Klopp still in Irons frame

KloppJurgen Klopp has confirmed that he is taking his time to decide on his future.

Speculation has been flying around that the German is heading back into management at any one of any number of clubs.

West Ham have approached the 47 year through middle men and have not been turned down but ClaretandHugh’s was told: “He made it clear he will make his mind up in June. He appears to be sticking to that.”

Some media reports in Germany claim he will take six months off although Klopp himself has only partly validated that.

He said regarding his future: “I am a football coach. I want to work for a while, but at the moment it is difficult.”

He has been linked with Real Madrid – where it now seems Rafa Benitez may be headed – West Ham, Liverpool and Manchester City.



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21 comments on “Klopp still in Irons frame

  1. If you dont ask you will never know,very,long shot but at least give it a go.It will make Hamburg happy as well 😀

  2. From an old hoofer to Klippity Klopp sounds like a perfect move for us.
    Keep believing Hamburg!

  3. I think we need to make a desicion sooner rather than later on our manager. Can’t keep waiting for these people to decide whether they want to manage or not.

  4. Get real!

  5. Simples. Give Klopp an almighty presentation including the OS, the Boleyn and bits of our history (Moore, Brooking, DiCanio etc.). Make him an offer he cannot refuse financially.
    If he still says no we cannot say we didn’t try.
    I don’t get this “I want to work a while, but it is difficult” quote.

    Of course Klopp can take six months off, but that would rule him out at a number of clubs that may be quite attractive propositions for Klopp. Glad though to hear that Liverpool are apparently sticking with Rodgers. One less potential competitor for Klopp out of the way.
    I also heard Klopp ain’t too keen on Man City and Real were not happy with Klopp being too much of a maverick.

    I’m still holding out hope until I read Klopp has definitely turned us down.

  6. Thats it H,positive thinking,keep the dream alive 🙂

  7. I hate it when fellow fans tell me to get real, stop being deluded or get my claret and blue specs off. No, no, no! As a fan I want to dream, I want to see my club showing ambition and aim high. I know we are not the first club managers and players are looking out for,
    but I am looking out first for West Ham always.
    I won’t stop dreaming. I cannot do anything to convince Klopp to come to us, that is up to Sullivan, Gold and Brady.
    But I can still hope for it to happen until Klopp tells us all he’ll go elsewhere or spend six months on a beach in the sun somewhere.

    • Good for you Martin Luther Hamburg. You’re spot on we have so much to offer so why shouldn’t we want the best there is. My choice is de Boer but if it’s not him I’d be delighted with someone of the calibre of Klopp. I’m not going to let my dreams fade and die either.

    • I hope Brady doesn’t get an input on our next manager

  8. Lol,well anyone can hope or wish for whoever the hell they want.No other fan knows anymore about the managerial positions than any one else.I hope we get a decent name in to shut up all these ‘we will get McClaren or ‘arry’ mob who i sometimes think want to see us get someone third rate so they can squeel that we should have kept Hippo.Too many fans are experts on everything,lol.Keep dreaming H.Even a rabid dog like me still dreams of a top appointment 😀

    • I love all the fans who are suddenly experts on every manager mentioned.They google them,wiki them & are then the experts on the said manager,its hysterical 😉

      • I saw a really funny post earlier on whtid,someone mentioned McClaren & everyone started getting worried.Anyway some fella posted that they shouldnt have a ‘collective pant fill’,lmao.Brilliant term,i need to use it now.Sorry chap if it is someone here who posted it & i am stealing your saying.I dont want to be sued,lol 😉

  9. This all fits with the careful what you wish for,stability,avoid relegation at all costs mentality which is the sad legacy of the BFS years. Some of the fanbase seem to have become brainwashed. They need to realise that the board and the vast majority of the fans want to take off and fly on a new adventure not be stuck with the boring monotony of the last few years

  10. Lets not be fooled here,if the board had offered hippo a new contract he would have accepted.They didnt so for all parties saying that he wouldnt have stayed anyway allows him to leave with a shread of dignity.The fact they binned him showed they are not looking for a f*cking McClaren or Harry,if thats what they wanted they would have kept the Dung Beetle.

    • Spot on the hippo was trying to save face (he has a lot to save). Until proven otherwise I believe the Daves want an exciting top manager

  11. If you build it, they will come…
    Well actually we didn’t build it, that’s why it’s an athletics bowl and not a football stadium, and we are only renting it, but you get my drift.
    Surely we will not take our new manager targets into a jeelied eels shop in order to convince them to join.
    Of course I hope the Boleyn and our history will form some part of our presentation,
    but we can convince our targets by showing them around the OS, telling them about the Premier LeagueTV deal, the fantastic deal we’re getting to play in the OS and hence the transfer kitty that will be available this summer and the summers after.
    If need be give them a nice sightseeing tour through London too.
    But of course Neil Warnock is the best target we could hope for.
    Be careful what you wish for. Is that what parents used to tell their children when writing don their wishlists for Christmas ?

  12. Haha,well some believe we will end up with a Warnock type signing.I think its ridiculous to believe that will happen.Tbh i think it is peoples lack of knowledge about european managers or even european football makes them think small.If you want you can watch football from all over europe & you will see that there are some fine managers around.If people havnt heared of someone they immediately dismiss them as nobodies,lol.Warnock as new Irons manager!!! 😀

  13. Hamburg when I run for Prime minister I will employ you as my spin doctor,
    I think for shear persistence Hamburg shoul get Klopp,
    But if he fails Hamburg the Minorty can turn

    • Haha,i love H & his dream of getting Klopp.Better than all these miserable b*stards who only want to talk about everyone who is or will turn us down.Some real doom & gloom merchants about.Makes you wonder if they will only be happy if we got a crap manager so they can moan about hippo going 😉

  14. Well, it’s important to dream. And sometimes good to aim high. And it’s no secret that Klopp is VERY keen to manage in England. If no vacancies come up at bigger clubs like Liverpool or Man City (not written in stone he’d join a club like City anyway) what is he gonna do ? Wait his turn until Man U or Arsenal may become interested ?

    Klopp is not daft. He will know about the potential in a club when he sees it. That’s what happened when he joined Dortmund who were not the internationally renowned club they are today thanks to him.
    He’ll see the potential in West Ham. Only problem I see realistically if there is a clash of personalities between him and Sullivan/Brady.
    That could make him think: Hang on, I don’t think I could work for them, they’d do my head in!

  15. Keep the dream alive H,we need your optimism to counter act all the miserable sods who think we will end up with Warnock or McClaren.I read today it is going to be a very lucrative contract.Money can get anyone you want if they are that way inclined.I dont put Klopp in that bracket ofc 😉

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