Hart or Adrian poll result

Everton-v-West-Ham-United-Premier-LeagueAdrian has been the clearest winner of any poll ever held by ClaretndHugh as we asked our followers to choose between him and Joe Hart for the place in David Moye’s Saturday line-up.

After his brilliant form at Mancheser City, the Spaniard was voted as the keeper Hammers fans want to see between the sticks by a distance.

So far a total of 2,411 have cast their vote  with only 133 believing that Hart should hold onto his place by a very in and out this season.

To date a massive 94.48 have voted in favour of Adrian getting the sweater as David Moyes ponders his team adrian-west-hamselection for the game against Chelsea with just 5.2 per cent preferring the on-loan Manchester City stopper.

If you haven’t voted yet you can do so @https://www.claretandhugh.info/adrian-or-hart-poll/ 

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10 comments on “Hart or Adrian poll result

  1. It was a fairly easy one really, it was right to give Hart a run at the start of the season but despite being very vocal the defence has remained the weakest link in our team, all be it with a different approach Adrian did very well but he has also played well in the Cup matches so he deserves his chance, I don’t think Hart has done anything wrong but other than the Palace game he hasn’t been exceptional either. There is also something about Adrian that most of us fans love, he has a bit of the cult figure status about him, hope he plays and plays well COYI !!!

    • +1 and one of the reasons for bringing in Hart was bc he is vocal commands box & organises. But from City game & Spurs cup game Adrian seems to do it better he was working w Rice Organising.
      Heard on Hammertime Hart when came didn’t seem to want to stay & I got same impression was just a way to keep his England spot & restart his career not our job to keep him on squad. I think Hart has been on decline & he scares me going to left & his punching.
      I feel more comfortable w Adrian in goal & defence seem to as well.
      Adrian has been with us since 2013 & I think being benched twice in he has com back better. He deserves a goal. I don’t dislike Hart but was never for the loan didn’t make sense. And losing Adrian would hurt a lot more then losing Hart.
      So he has to start!

      • Have you got a problem with your keyboard , JRS ?? .

        • A typo but I think all agree even those were for Hart it was a mistake needed stregthen in other areas. Adrian was better Shot Stopped then Hart & commands box leads & organises better then Hart too.
          .. Adrian has to start don’t think there Marketing plan worked out that well his shirts having been selling out.
          If he doesn’t I will be fuming.
          We are talking of selling 3 players send Hart back use wage money to fund players in Jan & get Joseph Ansog his his work permit already for #2

        • No kev!!! He uses a second hand ENIGMA machine , 😂😂 JRS is in on that joke ,
          I love his posts ! Top man 😉

    • Should never have been given the start against Adrian . It was a massive marketing excerise to sell shirts , nothing else . And we have suffered in the process . We didn’t need the Man City reject to begin with . It was a waste of a signing just to make us all more comfortable with the new stadium. . As a Premiership stopper Hart is overrated .
      ( how many shirts did we sell with No1 Hart ? ) . Probably best to use the gloves as protection against the Shampoo ., because protection of the goal they are not .
      Adrian is “ Head & Shoulders “ compared to Hart .
      Moyes should take this opportunity to select Adrian and maintain him as first choice .
      It should really be the end of Hart . ( Green was better than Hart ) .

  2. Misspelling Adrian as “Adrain” on the poll made me chuckle with the irony that Hart is more of adrain on our finances.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says, Adrian is not a top-class keeper – Adrian did well against Man City but I’d go with Hart everyday.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what David Moyes does, whatever his decision it’s going to be controversial.

  4. Yes Michael ? 94% controversial ! 😂

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