How we rated the Irons

Kouyate_3191406Adrian: No chance with either goal and made some outstanding saves 7

Tomkins: Steady Eddie display again – made the position his own this season 7

Collins: Still performing great and overcame what looked like a nasty knock 7

Ogbonna: Very good performance again – Winston is finding life tough! 7

Cresswell: Spent most f the afternoon defending for a change – did ok 7

Noble: Sub standard and lost possession a couple of times which led to dangerous situations 5

Kouyate: All action high energy stuff and but for a couple of great saves would have bagged a brace 8

Obiang: Continues his strong form but taken off at the interval for the more goal threatening Jelavic 7

Antonio: Usual high energy display but as elsewhere no end product 6

Payet: Off colour by his own very high standards and it showed across the team 6

Valencia: He’s Marmite – you do or you don’t. Worked hard trying to make things happen 6

Subs: Jenkinson Looked livelier than he has done for some time 6

Jelavic Grabbed a goal – worked hard, no complaints 6


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9 comments on “How we rated the Irons

  1. you have given 7 players a mark of 7 or higher? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We lost and were outplayed. Not quite sure therefore how you can give so many 7’s and even an 8. That is just mental.

    Thought Kouyate had a very poor game. No more than a 5 out of 10.

    Jelavic may have only been on for 45 minutes, but he was by far our best player today.

    Worse player on the pitch however was Valencia. Everyone of his touches was awful. He offered nothing. 3 out of 10 for him.

    Noble has to cut out all the 360 spins. Keeps given the ball away and for the 2nd game in a row, he was responsible for us going a game today. 5 out of 10.

    (all in my humble opinion of course, don’t get to upset Hugh)

  2. I thought Collins was a little at fault for the second goal. I think he was still shaking off the knock and didn’t track back quick enough to be in a position to cut out the cross. Competition is great but if players get a knock it makes them reluctant to come off and I think that cost us today.

  3. Payet, Antonio and Valencia all disappointing. Not more than a 5. Noble missed a pass but still worked hard and did not make any mistakes in the second half. Moses brought nothing. Kouyate had a horrendous first half. 6. Obiang did not do his defensive job, at fault for the firs goal.

    And I think Bilic got one thing wrong : no man marking on Shelvey. He got the two cutting passes that ended in goals, and might have scored a couple himself on long range shots. Why not ask Kouyate to mark him ? Shelley is a brute with a short fuse. If you don’t let him do what he wants, he loses it.

  4. Not sure what game you were watching Hugh, but it couldn’t have been the same as me!

    Highest I would have given anyone would have been a 6 and that was Jelavic.

    Adrian – Not at his best, and handling is less confident over the last few games. 5
    Tomkins – Never going to offer anything going forwards and all too often today was dragged inside. 5
    Collins – Looked at though he took a knock early on and never looked comfortable with players running at us. Time for a rest and Reid to return next week. 5
    Ogbonna – Never looked comfortable. 5
    Creswell – Our left was clearly targeted by Newcastle and without the support he needed was often left exposed. Didn’t offer much except a couple of good crosses going forwards. 5
    Noble – Too slow in possession, not up to it defensively, gave the ball away in key positions. 4
    Obiang – Part of a midfield which was over-run for large parts of the game but by no means the worst performer. 5
    Kouyate – Part of a midfield which was over-run for large parts of the game but did have a couple of chances. 5
    Antonio – Put the effort in but no end product. 5
    Payet – Very disappointing by recent standards.
    Valencia – Unable to control the ball, cannot play in the central strikers role alone. 3
    Jenkinson – Offered us an outlet going forwards and looked more interested than in recent appearances. 5
    Moses – No time to really make an impression. 4

    We have started slowly in the last few games and once Newcastle took their chances it was clear there was not going to be a way back. Need to start with Jelavic against City next week.

    • “Highest I would have given anyone would have been a 6 and that was Jelavic.”

      100% Agree.

      Outplayed for the whole game, lost. Should have lost by more. Yet he gives 7 players a 7. One even an 8.


  5. 2 out of 10 for Bilic. Since we needed to chase the game second half, Noble should have made way instead of Obiang. Obiang plays with more urgency and makes forward passes unlike Noble who after taking the steam out of our forward momentum with his 360 degree turns, passes the ball sideways or backwards. You never chase a game like that.


  6. Have to agree with most guys above. Noble was really poor. Bottled challenges and was caught out on basic deception. Should have gone off instead of Obiang who actually looked useful at times. Collins and Ogbonna looked dubious today, with the latter improving a bit in the second half. Lacked a cutting edge. It was like watching an Allardyce team at times, one dimensional and not creative.

    Was disappointed in Payet. Been looking forward to seeing this guy play and seen great stuff and read great stuff about him and today he was ordinary. Maybe he should have been a supersub instead.

    Platers kept trying to feed Tomkins like hrs a right back and today he showed clearly he isn’t.

    We were lucky nit to get proper turned over, they had so many chances. Another team would have destroyed us. Need to start brighter.

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