Young Gun Ajala Deserves West Ham Shot

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With David Moyes set to leave West Ham, the remaining games offer a chance to showcase a future star: Josh Ajala.

This season’s struggles can’t be erased, but Moyes can leave a positive mark by giving Ajala a first-team debut. The 17-year-old striker’s recent U18 hat-trick underlines his scoring potential (14 goals in 23 games).

West Ham‘s European hopes are scuppered, and with no threat of relegation this leaves the final fixtures pressure-free. Surely this is the perfect time to integrate a promising youngster. Ajala’s experience at U21 level suggests he’s ready for the challenge.

Beyond Ajala’s development, a debut would excite fans. Witnessing a homegrown talent like Ajala could lift spirits after a slump. More importantly, Moyes could be remembered as the manager who unearthed a gem, not just for overseeing a boring mid-table finish.

As it is his last game at the London Stadium, this is an opportunity for a positive send-off for Moyes, leaving a lasting impression on the club and fans. It’s a win-win for Ajala’s development and fan morale.

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  • Andrew says:

    So it’ll be one up Antonio, and Ings on as a subs in the 89th minute then …..

  • Jimbo says:

    I think you guys totally fail to realise how tough it is to make the transition from U21 to first team football, let alone U18 to first team.

    I appreciate the sentiment here but the harsh reality it that coaches/managers usually know when someone is ready and also have a duty of care in case it goes horribly wrong and the player struggles to cope. Odubeko for example.

    Appreciate people have wanted to see the kids used more from the bench and I agree there have been plenty of situation where Moyes could’ve done that. But overall his record with knowing when to bring youth through vs letting them go isn’t too bad. Not many have left and ripped it up elsewhere

  • The Demon says:

    Strange that other teams in the EPL can just drop their youth products in and they perform perfectly well – Liverpool, City, etc.

    Ours would seem to be better – they’re ‘best in group’ – but either get no chance because of the over thirties in front of them or the transition isn’t easy because they’d be moving from an attacking, winning U21/18 side to the defensive minded mess of the first team.

    • Gary says:

      I agree, we will never know if they are going to be good enough unless they get a chance in a proper league match, with a full stadium against other premier league pro’s

  • Dave says:

    We all know this will not happen

    • Rainham Hammer says:

      We should let Moyes ha e the Luton game then put him on gardening leave. Let Nolan pick a team for the City game and see if he would do things any different

  • Ian says:

    ¹please don’t use the last 2 games. as. shop. window. for any. of. the. youngsters now. so the board can make a few BOB. before the. New. Manager has a good chance to assess them. !!!

    • Brian says:

      Don’t you think top clubs are already aware of the young talent at other clubs through there scouting system hence Liverpool picking up Harvey Elliott from Fulham

  • Ian says:

    If. l could believe everything was done. above board MR. LEYLAND. l could remind. you of. another youngster. who. got his. Debut in. the. Top division for W.H.. at. the tender. age of 17.
    and. that was BOBBY MOORE. to prove the point. that. if he’s talented. enough he’s old enough , BUT MY FIRST COMMENT. STILL STANDS .

  • Ian says:

    I could add. that GEOFF HURST was 18. and . MARTIN PETERS. also which. proves the point
    you measure a youngster by their talent. NOT. their age .. what. is necessary is appropriate. Care. and. attention. for. them. based on mutual respect.

  • Ian says:

    I’m sure you’re. right. Brian. but it would. not. deter W.H. board. from. widening any sale. opportunity , don’t you. think?

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