Moyes turns on ‘mentally weak’ players

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David Moyes has turned on his own players, accusing them of lacking mental toughness in the thrashing against Chelsea. Speaking after the Stamford Bridge mauling, Moyes remarked, “It’s happened several times this season, I didn’t enjoy today at all. Players not in their positions, running out of position, opening up too easily.

“We were lacking toughness, leadership, mental toughness. We’ve now had two away games where we’ve conceded five. The manager will always take the responsibility because that’s what you do in this job, you have to prepare them and get them right, setting them up.”

Very few players emerged with any credibility from today’s game, however, it must be remembered that this is Moyes’ team, built over a four-year period.

The manager has the moniker ‘Dithering Dave’ due to his thorough investigations into players’ characters before signing them. Therefore, if the squad he has built lacks mental toughness, then he is fully to blame.

As for the observation that West Ham lack leadership… you honestly couldn’t make it up. Everyone apart from Moyes can see that Kurt Zouma is not a captain, yet despite the decision clearly not working, Moyes has stubbornly stuck by it.

I’d be absolutely amazed if a number of Hammers players are not on the phone to their agents right now, demanding a way out of a club that is seemingly toxic and lacking direction.

The lack of leadership from the boardroom is unacceptable and needs addressing immediately. Leaving David Moyes to front up a situation when he is clearly struggling and out of his depth is not a good look.

The players have obviously lost all faith in the manager’s tactics, and the team looks as rudderless as the hierarchy at the club. The chairman needs to make an announcement ahead of the Luton game if the club honestly wants to do the decent thing and give David Moyes a send-off. Because at the moment, they’re far closer to a protest than any celebration of the manager’s tenure.

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  • Kip says:

    Exactly gonzo …just sack him for the love of God….
    …I really wish they would sell the club now ….we need a change from top to bottom

    • Nigel Bands says:

      Totally agree with you. Enough already!
      Moyes has done as much as his old fashioned dour approach allows him.
      Let’s thank him for his contribution to West Ham and announce that he will be leaving the club after the final league match of the season.
      Give him a send off at the Luton home game and move on please

      • Paul says:

        Christmas was the sign I think from then on it started to spiral lost the dressing room no plan B,C , And why do all our washing in public ffs sullivan moyes f#%k off


    Not gonna happen sully is to gready to sell up moyse to big headed to resign Brady and co full of their own egos clubs a joke

  • Philip LUDGATE says:

    We have a hierarchy of horror, indecision, indifference and ineptitude cascading from the board to the pitch stopping off at “one direction manager boulevard” reversing into “no leader on the pitch cul de sac” and ending with “my pay slip is my loyalty player Avenue”

    Paying fans are shown no respect no consideration and not valued

  • Dave says:

    Our board have treated Moyes atrociously, they done exactly the same to Alardyce and spun a yarn of they’ll look at it.
    How they could do this to our most successful manager for 40 years is nothing but diabolical.
    These owners and Brady have used and abused us for too long.
    It’s not the manager it comes from above.

  • Jimmy says:

    I’ve just watched Moyes after game press conference, it seems it’s the players fault! Players running out of position, lacking integrity and guts, The Afcon tournament! The fans fault! and now it’s because we miss Declan Rice!! WHO we were told we didn’t miss at all before Christmas, that Mr Moyes must be your final insult to the fans and the players.
    Please Mr Moyes just go, we are fed up with your excuses, and tactical naivety. And please take Mr Sullivan with you! And that is what I wish for! Without being careful

  • Ian Salisbury says:

    and he expects the players to give their all for him, delusional

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Ok lads, when we win a trophy, we are all in it together and I support you. When we get thumped conceding five, for the fourth time this year, then it’s all your fault. You are weak and out of position, anything but my fault, and by the way, after I blame you publicly, I want you to play for me again next week. Oh yes, you get no rest because I won’t select players I don’t like or if they are under 21. My God I am really thick.

  • Dave The Rave says:

    Feel sorry for Moyes for not being given send off he deserves but, he has not rotated a team that seriously needs it, he has not introduced the youngsters from one of the best U21 teams in the country, he has not allowed players to be purchased that we really needed, he has picked a team captain that does not seem to really care about the team and to cap it off he has lost the dressing room finally.

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