Irons summer wages pot boosted by departures

£2 million available from Jenks departure

£2 million available from Jenks departure


West Ham are sitting on a fresh £7 million wage pot after the departure of loaned players from the season.

The club have seen Carl Jenkinson (£2 million in loan fee and wages) return to Arsenal following injury and others who will now be on their way back plus one who will be released will give the club  further £5 million.

Alex Song’s wage and loan fee of £2 million is available along with £1.5 million for Victor Moses and a further £1.5 for Emmanuel Emineke.

Victor Moses

Victor Moses

On top of that the club will allow Joey O’Brien to leave which will add another £1 million to the cash available for new players.

With the club now actively looking to offload Enner Valencia for around £12 million to China and with a further £1.2 million windfall from Middlesbrough’s promotion following the transfer of Stewart Downing, the summer outlook is set fair.

It means that if the club get the price they want for Valencia, the manager will have around £20 million at his disposal before the club touch any of the TV money.

ClaretandHugh was told this morning: “We have our plans in place and clearly there is a chink of money available from the departure of the loanees immediately.”


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19 comments on “Irons summer wages pot boosted by departures

  1. pity about Valencia; if only he had the drive to succeed to go with his obvious talents.

  2. Would I be correct in thinking that we still have to shell out for Lanzini?

  3. Do you think we could trick Real Madrid into paying £50m for Diego Poyet? – Just a thought 

    • haha… cunning idea Morty… we should ask Poyet to change his name to Dimitri… I advice G&S the formula of advance payment, you never know… 😀

      • I think this would have to be a job for Wetpants Matte,only their sharp minds,high IQ & superior knowledge of the transfer market could pull this one off,lol 😀

        • hahah… those old wet foxes are smarter than Mino Raiola and Jorge Mendes combined… lol 😀

  4. The 1.2 million for downngs promotion with boro and a optimistic valuation on valencia is money in the bag, the loan fees weve spent to get song and co in is spent, theyve been with us a year and weve paid the loan fee and their wages , so wouldnt that mean we would only have their wages off the payroll? …which would be signicantly lower than 5million …please correct me if im wrong! Lol ….

    • Yeah not too sure why they mention the loan fees…

      £5m is less than £100k a week so for three players is probably about right though.

      • Most loans are not all paid up front are they,we were reportedly paying £185k a week for Moses with all things put together.Clearly that is now discontinued so yes we do have a surplus £185k a week if Moses has gone,same with the other loan players.Loans are often structured to be paid over the whole season so in many ways they are almost like paying a weekly wage when everything is tied in together which is now freed up 🙂

        • We were paying 185k a week for Moses?! Wow that’s a lot of money for 2 goals 🙂

          • What I believe Hugh is referring to is budgets. To loan Song, Moses and Emineke, we had to pay a loan fee and to have retained them on loan next season, we would have to pay at least that same amount. So, by releasing them, that loan fee is available to be used on new players wages. At least that is my reading of the situation.

          • Yeah there was article on here that said his deal worked out at about 185k a week.That was money well spent haha

        • F****** hell! Lol …lot of money …-OT….reece oxford has meant to have rejected a new cntract because hes not happy with playing time……like hes going to get more time at arsenal, city or utd…..

  5. OT (lol)… I noticed some minutes ago that there’s a poll on Premier League official site site “Which team is most likely to finish in the top four next season?” You can vote: West Ham, Swansea, Southampton, Everton and Stoke.
    West Ham are winning by a mile, 60% of the votes… it doesn’t matter, but it’s a signal that our credibility is growing very rapidly. Thanks Slav. 😉

  6. Fair call Matte me friend.Some form of recognition is due to us this season,the way I see it meself anyway.Having said that mind we would feel if we finishes below Stoke,Swansea,Everton next season we have gone backwards.Only me own opinion before I gets put in me place again by Muckspreader or Moonraker,whatever his name is.

  7. A further revenue stream could be to charge Hodgson for his seat at the OS next season as it is obvious he only watches opposition players

    • Just stick a cardboard cut out of him in the seat,it will take as much notice of our players as the living,breathing Owl himself 😉

  8. You are such a hypocrite Cpt Jack.

    You mocked me, labelled me a glory hunter, etc etc , and you publicly bemoaned the future of our great club because of the new “want more” breed of supporters like me ( as if you know how long l have been a hammer). You are the one who “put me in my place” for expressing my opinion, and now you want to play the victim. That is hypocritical.

    What is more, its funny how after putting me down for “wanting more”, you were expressing dissatisfaction with our strikers in your very next post. Such a hypocite.

  9. Oh stop sounding like such a girlie Muck,i read what he wrote,he wasn’t mocking you,didint see anything he said that even mentioned you specifically.Take your dummy out of your mouth & lighten up.Where did he say ‘Muck is just a glory hunter’ 😉

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