Iheancho update

IheanachoManchester City are set to hold out for a £25 million minimum fee for Hammers target Kelechi Iheanacho.

The City academy product is the more likely permanent arrival than Chelsea’s Chelsea’s Michy Batshuayi at this stage with the striker position at Stamford Bridge remaining confused.

Iheanacho signed a new contract signed last year, the club are in a strong position to insist on their valuation.

The 20 year old Nigerian agreed a deal with the club until 2021 but that City are ready to sell is isn’t really in doubt. They are set to spend around £300 million in the transfer market this season and the striker is surplus to requirements with such an abundance of talent available.

The Hammers are more focused on getting into serious talks with City at this stage as the situation over Batshuayi remains confused with Diego Costa set to leave Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea , the champions’ own transfer plans up front remain in “limbo” but the Hammers will revisit the Batshuyai situation when the picture becomes clearer.

In the meantime the club remains in talks with agents as they bid to make progress on the Iheanacho transfer with Oliver Gioud also very live.

We were told: “It’s all about strikers this summer – nothing else apart from a right sided quick midfielder. We are talking every day and Iheancho is a serious target.”



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26 comments on “Iheancho update

  1. So Adama Traore, Olivier Giroud and Kelechi Iheanacho…
    If we get Traore, it’s certain either Feghouli or Snodgrass will leave.

    Front 4: Antonio lanzini Traore with Giroud up front.
    Subs: iheanacho, Carroll, Feghouli, Ayew.

    Not bad in all fairness!

  2. Iheancho will only move if he becomes no.1 striker. He both wants and needs playing time.
    The news is constantly discussing high profile strikers with the suggestion that we are after two. Can we really say that if we get two we will play both? I know the game nowadays is all about the squad, but a highly rated striker will not come to sit on the bench.

    Speaking of players who rarely get time on the pitch, Benchuayi can stay where he is. I’d much rather have Iheanacho.

  3. just pay the money and get the deal done ffs

  4. For God’s sake. Stop the talk and JUST BUY HIM. NOW!

  5. Agree that we should just buy him. That price is completely fine in my eyes.

    Also the comment about a quick right sided mid confuses the hell out of me. We have two, antonio and fegs, plus slow snodgrass. And enner returns. Surely we need someone for the left instead? We’ve not really got anyone who I’d prefer there. Don’t like lanzini being fixed in that position at all. He should be free to roam.

    • Lanzini and Ayew can play left… and Antonio can play left as well.
      He might even stick Masuaku on left wing.. with Cresswell behind.

  6. Its fine saying ffs just buy him but have you factored in the fact he might not want to join us lol.You all make it sound so easy.Im not saying dont go for these players but you need to wake up and realise we are not as great a proposition to these players as we think we are.We were a team in the bottom half of the table for most the season,where the appeal for these players.
    Its all good shouting about buying them but we cant if they dont want to come to us!

  7. Is it just me or does anyone else feel the board are more interested in how much they can sell him on for rather than what he can bring to the team?

  8. Why would you pay 45million for two players who are simply no where good enough to move us into the top 6. We are a laughing stock and will continue to be. Iheancho has been tried at premier league and has simply not shown he is good enough. A loan to buy is the correct option but to spend 25m on a player who has been given chances and not taken them is madness, We have Andy Carroll on the payroll – why would we b another frontman with no pace. We need fast pacey attackers to suit our playing style and to suit the Olympic Stadium. If we are looking at these players and are prepared to spend 45m, I would much prefer to spend it on Bats or Martial and this young Nigerian striker.

  9. Leicester have gone out quietly this week & brought in Maguire, who a few people on here said we should go for. This is not the start of a ‘the owners are clowns’ rant & it could be Foxes websites have been full of speculation for a month, but as a club we do seem to find this whole transfer business very difficult. Stan is right that it is complicated & we are not the greatest attraction for young ambitious players. But…With everything being driven by money in the PL maybe we just don’t have enough of it!

    The ideal of course is to blood your own, but I have been having a look at the U20 World Cup & the U21 Euros. Doesn’t seem to be a Hammer in either England squad. Hoping for something from Burke, Oxford, Martinez but still a bit early maybe?

    • 17 mill for Maguire is madness imo 64.It just shows how crazy the market has gone these days.Im become a youngish sceptic when it comes to football.I hate the way we fans go mental just because we aint spending 30 or 40 mill on a player or if you dont spend 60 or 70 mill in a window it is shyte & the owners are skin flints.im starting to not enjoy football like i used to i must admit 😥
      I love wathcing us but i hate how football just aint a sport anymore in many respects.
      See im doing my best to join your Grumpy Tits Society 😂😂

      • I actually think 17m for Maguire is money very well spent. I think he has proven himself in the premier league. I would have been delighted if we had signed him. I have real reservations on who we are being linked with – extremely worrying times for the season ahead. We need a centre back, a playmaker like Sigurdson, a left sided wide player like Traore young Chelsea player and two forwards (Bats and the Nigerian lad). I am happy then and if we bring Joe Hart in on loan then great.

        • Lol yeah im sure you would have been delghted Johnham thats because you are a wind up who wants no one others rate but then wants players others think are shyte.You aint going to get me too bite 😂😂

  10. Go for it Johnham keep up the Ihaenacho isnt good enough for the prem line.You will find someone who believes you eventually…well maybe 😁
    Time to wake up lads,we aint a great proposition as Stanley says.I want Aguero,ffs just go and sign him & stop all this talk.Actually what talk??? I have seen the press giving it loads of bunny about us & signings but no one at the club apart from ITKs who dont even know what shoe goes on which foot in most cases.
    Just ignore the media & you will stop believeing we are slow at signing players.How many have the likes of Stoke,WBA,Palace,Saints signed who were in that midtable group with us last season.2 of them aint even got a manager yet let alone new signings.
    You lot have got no patience 😂😂

    • I don’t think you follow me fully, my point is that he has not proven himself to be worth a 25m investment. For that sort of money you need to be guaranteeing goals. I don’t see it from his performances to date that he is going to do this. Put it this way who is the better footballer Sakho or Ineacho – for me everyday when fit it is Sakho. Lets take him on loan and if City say no then lets move on and take a punt on a young player like this Nigerian lad and put the 25m into a bid for Bats.

  11. What a bunch of clueless blokes you are

    Just pay the money as if thats all you have to do.

    You were in all probability the same fans who thought we would get relegated but now think we only have to click our fingers and Nacho Bats or Martial will come a running.

    Dream on

  12. Why do the two Dave’s have to eak out every last penny out of a deal. Just buy the guy, get in a new central defender, find a creative midfielder that can actually pass forward and sign Hart. It can’t that difficult David’s!!! Look at it this way, you have now got the club for free following the sale of the ground and Payet and managed to pull off the stadium deal of the century. It is clear that you are priming the club for a big all profit sale in the not too distant future, so spend a few bob of the TV money and maybe someone who is prepared to invest properly in the club with grease your sweaty palms.

    Do a few deals now to give Bilic time to get them bedded in and maybe we will have a better chance of not looking like the shambles we did for most of last season.

  13. You are showing a lot of promise as a potential grump Radai old son. Regarding Maguire I agree the fee is crazy & you make a good point about how few big transfers have been made by sides that are on our level. I did say ‘some’ were demanding we buy Maguire. I would have been pretty cheesed off if we had spent more than £10m.

    Also, having lived through the Icelandic splurge on players bought with other people’s money I don’t want a repeat. I’m no financial expert but it does look as if the Daves have enough dosh to keep us in the PL. Not enough for those fans who dream of us being in the CL, but that doesn’t matter much to me anyway. Solid premiership with the odd cup run plus some nice football & the occasional star transfer like that French git we had once- that’ll do me fine. See I am quite a serene old s** really on a good day.

  14. Yes the market has gone crazy when you pay 17mil for a relegated defender. But the bigger concern for me is having buying another right sided midfielder when we already have three! Traore is an improvement on both Snodgrass and Feghouli despite his inability to defend and he has big potential, but we need numbers on the left not the right. We currently have 1 player who is a natural LW in the first team in Ayew and he didnt play a single game there all season. So Bilic doesnt rate him there at all. So why spend more money on the right unless both Snodgrass and Feghouli are going.
    If we dont buy for the left then i’m worried we’ll draft in Lanzini who is absolute quality and while he can play in almost any AM role he is wasted on the left and an absolute handful in the centre for any defence.

  15. Peelos, you did make me laugh. “JUST buy Iheancho, a centre half, an attacking midfielder and Joe Hart. It can’t be that hard”. Course it ain’t mate. pmsl.

    • Lol, mooro66, I know it’s not easy but their haggling style makes it all the harder. We have also bought or taken on loan some shockers over the years. It seems to me the manner in which the club does business at times makes it harder to attract the real talent.

  16. Talking to city fans they say this guy can score goals by being in the right place at the right time but when it comes to him running with the ball or taking people on he is pretty shocking, I havnt seen much of him really so only what I hear but with the style of play bilic plays a player who is quick and can run at defenders is what we need

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