xmas.

  • Kevin waylen says:

    Moyes doesn’t seem to have any coaching or motivational skills at all. He has been in the job five years not five minutes? He stated that I want to make west ham hard to beat as they have been known as soft touches.Well you’ve failed miserably and you’ve also made most west ham fans miserable with your defensive on possession football.You haven’t bought a striker because it might cost you your job? How selfish is that statement? Don’t worry about the players or the 62500 fans that turn up every week! You haven’t improved the squad and we are in real trouble now! As we need someone with real vision and leadership to rebuild us from top to bottom. And Amorim likes to build his own teams so please David Sullivan give steinden noble and the fans hope by signing him.

  • Saul says:

    Everyone who keeps writing for the Chairman to sell up should take a look around at the real World and consider who he might sell up to. There aren’t a plethora of rich philanthropists out there, waiting for West Ham to become available so that they can pump money into us and turn us into a top-4 team. For a case in point take a look at Everton. Points deductions due to poor financial management of the club, a takeover that can’t get ratified because 777, who are trying to purchase them, have financial difficulties of their own and a stadium that will remain half built for years because the funds aren’t there to complete it. Say what you want about our Chairman but in my life time West Ham have never had it so good; EVER.

    In most of the fans eyes on this forum Sullivan is the devil who needs to go to save our club! It’s laughable that the loudest voices seem to be those with the least firm grip on reality. This man alongside David Gold is the reason we regularly get 60,000+ fans at every home game, why we’ve been in Europe for 3 years in a row (and not just ‘in’ Europe, but in a quarter and semi final and with a trophy in the cabinet) and why we’re NOT in financial ruin. Yes, we can all pick at some decisions we might not agree with from time to time but are all you dissenters living perfect lives, making the perfect decisions every second? Ask your spouses and your kids.

    To those constantly moaning about our club, constantly shouting to get rid of the owner, i say get a grip on reality. Try to stop reacting to your emotions and instead think logically about where we are, where we came from and where we could be now if it wasn’t for our clubs’ custodians. For every Man City there are a bunch of Charlton’s, Blackpool’s and Swindon Town’s out there. I’d rather be West Ham right now than ANY of those clubs.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    I’m sorry but if you are going to give up 70 percent possession every game then your going to get punished , it’s proved that way over successive seasons , you might with luck catch your opponents off guard , but when your luck runs out, you lose

  • Trev says:

    Saul is spot on. Look at the clubs that have been and will be in financial disaster. Sullivan may not be everyone’s favourite but he is a businessman and a good businessman will keep the club solvent. Moyes has been a good manager in the past but the game has moved on and the low block defensive style of play isn’t working now because there are so many great attacking players in the Premiership. If we get Lopetegui in then lets give him time and a chance to change our style. What the club doesn’t need is fans negativity toward a new manger before he even starts.

  • Azzabajarn says:

    WoW, some of these comments are as shocking as The Poor football we have played this season However Most of em carry a lot of truth..

    Moyes isn’t a Top 5 Challenge for Champions league or a Decent premier league attempt type of manager, what he is though is a come in at a Relegation level Manager and Turn the club around to have become CL Winners for the First time in 45 years kind of manager, so as a fan base we could be a bit more grateful, HOWEVER, 5-0 Fulham, 6-0 arsenal, 5-2palace 5-0 Chelsea clearly something is Not working..

    In my opinion we Lack a spark, I could reel off players that didn’t perform against Chelsea and the 3 that did was Kudus,Bowen and Emerson..

    Paqueta is a great player but he has Lost his Patience and is acting out of frustration where we now need to question will it be another Payet, Alvarez lack of discipline Zouma over the hills coufal begging to leave Soucek wishes he was a Striker Areola Ran in to an injury and has been struggling since and as Much as I Like Fabs he is past it too a lot of lazy standing still in goal and that’s what I see not to mention Antonio thinking he plays rugby and Ogbonna just lacking minutes it’s a sh*t Show and we all know it rolls down hill..

    We have Ings & cornet Sat there gathering dust Benrahma forced out kerher loaned out aguerd on the Moyes shipping list it’s a Joke too much pressure on the same players week in week out and he sits there time and time again praising the other teams player And management more then his own, and now he’s saying we are losing because Rice is at arsenal NEVER MIND DECLAN GOD DAMN RICE, he refuses to answer questions about potential targets because they are at there respective clubs and they aren’t his player and yet he pulls that song of sorrow from his List of stupid things to say, Big Sigh, I think it’s safe to say for him to save his career he needs to move on to newer pastures and not concern about the shade of Green.

    As for this Fat pric* Sullivan if I wanted to travel 450 miles every weekend to go the circus I’d stay local and save myself the Journey the guys an idiot who clearly isn’t in full control of his Diet let alone his football club and we’ve the privilege of having Nobs involved with the club a Man who could do so much better than Lopetgui even as an interim and yet we want to do the dance of foreign football instead of playing The West Ham way…

    I’m Truly disappointed with this Club But I’ll be Loyal Till the end Both Glorious and Bitter..

    Thanks for Listening 👍🏻

    Overall shocking Let’s see what 24/25 bring, it clearly won’t be European competition again but if we can take 4 points from Luton and city then we may have a dice roll but tbh I will do somersaults if we beat Luton as for City I’d probably Faint if we score let alone draw or lose by less than 5

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