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How we rated the Hammers v Spurs

Mark-Noble-640914Hart: Little chance with the goals but in general terms is he really better than Adrian ? 5

Zabaleta; Always a good performance from him and no difference today 7

Reid: Calm for most of the performance and can’t be blamed for any of the goals 6

Ogbonna: Neat and tidy but like the rest stretched during Tottenham’s hot periods 5

Fonte: No complaints and tried to make progress from the back on several occasions 5

Cresswell: Yet another average game from the left back – we’ve come to expect far more 5

Noble: Very good return to action – competitive and some good passing 7

Kouyate: Quiet game until this thunderous headed second goal 5

Antonio: Bags of energy as ever and his absence after injury changed the game 6

Arnautovic: Great energy and caused some serious problems early on 7

Chicharito: Grabbed his third goal of the season and always a big threat as we battled back 7


Carroll: Gave away the first, shoved in the back and should have been given a pen but really not at his best 4

Masuaku: Outstanding when he came on and set up Kouyate’s goal with a magnificent cross 7

Ayew Much the same as ever -much running around but little impact 4


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on “How we rated the Hammers v Spurs

  1. Agree w ratings and is a Hart really better then Adrian for me what he will cost weekly and transfer fee next summer No.
    But Chic was all over and Masuaku showed great as a sub glad we didn’t give up stayed in the game. Zab looked class like always Marko wished he would have taken chance earlier in first half with getting in box good few times looked our creator in first.
    Just glad to see some goals and def arguments on Spuds 1st offside and AC push PEN.
    Need to press we look so much better when we do

  2. Loved the fight in Hernandez today, he might be new to the club but he knew all about West Ham v Spurs. Zaba, too, was a warrior. The problem is the thinking behind the substitution: we took off arguably our quickest and most mobile player and replaced him with one of the slowest, least mobile players. We went from lovely quick, one touch passing to slow, laboured long balls. And it allowed them into the game. Carroll was awful today and he makes other players worse. Arnautovic, who looks like a great signing for us, plays on the floor. He was shut out the game after Carroll came on. Slav needs to realise that Carroll is an impact sub for the last 20 mins. He’s plan b/c. We have players like Arnie, Antonio, Hernandez, Lanzini and Sakho, all of whom can play fantastic football, but their talents are sacrificed in order to accommodate Carroll and the team suffers. After 3 years, how can Bilic not see this?

    Yes. tottscum have a better team with more depth. Yes they were clinical (however, 2 goals on their first two attempts, 100% conversion, come on…), and they were dirty when needed. And yes, we gifted the first two with a mix of lack of concentration and lack of recovery speed (Fonte got caught out of place on both goals).

    That said, there were THREE penalties, none awarded. Two by Aurier (who should have been dismissed much earlier, he is a brute) and the one on Caroll (Southampton got one against us for much less in the last minute). Even if the Ref could not see the shirt pulling on Arnautovic, Aurier swinging his arm was blatant blatant blatant. Yet, remember this is Oliver, a ref who the commentators said they were impressed with the “quality” of his job. Well I was not. too many small errors adding up which make the scale go against West Ham, as usual (the free kick that led to the third goal wasn’t one, Fonte did not even foul the opponent).

    As to the ratings, four bags :

    1- Players who did not influence the game : Cresswell (will he ever recover?), Ayew (useless)
    Hart (did not seem to really command his defence, distribution average, no better than Adrian), Carroll (probably still short of rhythm, his attempts on goal were laughable)

    2- Players who were very average but redeemed themselves : Kouyate (nothing to mention up to the hammered header), Fonte (got mugged on first two goals, very nice deviation for the first goal).

    3- Players who did all right, without being exceptional : Zaba (the best of the lot), Chicharito (second best of the lot), Arnautovic (still hoping he brings more), Masuaku (good offensively, still questionable defending), Reid and Ogdonna, Noble (nothing spectacular though, I won’t do a somersault after his performance).

    Would things have been different with Antonio and Lansing on the pitch ? Probably, but we won’t know, because we also missed Obiang That said, I would have brought Sakho on instead of carroll. He would have given many more headaches to the defence than Carroll, who is obviously still not there, plus gave away the ball that killed us and was very static versus Vertonghen (ended up in their second)

    We will have to see what happens with Antonio, if he is out next week, get Holland going. We need more pace and creativity. As for the back, nothing new. We will need to incorporate a player with focus and speed to tighten the screws. If not, those goals are going to continue to come….

  4. Oh, and the fourth bag was for Antonio, who cannot be rated because of his quick injury. Pity because that unbalanced us, reopening the debate about Carroll’s presence (gave away two possessions which ended in 2 goals in four minutes).

  5. Noble 7? I must have watched a different game I thought he was terrible a 4 at most. Drop him now.

    • Roy … you and I watched the same game … he was the worse player on the pitch by a million miles . Slow , cumbersome , tactically unaware ane a complete waste of a shirt . Getting to the stage where the only hope is that he gets a long term injury cos Bilic seems to think loyalty is more important than talent … COYI

  6. So you wish a serious injury on our club captain do you? We’re used to you banging on about him and calling him insulting names but you have now reached a new low. To wish harm on one of our own players is despicable. You truly are a contemptible half wit.

  7. Cressie was very poor I’m afraid. Limited going forward which is a real issue if we are playing a back three, and poor defensively. At least Arthur ran with the ball when he came on, instead of playing that same left footed pass inside and backwards. Other than the header, Koyuote was off the pace too. Nobes battled and won his fair share of balls, but he remains ponderous. However as Mooro says above, there is no excuse for some of the comments being made towards him. Agree AC mark as he offered little, but the service was shocking. Arnautovic needs to start looking up more and his marking looks generous. Ayew – I dispair!
    Overall we were OK for 30 minutes, lost our balance totally for the next 30 and then did OK against ten. But when you are 3-2 down against ten, why were we passing along the back line still? Only Arthur was prepared to run and try to get in behind the spuds to play a telling ball.

  8. A truly truly awful performance.I can’t believe anyone thinks we deserved something out of this game . As for the manager bringing on another left back when the opposition are down to ten men is beyond me,why ? If your current left back can’t make a chance against ten men then he shouldn’t be playing at this level.
    Watch the game again and all we were was huff and puff,with one decent cross all game from open play.Our defence is so slow in responding to any attack we are always likely to concede. Watch the analysis and you can see there is no effort to get back and make amends for any errors,the only defender who does is Zabalata .But his efforts too always seem in vain .Fonte and Cresswell the worst culprits. Fonte for the 2nd goal just ambles back giving up far to soon.The body language and mindset this displays to the team from a senior player is outrageous.
    The same negative attitude came from Carroll,after he gave Tottenham the first goal with a panic pass to Eicksen his lack of effort from Hart’s clearance gave Spurs the onus and they duly scored.
    BIlic’s substitions we negative too. Taking off Arnautovic,probably our best outlet for an attack was wrong. We had just scored and a feint hope emerged. Ayew probably should have come on for Antonio,but we should of gone to a back 4 with Ayew playing wide in a 4-2-3-1 with Fonte going to the bench.
    As for Masuaku coming on after the sending off is pathetic tactics.Two left backs against ten men is outrageous, if we have to do this to create a chance we are in real trouble. Yes he put in a great cross for Kouyate’s late header but he lost the ball countless times and didn’t put in another effective cross.
    Sakho must wonder what he has to do when he sees a left back come on instead of him,especially as he scored in midweek,another trip to France beckons I feel.
    Reid is not the defender he was,injuries seem to have affected his all round game. Ogbonna was not tight enough when Aurier crossed following Kane’s free kick,a lack of effort and nous to shut the ball down. We seem to be lacking an all round knowledge of what to do in tight situations,a lack of confidence and will.
    As for the penalty appeals I feel we are clutching at straws. Carroll just threw himself into the air hoping for something to happen.

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