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Here’s why the Irons have been so poor this season


By Dave Langton

David Moyes may find that his job is hanging by a thread because he is simply unwilling to change his mind.

The Hammers boss has overseen a dire period of form leading into the Qatar-enforced break, leaving the Irons teetering on the edge of the relegation zone.

And the main reason for it is the fact that so many of Moyes’ favourites have simply played too much football.

They aren’t just tired, they’re mentally and physically exhausted.

Since the start of 2020/21 – Moyes’ first full season back in the job – Declan Rice has played in 105 games of football for West Ham. Tomas Soucek has played in 112. Neither numbers count international appearances, and Rice is a key player for England, as Soucek is for the Czech Republic.

Both players are vital to the way the Hammers play but they’re knackered. Jarrod Bowen also has 112 appearances. Both Soucek and Bowen played in all 38 Premier League games in 2020/21. It’s no surprise Bowen’s form is plateauing.

It comes down, ultimately, to Moyes’ failure to correctly improve the squad.

The majority of the signings that have come in have either had too little impact on the first-team,or have not been trusted. Alex Kral was never fancied, despite providing depth, nor it seems is Flynn Downes, who has shown flashes of promise.

The fact is that Moyes trusts maybe 13 or 14 players, and it’s led to them ultimately falling off a cliff.

As it stands, the Hammers need to inject real verve and depth into the squad in January, or Moyes is likely to lose his job.

And let’s hear no rubbish about new players needing time to settle in – he should have been buying for this year next!

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  • danielson79 says:

    Agree. Loads of the new players are getting panned on forums and fan pages but the fact of the matter is, none of them have had a good enough chance to prove themselves. I think Flynn currently should be starting and being allowed to develop a partnership with Rice. That way Soucek gets a rest and can get some form back.

    He needs to change his way of thinking otherwise why spend all that money on players you don’t trust?

  • johnham1 says:

    Moyes failure to trust his squad and droonplayers who are notboerfirming has left the club in a perilous position. He has to be sacked now rather than in 6 weeks time. He was given 150m in the summer and imo he should not be given another penny. There is no point as he will still continue to play the likes of biwen and soucek who should gave been dropped months ago. Hus management has been horrendous and for me the club are taking a huge risk not sacking him now. When a player like Fornals is playing so much better than either Soucek or Bowen us left sitting on the bench its criminal and he has lost the respect of fans and players there is no question about that.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    It’s quite noticeable that regular bloggers, notably Hugh and you Dave , myself and several others, are hardening our attitudes towards DM and comments are far more direct and specific. I feel his goodwill amongst us supporters is very thin now, and he must have a long look at himself and change his whole approach quickly. I agree the core players are tired,, the fringe players demoralised, and he has not changed the system to suit the new big money signings. If he fails to address this I fear relegation is nailed on

  • Ben says:

    Whilst as a season ticket holder the football has not been up to scratch. I can’t stand these articles of armchair managers that imply “oh, if we’d just played Downes”, “give Mubama a go”, “if we played two up front we’d be fine” etc. Yes, DM is stubborn but we all forget about last season so quickly. Back the players, back the manager we have, the stadium is like a morgue most of the time. We just like to forget that when we were fighting relegation every season at Upton Park, we helped the players by actually supporting them!

    • johnham1 says:

      I dontboniw what you have been watching but the fans have been patient. It takes me over an hour to get to a game and the same on the way home so when as a fan you put that effort you deserve to see performances at the very least. The PL performances have been disgraceful for nearly a year now and its down to only person DM, he us stubborn, dated, negative and his worse trait of all he is bias and has double standards. He has to go and the sooner he is sacked 5he better for everyone.

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