Hernandez could price himself out of Hammers move

Javier-Hernandez-007Javier Hernandez could price himself out of a move back to the Premier League because of his wage demands.

Although the transfer fee is affordable his agents are thought to be asking for a wage deal of £140,000 per week basic plus performance related bonuses for their client to join the Hammers.

A deal at that level would smash the current wage structure at West Ham where the highest paid player, Andy Carroll earns a basic of £85,000 per week plus bonuses.

Hernandez left Manchester United in 2015 on wages of £80,000 per week and is thought to have matched those wages when he joined Bayer Leverkusen on a three-year contract.

Previous reports claim LA Galaxy offered him $15m (£11.5m) a year to tempt him to California as their marquee signing.  That offer if true would work out at an incredible £221,000 per week for the striker and is thought to be behind the high wage demands to other clubs.

While we must accept that a quality striker would earn £100,000 per week in today’s market, the price of £140,000 per week may be a step too far for the Hammers and upset other top players at West Ham who could demand comparable wages.

However, we are told the Hammers haven’t given up hope and are working to see if a compromise on wage demands can be reached. One option is a Dimi Payet type deal which had the potential to reach £125,000 per week but in reality never did! His basic stayed at £68,000 per week with an appearance fee of £25,000 per game, performance related bonuses relating to goals, assists, wins, league position, cup progression and qualifying for Europe or Champions League added significant incentives to bump up his wages.


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25 comments on “Hernandez could price himself out of Hammers move

  1. Basically…. he doesnt want to play for us, and who can blame him. I know you shouldnt believe everything you read in the press but it seems the communication between board and manager is shambolic, we’re a laughing stock.

  2. Article isn’t quite right- he might price himself out of a move to us but not the PL as we won’t pay the wages- others will if they want him. We would rather pay Carroll huge amounts for doing little. G&s statement about being top 6 in whatever period is clearly bull.

  3. Very strange that we won’t pay £125,000 per week to a player that we really need (ie striker) seeing that Sullivan claimed he offered Tevez £150,000 + bonuses:

    “So how much love is that for West Ham? I actually offered him £150,000-a-week to come back plus bonuses,” Sullivan added.

    We are a shambles.

    • Spot on doesn’t make sense they are also willing to pay £130k for Giroud supposedly. I’m not saying we should pay this but Kelechi would have been £50k. So if we want to go for big names they are going to cost money. We have clears over £150k in wages already and when Snod leaves be over £200k. Babacar is the striker I want but don’t think his club will part.
      Basically since they want a marquee striker you have to marquee money. We be better finding gems in small leagues. But Bilic doesn’t like that unless from his old club and doesn’t like youth players.

  4. Just pay it..im not usually one for caving to player demands, but if we want a top striker we have to pay for it. The fact he has such a low release clause should surely free up some extra funds for wages. I’d prefer to spend a bit much on a top player and have less for other transfers this window than end up with some cheap striker from Turkey no one’s ever heard of

    • Exactly, we need a top striker, so we need to pay the going rate.

      I wonder what wages Lacazette was going to ask for when we were apparently offering £40,000,000 for him last year.

  5. Loosely translated as ‘The Board uses C&H to inform fans they won’t pay for Hernandez’

  6. If it’s true that Carroll is injured yet again and won’t start the season, we should bite the bullet and buy him out of his contract, or sell him for whatever we can get.
    Being constantly unavailable, but such a huge drain on our salary resources makes no sense whatsoever. The same goes for Sakho.

    Our needs are pretty straightforward – strikers who stay fit and score goals. Sounds like Hernandez to me.

    Pay him what he wants. Simples.

  7. In some ways I would be for making a stand on this. The players, or at least their agents, are not fools. They know exactly what the clubs are getting with the increased TV money & they want most of that for their clients & themselves. We have already seen the clubs e.g. Bournemouth with Defoe coughing up. But of course if only one club makes a stand they will be heading to relegationsville. It is what is called a dilemma I believe.

    I don’t know the answer to it so I am not going to slag off the owners, who have to make a decision on it. We will end up paying more than we should for a striker or strikers- it is just a question of how much more ours can & will fork out. The answer to that will determine where we end up in May 2018. Crazy crazy world. I have a strange feeling- it is either heartburn or the beginnings of falling out of love with a game I have been passionate about for 60 years.

  8. You can’t stick to a top wage set 5 years ago before new tv deal

    Board need to realise if want top players they want good money

    150k a week is not the massive amount it was back when we signed Carroll

  9. If only sully had longer legs 🙂 he could reach the bottom of his pockets 🙂 I mean let’s face it we are in the top 15 richest clubs in Europe ( I think that’s right ? ) and we couldn’t attract a bee to an piece of pollen ( I think you need to advise rads what with the recent experiance 🙂 ) top six ? By 2197 according to the C&H almanac 🙂 🙂 . Well it makes people wonder what the true intentions of G&S really is , maybe its just a top ten team with the occasional cup every 30-40 years , personally I don’t give a monkeys because I’ve lived and breathed this club for many a year and will always support them whatever, its the bullshyte I can’t stomach from this brand crap and all the trimmings that go with it.
    I for one hope there’s a signing coming if not I’m going to invest a few quid in pampers 🙂

    • We are in top 15 but Close and we made more of a profit than any other premier league club from 2015/2016. We have the money just don’t get it they aren’t sound at business either.
      Feghouli will essentially go for free bc he had a 4.5m sign on Bonus and since they are pushing him out for a sale of that exact amount he want the other 3m they paid 1.5m. Can’t blame him they are selling a good player who wants to stay and is good on both wings something we need. Now we want his Algerian teammate Brahimi whos stats are almost the exact same but he will cost £15m plus.
      So basically not smart on the business aspect expect what feels their pockets and Bilic is no better

  10. I think we are all agreed that Hernandez demands are extortionate,but we have to pay that sort of money for a top striker.What worries me,AC aside is that we have just given new contracts to Ogbonna,Antonio,Obiang and soon Lanzini,I presume around £70,000 a week each,if we bring Hernandez in at £140,000 a week,how long will it be til our best players (above) become restless and decide to leave or do a “Payet”?

  11. The basic and undeniable truth is that players want far too much money for a weeks work .
    It started to get out of control from the first day television started dictating match times and dates . It’s been thirty years now with spiraling wages . Obviously there should be a wage cap and to do that you would need to involve the Government . The problem is Sport is somehow set apart , especially Football .
    Anyway , apart from that , the lack of ambition and spending is starting to stink of Selling Up . Nobody wants to buy a club with huge wage bills because the price would be too high . Once it is bought then it becomes another kettle of fish altogether . The owners are more proud of selling out there ticket allocation than they are about getting players .
    There are Americans , Arabs , Chinese and Russians queuing up to invest in a Club .
    We may not have heard of them but , they are out there , you can bet your balls on it .
    Sorry if that all sounds OTT but I can’t help suspecting that something is lurking in the background . Hope to hell my suspicions are groundless .

    • I get that feeling to something just seems off. And after Red Bull tried last year. Honestly if we got an Investor like Foshiri they wouldn’t hurt. Bit the statt if transfer window isn’t the best time. But who knows what going on seems somthimg other sources have speculated too

  12. I’ve just looked out of my window and the sky has NOT fallen in. I repeat the sky has NOT fallen in.

    Get a grip you lot, 7 days into a 60 day transfer window. Stop believing and reacting to every rumour and made up story you hear and read. Sullivan has said nothing on record. Sullivan never even said we were going for Nacho so to now blame him of saying Slav changed his mind at the last moment is a joke. Show me one direct quote from our board? This is how the fans wanted it, the board dealing without shouting about it but all that has done is created an internet mob that makes up stories and comments on fake news. I have no idea if all fans are the same as I don’t read rival fan blogs but our lot are becoming pretty embarrassing imo.

  13. Not bothered about the lack of signings but am getting really concerned about how Mystic Bradders has vanished 😀 Have the owners got him wrapped up in gaffa tape on a creaky old wooden chair at sully towers preventing him from leaking those news now exclusives? Come on Bradders where are you 😂😂

  14. Ive supported and loved west ham for over 30 years and they have always been the same. Its like asking your wife of 30 years ro lose weight and telling her she would look better with blonde hair. Nothing good is going to come out of it.we are who we are and we are not going to change unless some mad billionare takes over and my wifes staying the same unless i win the lottert.

    • Lol yeah pretty well says it all Gary.I think were safe today though,the drama queens mums have put their water wings on their arms & sat them in the paddling pool for the afternoon 😂😂

  15. Don’t worry everyone I have just seen on the official website Frankie Mac is back in town, so we will have our 20 goal a season striker afterall !

  16. Recent sources show Conte is now interested in Chicarito after losing out on Lukakubhe wouldn’t most likely be their main striker but him and Morata would make a great duo. So that might just knock us out the race anyways

  17. And another one bites the dust

  18. I’m not convinced Hernandez is worth £14,000 a week. Did somebody add the extra ‘0’ by mistake?

  19. We need to make a Decision we want a Marquee striker and they demand money he made £100k at Man United for his break out season as a super sub.
    And with Chelsea interested now it’s time to decide whether to match his demands or not.
    Otherwise we could loose Little Pea to Chelsea as a bit part role

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