Here we go !


Alright, alright, Irons, let’s get real! Here’s the lowdown from the stands:

Moyes with the safety first chat? We get it, Leverkusen are scary good. But maybe, just maybe, a sprinkle of that Moyesiah magic and a tad more attacking fire in the belly wouldn’t hurt from the get-go? Three goals are a mountain to climb if we start parked deep.

Gameplan on point? Cresswell and Ward-Prowse whipping in crosses for Bowen and Kudus to feast on? Soucek shutting down Xhaka like a boss? Sounds like a recipe for goals on the Boleyn blackboard!

The real enemy? Leverkusen’s midfield dominance. If they hog the ball all night, we’re sunk. Gotta find a way to disrupt their rhythm and nick the ball for those sweet counter-attacks.

West Ham’s odds? Look, it’s a long shot, but hey, we’re the Hammers! We fight until the final whistle. A strong start, a pinch of luck, and clinical finishing? This tie ain’t over yet.

So come on you Irons! Let’s show Leverkusen what West Ham are made of! Attack, attack, attack! But also, maybe listen to Moyes a little, lads. Just a little.

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