It’s time to end this AC sick note nightmare

CarrollsakhoOk, that’s it – enough really is more than enough and has been for a long time!

The Andy Carroll saga goes on and on and on with a 28 year old striker – who should be approaching the peak years of his career – again injured (thigh this time apparently) and unable to lift a leg against Everton at the weekend.

It’s also now accepted as a matter of course that the guy can’t play three games a week although when he is available becomes the automatic choice.

Just not good enough in any shape or form and there now really is a case for taking whatever may be on offer in the transfer window and wishing him well, whether that’s in the UK, Europe or China – the American set up may be made for him!

His contract is up in two years time so to pay him up and wish him all the best would cost around £8 million – pray for a buyer.

As a result Saturday’s game against a team containing the awesome Roman Lukaku looks a nightmare should Diafra Sakho not be available and-  given the events of the week – you wouldn’t count on it would you?

Sakho’s injury issues will of course be raised but the difference is that his caused on a treatment table by some cack handed Senegal physio whilst he was on international duty.

Stupidly, he was advised by people close to him not to have surgery but now  a year or so on he has done the right thing and is now fully recovered and, assuming the manager is ready to give him his chance, will lead the attack

With no Michail Antonio  available you really begin to wonder what the hell team can possibly take the field otherwise with the barely played Jonathon Calieri and Ashley Fletcher available along with Andre Ayew. Not too encouraging that.

The Andy Carroll situation really needs to be sorted out very fast this summer given that he has managed 77 appearances in all – a figure which will include numerous sub appearances.

But the various selection issues it has raised and change in style and approach required from game to game has been a nightmare.

We need great fit players in and injury ravaged problem players out – a busy summer ahead! It’s time to end this AC sicknote soap opera.




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17 comments on “It’s time to end this AC sick note nightmare

  1. This soap opera went beyond a joke a long long time ago Hughie.I can think of few if any other teams in the league who would continue to think their spearhead attacker should be anyone like Carroll.They would have shipped them out of the door long ago.
    I feel sorry for the poor bugger always being injured but there comes a stage where pity turns to anger and frustration.Many have felt that for a season or two and i dont blame them he leaves me so frustrated its untrue lol

  2. Totally agree about AC he day is almost done.
    Even when he is fit (think I can remember that) his style of play does not fit with the rest of the football we are trying to play. His constant demanding of the ball in the air leaves us as a one trick pony ( and yes we have been) and he is not even winning all the balls in the air anymore either. His main atttribute is with his head and everyone knows that and waits for the knock down.
    Time for a change and time to give Fletcher a proper go at it and not come in when the game is almost done. He has good footwork and is tall with good movement. Yes people will point to the training one on one with Ginge today and make sarcastic comments, but the guy has real ability and will show it if given a proper chance.
    I also feel sorry for AC as it must be incredibly frustrating being on the treatment table all the time, but in other walks of life he would have been pensioned off a long while ago as unfit for duty.
    We cannot run a team pandering to one person’s style and others must fill the breech.
    He could work very well with Sakho

  3. Fletcher could work well with Sakho (I added a paragraph and forgot to bring this bit back !

  4. Yes cannot disagree with you Hugh. I have been one of his biggest fans & I still rate him very highly but this can’t go on. Sad, because there is no doubt that fully fit he can terrorise all but the best defences. We are unlikely to have the Aguero, Messi type striker but using a big man is another way of getting your quota of goals. i just hope Sakho is fit & in the right frame of mind or we are going to struggle to find any goals. Perhaps the tactic should play a 9-1 formation & get the two draws to get us over the line. It would be a fitting end to a miserable season.

  5. But he’s unplayable on his day, the best at what he does, is unique and the most talented forward that England possesses. He single handily keeps us safe from relegation year on year and is a mythical Norse god in a previous life according to the fans who chanted “Please stay Andy” when he was in loan 😀😀😀 Or in my world just a useless 6ft 4 sack of ****e signed at all costs by a tub of lard because they shared the same agent.

  6. Is it me or have the David’s been quiet lately….not a bad thing but somewhat unusual?

  7. I wouldnt have a clue Pop.Unlike some fans i dont go through the papers with a fine tooth comb looking for statements or quotes they made to moan about lol
    I did once look at Golds Twitter account but it appeared to be full of our fans with sawdust for brains.

  8. offer him a pay as you play contract with big bonuses for scoring, only play him every other game when fit or last ½ hour of a game, then he could be worth keeping.
    The problem is he is top of the wages tree but contributes little over a season when compared to other lesser paid players

  9. How can we do that though Nige,he is still sitting on 2 years of a 6 year contract.Why will he agree to anything like that when he doesnt have to.
    The only way out of this shyte is to pay him off,which aint going to happen or flog him.Im sure by August Gold will be telling us he is over all his injuries & will be scoring for fun next season for the second or third year in a row 😂

    • Why don’t we all just agree that he’s an absolute bag of ****e bought buy a big fat turd of a manager who didn’t give a toss about the fans or the tradition of the club! Another master stroke of a signing by the self proclaimed messiah😀

      • See you have done it again gw.Now you will be in the poo for being dismissive of The Great Allerdici.
        You will be told you never gave him a chance from day one by the supercilious barstewards who know everything lol

  10. Bill Shankly and Brian Clough had the same attitude to injured players, they would completely ignore them, they didn’t exist – if they couldn’t play they were no good to them and didn’t come into their thoughts.

    It may be a hard attitude but it’s how a Manager has to think – he has think of what he can put on the pitch – Carroll is an irrelevancy now, he’s of no use to Bilic and has been on too many occasions – time to get shot of him and get someone who’s available most of the time.

    I’m afraid the similar can be said of Sakho!

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