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How Lopetegui can win over Hammers fans

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There has been much criticism of future West Ham manager Julen Lopetegui.

Much of the concern is based on his time at Wolverhampton Wanderers, while others worry about his record in promoting youth players. Concerns persist over the defensive nature of the Spaniard’s tactics, and, of course, the fact that he’s managed to fall out with the hierarchy at nearly every team he’s managed.

However, I’m convinced that a man of his experience will be well aware of these criticisms, as well as the petitions to block his appointment at both West Ham and AC Milan. Therefore, I expect him to come out fighting and, in some respects, try to prove people wrong, particularly those who he feels have an inaccurate opinion of him.

Personally, I think it will be relatively easy for him to change West Ham fans’ opinions with just a few simple moves:

1. Integrate a youngster into the first team squad: It doesn’t have to be a regular starter, but just someone who regularly appears from the bench and is seen to be given a chance. This will immediately dispel suggestions that he doesn’t care about the academy, giving hope to everyone in the development team.

2. Work with Steidten: Most West Ham fans I speak to were concerned with David Moyes‘ recent record in the transfer market, and Gianluca Scamacca’s recent form hasn’t helped matters. Most of the fanbase supports the idea of a director of football, and there’s a worry that Steidten will be ignored again.

3. Attack: Nobody is expecting an all-out assault, but there are reservations that Lopetegui’s style is overly cautious. If he starts the season playing in a way that excites the 60,000-seat stadium, he’ll be halfway there.

4. Substitutes and favourites: David Moyes had a tendency to select his favourite players regardless of form. If a player isn’t performing well, give someone else a chance to earn the shirt. Substitutions have also been a massive problem this season, both tactically and in terms of fatigued players.

5. Don’t mention the Red Bull model or win ratios at the unveiling: That kind of talk tends to follow one around.

Clearly, there’s far more to it than just these simple points, but these steps, if done quickly, will put many fans’ minds at ease including my own.

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  • Terence says:

    Perhaps he could win over West Ham fans by winning a European Trophy and several seasons qualifying for Europe and being in the top 6/7? Oh hang on a moment….

    • JB15 says:

      Should Di Mateo still be in charge of Chelsea because he won a Champions League for Chelsea? Perhaps Nigel Adkins should still be in charge of Southampton for taking them up from League one?

      We’ve been garbage in the league for two years now and are getting progressively worse. Winning the conference league doesn’t buy Moyes the ability to refuse to build a squad, to be defensively awful and to play dreadful football.

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      No doubt a Tottenham or arsenal supporter. Don’t worry about west ham . Leave that to our supporters.

  • ResultsMatter says:

    I’ll be happy if he can get West Ham not to lose games 5-0.

  • Dave says:

    Just go on the front foot against allegedly inferior teams, we tend to accept we can’t out football Man City but we can out football Sheffield Utd

  • dorsetdano says:

    I’ll be happy if the players look like they are happy to play for him and they show that they can play more than one formation in a match successfully.

  • Lee says:

    Just anything than that boring 10 men behind the ball tactics please.

  • Bonzo says:

    Let’s hope so Gonzo. Not sure he will be too keen on promoting the youth team players though until he knows what he’s got in his first team. The youngster will most likely have to be better than an international player in the same position to make a breakthrough. Lopetegui should know a player when he sees one having played for Barcelona and Real Madrid so if he does play a youngster hopefully it means they’re going to make it.

  • Paul says:

    Look how Liverpool integrate Academy players. They’ve got 5 or 6 currently come thru. What’s so difficult. Klopp gives them a chance to shine

    • Brian says:

      Whilst I understand your premise
      Who are these Liverpool Academy players?
      Harvey Elliot bought from Fulham
      Connor Bradley & Kelleher bought from Ireland

      OK, Curtis Jones Jarrell Quansah but they are exceptions

      Klopp has given a few appearances in League Cup/Europe to a few youngsters, but vast majority of appearances are verterans, usually bought in from elsewhere.

      • dorsetdano says:

        He gave Trent AA his Prem debut as a 17 year old. How many Prem debuts has Moyes given in 4 years to home grown youngsters. I can only think of 3. Klopp played at least 4 in the League Cup final this year, all were under 20 and I’m pretty sure Elliott was the only one bought in recently!

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Simple play good football, then maybe we might get 70 percent of the ball,?

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