Irons offered Collins as bait in Green bid

West Ham made a late bid to grab Rob Green in time for today’s game using James Collins as ‘bait.’
It wasn’t until the middle of the week that the Irons decided to make a move on their former goalkeeper but Queens Park Rangers “kept changing their mind” on what they wanted for the keeper.
Green has a year left on his Rangers deal and although the Irons had initally decided to stay with their current goalkeeping options, eventually decided to talk with Rangers.
ClaretandHugh was told exclusively: “The trouble was we couldn’t nail Rangers down – they kept changing their minds.
“Finally we offered James Collins as part of the deal on a subsidised loan deal but the player didn’t want to leave Upton Park.”

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13 comments on “Irons offered Collins as bait in Green bid

  1. Why would you want to loan out Collins ,,, crazy talk and a crazy idea . Collins deserves to stay at Upton Park .. Very reliable , strong and clever defender . We are going to need him this season in the Prem & , if , West Ham want any silverware .

  2. West Ham 0 – 2 Bournemouth 1/2 time … WHAT .. A load of Bollox . We would have heard Allardyce out by now ,, But not a word against Bilic .. STRANGE .
    Too early to say Bilc out ? ,, don’t know , but two straight **** poor performance’s at Home is not a Great Start for a Cult Heroe .
    Can’t see much of a system , apart from a kick it and see ,, Don’t understand why Cresswell wasn’t taken off after his second cock-up .
    Maybe the need for a striker is being pre-emptied for the need of a stronger midfield and defense .. It is all leaving me bewildered . Bilic at the moment looks clueless ,,

  3. Clueless Hammers … Why do so many teams break records against West Ham .
    A sad , bad day for the fans . But , Well Done Bournemouth .
    BILIC OUT :: Absolutely .
    Alan Pardew should have been approached , but the David’s and thier Big Heads didn’t even consider it .
    Those two games at home against Liecester & Bournemouth should never have been lost.
    They should have been bankers . BUT BILIC IS CLUELESS . Time to wake up you Irons
    And demand a manager change now .. .. We played Championship Football today ,, and still lost . .. Why the Fu@k was Nolan playing . WHY Didn’t Cresswell get taken off ..
    Big Sam must be Creaming in his fist as he looks at the Wonderful cult heroe Bilic .
    I have lost all confidence in BILIC . Any wins from here on in are a bonus . If we survive this season in the Premiership ,,,, we must Most Definately search for a Football Manager .
    We used to have one ,,, if you remember .

    • Kevin I’m going to put this one way!! It’s fans like you that make me ****ing sick.. Today is a bad result and yes Bilic got it totally wrong but if you were actually there and saw the sub standard ****ing bench of has beens, overpaid dross that we’ve got to call on thanks in part to this so called Manager you spout about ? Maybe instead of back slapping him at every ****ing opportunity when bad results happen maybe have a think about the total amount of deadwood and **** he left that no other ****er wants before you say anything. Yes Bilic ain’t started well, yes he’s made mistakes but I’ll have a bet with you that he’ll hold his hands and say it unlike that fat turd

      • Blimey,you said what i was thinking but couldnt put in those terms.Thanks GW 😉

        • This is the same Kevin who spouted that the fat money grabbing turd was the only option, I’m ****ed off as the next fan after witnessing that today.. If you want to throw some blame Kevin other than at Bilic, look at that waste of 2 million loan fee in Jenkinson or the 50k a week colluses of a 33 year old or maybe just don’t bother saying anything Kevin, you say you supported the club for years? If you did you’ll remember seeing worse than this and if you are a long time fan support the ****ing club instead of constantly ****ing attacking it..

  4. & just as i mentioned hissy fits & tantrums here we have one.BILIC OUT???? You are a disgrace Kevin!!!!

  5. Please stop acting like a moron Kevin.Thankyou.

  6. Christ i thought Bobby on Wetpants talked some rubbish but Kevin is definately up with him.

    • Kevin would you kindly f*** off, three games & you start all this Bilic out b****x, you really are a tool. You’re an embarrassment & that fat ****er has done what he did every where he has been & over loads the club with sh*t no one wants. Shut up & give Bilic time..

  7. Kevin,im really sorry,many times i have thought you speak out of your rear end but said nothing.But this time you ave really taken the biscuit.In fact i would go as far as to say im embarressed to think you are a Weat Ham fan the same as the rest of us.Just a rant for rants sake.If you cant say anything useful pls belt up!!!

  8. Is this Kevin guy for real???? Incredible comments from him.Insane!

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