Irons take edge over Spurs on striker



West Ham have moved in front of Spurs as the battle for Michy Batshuayi rumbles on towards the opening of the tranfer window.

The Belgian international striker – having made it clear he is leaning towards a Premier League move – is concerned about penning a long term White Hart Lane deal.

He believes he’s likely to be used as a back up to Harry Kane and see West Ham and possibly interested Liverpool as better options.

Marseilles are believed to want a €40m fee and that saw the Irons cool on the player but news that they may have a real chance – given the Kane situation – is re-igniting interest.

So concerned is Batshuyi at the prospect of a possible move that some reports claim that to even consider a Spurs move he would want contract clauses allowing him to leave for a set fee if guarantees over playing time are not met.

The Irons – with the Olympic Stadium as an inducement – are in a position to tempt him with the prospect of regular first team football and are likely to set up new talks once the Euro 2016 Finals conclude.


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16 comments on “Irons take edge over Spurs on striker

  1. Some clever person has explained the problems that Michy might encounter getting regular playing time at Spurs. At 23, I’m sure he wouldn’t relish the idea of warming the bench too often at White Hart Lane. By contrast, a move to West Ham, will almost guarantee him a regular starting place.

    A move to West Ham could be a superb signing; I have watched him carefully over the last 18 months or so, and he has all the attributes that just makes you say, ‘wow, can this guy play’. As a striker, he would gain a lot of good scoring chances from the likes of Payet, Lanzini, Noble, Kouyate, & Antonio; in addition, he is so fast and creative on the ball, he will in turn set up goals for our present squad of goal-scorers.

    We shouldn’t be getting too excited however, since it is early days, and he may change his mind many times between now and the start of the EPL. Can you imagine the West ham fans having to re-arrange their songs; “we’ve got Dimi, we’ve got Michail, and now, we’ve got Michy”.

    There are good reasons to believe that Batshuayi will end up at West Ham; we will be taking possession of a small black kitten in the not too distant future, and whether it is a he or she, the cat will be a Michy- surely a good omen from a life-time lover of West Ham and black cats!!

  2. Call me old fashioned but I would have thought that, if a player is really worth that sort of money, you’d hope he’d be good enough to COMMAND a position, not want guarantees.

    • When they’ve got Kane in his position, you can see why he might be concerned. Too many good players have joined PL clubs and then wasted some of their best years on the bench. I just want us to sign a good ‘un early, especially if he’s going to be known as Mickey Batsh!t.

  3. Can a club the size of spuds really afford to spend €40m on a back up player? That is a hell of a lot of money for any club outside the super rich private members club.
    it would be like L’pool spending £35m on a injury prone player who hardly ever played & then repeating the same mistake a couple of years later… 😀 lol

  4. Ha ha Essex , nice one !

  5. Don’t know who you mean Essex haha
    I would suspect many players want some sort of agreement or understanding that they will be getting a lot of game time before signing for a team if they are at a level of these guys.Whether we like them or not Kane is a quality forward so it is unlikely that most forwards round the world would displace him in the spuds team atm 😉

  6. There should be no player at his level (1st choice at a big french club) who would even think of going to another club to sit on the bench. Forget the money these guys should just want to play every week. Come to the East End lad & show your class at the best stadium in the PL & be part of our climb to the top. Oh on top of that, the spuds are a bunch of self abusers who think they already are at the top….. 😉 haha

  7. I really have seen very little of him or Lacazette if I’m honest & unlike some experts a few YouTube clips isnt enough for me to determine he is a MINGER!!! 😀

  8. Just hope we don’t wait for him then he stays or goes elsewhere,if he that good why are Real,Barc,City,Manure and co not interested or are they ?because if one of them go for him we are not at the races,
    Would prefer Slav got his new men early got shot of those that are leaving and we start the season firing in Europe and take it into the new season,
    First get Sak sorted one way or another,
    Then get Wilson or Bony on board,then we can let AC or Sak go,then sort Valencia out
    If we are still interested in the French lad we can enter the race after the Europeans,
    Mind you if he has a cracker there he will be a £50 million price range,

  9. I should think there is a large proportion of our fans haven’t seen much of either as they play in the French league Rad but it ain’t gonna stop them being experts about both Lol

  10. I’m with you essex… Batman is a top player, if you want a super hero you have to pay him properly. Otherwise take 10 CC… lol 😀

  11. It can’t be true, Mystic Bradders hasn’t had a chance to preach his mystical teachings from the good book Google and News Now yet! The self proclaimed spokesman of West Ham must be the 1st person to break any news to his minions lol.

  12. Yes Slav , I posted under the name of mongol alli , they got rather upset and removed my post , I wasn’t nasty in anyway , just told them the truth ! We stopped them winning the league , while not being a big club ( according to the Muppet blogger ) and that it was a cracking defensive headed goal by dier who should change his name to dire , and there’s more to come in the euros , and couldn’t wait for it to start ? No sense of humour the spuds. Thank fu£k iI never told them about the two barn doors Woy ,s put on the training ground for will o the lisp harry and that alli won hands down the voldermort lookalike comp in palastines top TV programe , knock knock ? Petty I know but I hate the *******s !!

  13. I have watched him play and to be honest I can’t see what all the fuss is about, Sakho can do nearly everything that he can and I don’t think he will ever be a 20 goal a season player, might aswell save a few quid and buy Defoe back he will score more as a sub than this kid will starting every match. I hope we get Zaza he at least looks and plays like a striker and with being left as a spare part at Juve will have plenty to prove.

  14. Hi guys, love reading the comments here. Spent a fair bit of time on another fan site before finding this one and it has to be said that it was great as a sleeping aid, no such chance of that here.
    I’m far from an expert on anything football, I just love watching the game and love the Irons. However this fella worries me, no player is bigger than the club, whether it’s Barcelona or Margate (do Margate have a team?). Though we will never know the details of a signing in full all the noises are that he wants a guaranteed starting place, I’d rather a player earned their place on merit. It’s a team game after all and if you’re not playing for your manager, for your teammates but for yourself I’d rather you go do one. It seems that Slav has nurtured a harmonious changing room where each fella can look another in the eye and know that they have given their all and left nothing in the tank. That’s the signing I want.
    Sir Alex (sorry for the Manure reference) did not tolerate big headed players and his teams played and won (and lost) as a team. And there were great players in his teams. The Academy is being rebuilt, our team needs additions but overall I think we’re looking in good shape.

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