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Hammers will move striker out in window

West Ham are ready to move Albian Ajeti out of the club in January as they look for a new option up front!

The Switzerland striker has been a massive flop since his arrival in the summer and is another to add to the Pellegrini list of bad signings headed by Roberto and  Jack Wilshere.

ClaretandHugh has discovered that he was allegedly on his way to Brentford for €5 million before Mario Husillos and Pellegrini moved in and bought him for £8 million.

And the club have decided that they must move him out and bring in a ‘proper’ strike partner to help the club’s record signing Sebastien Haller.

Ajeti – a late buy in the last window – has been entirely marginalised such has been his form and thus far the 22 year old has made just five Premier League appearances without making the slightest impact.

The club has realised they must have a genuine second striker and that will become a priority in the next window as the club looks to reinforce.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Hammers will move striker out in window

  1. Bit unfair to call a guy who has never been given a fair crack of the whip a massive flop.
    What is damming is this revelation regarding Brentford.
    We pay £8m for a player who was on his way to Brentford for €5m!
    You couldn’t make this crap up!

  2. The spine of the team needs huge investment. A big dominant cb like Lewis Dunk, a big cm with power and pace – Wanyama? And a striker… Mitrovic? Banging them in the championship.

    We need to sign players with pace and energy. Preferably from english leagues as well. We cant carry any more passengers.

    • Spot on Tom.Trouble is nobody at the club seems to grasp such a basic fact.What a mess and stuck with a manager the owners are too tight to sack.We have gone backwards at an alarming rate.

  3. Well, I feel that I may have got it wrong about Fornals – he’s starting to show a bit of character and a little bit of form!

    But with the greatest will in the World, Ajeti has shown nothing. I referred to him as the ‘Invisible Man’ when he last made one of his few appearances!

    All this talk about Pellegrini and Husillos’s poor Transfer Dealing is just another nail in their coffins – but over and above that is the fact that the Team and Squad are thin and lacking in quality.

    Serious investment is badly required, we’re just sleepwalking into the Championship. Could there be a worse time for Sullivan and Gold to be taking their £45 million out of the Club. As punters do we care if the Club is in debt or not – we want to see performances on the pitch and couldn’t care less about the finances!

    • I care about debt – of course I care. IN the end things go broke. Sunderland, Leeds, Man Ciry at one time – just look down the leagues

      • Ok, I hear what you say – but assuming they take out their £45 million and do not invest in the January Window where does that leave West Ham!

        I’m sure David Sullivan and David Gold are shrewd Businessmen, and as shrewdness you’d expect them to protect their Investment. Going down would be a disaster, you just have to look at Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke or Middlesbrough – all running into terrible trouble with FFP that is likely to cripple them for years, if indeed they ever do recover.

        Without decent investment West Ham will go down this path – it’s an easy choice, in my eyes anyway!

  4. Too much player power these days the players should be sacked for their performances . Every player right now should be ashamed of their performance . Look back not to fa r it’s the players got Bilic sacked due to their own performances look how well he’s doing now. The players have done it to other managers too . Noble should be part of the solution not take sly shots it’s his job to also motivate the players .So seemingly these players will also get MP sacked bit without any consequences for them for underperforming to much player power . They should all be sacked but that’s not going to happen so MP will probably go . The joke is that if he goes the same plauerswill probably start winning even if the same system is used , what a disgrace . Wonder how long it will be before they do the same to another manager ! End of rant .

    • Agreed Mark,but if the players hate the tactics and formations asked of them every week with seemingly no change in results then the manager has to take it on the chin too.Monday looked like a training session.not a must win.There is something seriously wrong at our club and we seem to go through phases of boom and bust every season no matter who is at the helm and unfortunately the players have given up under Pellegrini and it shows.

  5. Can’t believe priority isn’t two new full backs, and CM what we have are shocking.
    Doesn’t matter if you score two goals if we let in 3 a game. Just drains the confidence.
    Our left back must have been the first defender Pepe has faced that showed him onto his left foot. Embarrassing!

  6. Harsh to call JW a flop, hasn’t had a chance really and injured his “good” ankle. Just unlucky, they knew the risks but there’s a decent player in there. In all fairness it’s Pelle’s stubbornness to not go 2 up front that has got us in the mire. Haller was part of a 2 strikers formation, he needs support. Ajeti hasnt been given a fair crack, utter pointless

  7. Under a better manager he could be a great sighning . Say no more . In fact , the whole team could be better under better management . Just leave it there .

  8. Nothing will change under Pellegrini unless someone at the top actually orders him to play a 2nd striker.Playing 1 up front in the form of Haller this season is criminal.A player with no premiership experience left to plough a lone furrow.Blame the Board though for selling and loaning out a clutch of strikers especially Hernandez and not replacing them with quality (unless Pellegrini wanted it that way).Result is we are left with Haller and Ajeti but not as a pair.Would love to see some investment in good players with experience of English football who are up for the scrap and screw the expense because if we do go down their reluctance to spend properly in the Summer or this January will seem like peanuts in comparison to relegation.How about Mitrovic and Bowen or Eze.?

  9. I am 68 yrs old this coming spring . If I could have £12million for doing nothing I would be in heaven . My Kids & Family secure forever . But I’ve spent too much money following a nowhere team . It was only for the love of my Club which will never die , but the money I have spent without any return hoping for better times is now exhausted .

  10. Don’t sell yet send him on loan. He’s young and if a team like Brentford were interested then loan him out in the Championship and see if he can settle. He hasn’t had enough minutes to see in any real way what sort of striker he is yet. While he’s not yet ready to hit the ground running in the Premier League at 22 he’s still an asset that could grow and become very useful if he can find his feet in England.

  11. First of all… Jack Wilshere? Is that a flop signing?

    Second, two many typing errors and factual errors to take the Brentford revelation at all seriously. I like some of your stuff but I think maybe you need a proof reader, or just some more intelligent writers. Sorry this whole article has struck me as a poor attempt at a joke. Unfair digs at a player who has had very little chance to show anything to the contrary. It’s poorly written and poorly delivered and I’m pretty shocked you get so much exposure. Don’t be disheartened. I appreciate what you’re doing. If you want a fact checker or spell checker before you post articles please just send a message 🙂

    gI was told by somebody involved in the deal today and here’s a link from the time. It matters not a think to me whether you like my stuff of not given the level of ignorance of these things that you clearly live with.


    • So do you – check the spelling of two in this context. No joke, I think you might do well to look in the mirror. If I need a proof reader or fact checker I’ll find someone without the evel of animosity which you appear to enjoy along with soembody who knows the difference between two and too

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