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Kouyate and Sakho caught up in match fixing scandal

SakKouyateCheikhou Kouyate and striker Diafra Sakho could play in a World Cup qualifier replay in November after FIFA ordered Senegal’s result with South Africa should be scrapped.

The qualifier will be played again after the referee, Joseph Lamptey was found guilty of match-fixing in a game which saw South Africa win 2-1 last November. Lamptey has now been banned for life by FIFA.

The match was surrounded by controversy after the Ghanaian official incorrectly awarded a penalty for handball to South Africa but video replays clearly showed that the ball actually struck the defender’s knee.

The Senegal Football Federation complained to FIFA and as a result, the match will be replayed in November, on a date set aside for an international break.

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22 comments on “Kouyate and Sakho caught up in match fixing scandal

  1. This is blatent clickbait at its finest and so misleading

  2. Is it? I thought i read the same about a rematch on Sky because of the bent ref.
    Oh well if you say so,im too busy to investigate 😀

  3. Well what you call it then?
    Comes up on newsnow and the headline is totally misleading putting the assumption that sakho and kouyate have done something wrong. click on the link and it only involves them on a minimal level.
    That pretty much is click bait isn’t it? or do you want to call me a sad **** again?

  4. I agree WHUFC Board out, very misleading headline make them look like they were involved.. Apparently if your not a regular here then we all sad losers, sad comment Rads.

  5. Yep totally misleading. More to do with the ref than the two players mentioned.

  6. Wtf are you on about Rick & Board Out,i never called anyone sad whatevers ffs.
    The only sad comment is yours Rick for accusing me of something i never even f*cking said 😬
    Anyway how much did it cost you too click,how much time did it steal from your life,maybe 15 secs.
    Ffs if you can get the hump over a bit of click bait you need counseling.
    I dont give a shyt who uses this place,the more the merrier but dont accuse me of something i never bloody said or i will ram my trowel straight up your aris 😁

    • Radal, that wasn’t too you, there was someone called Travis who posted who was being highly obnoxious and using obscenities for no reason. Guessing he removed his post before you saw my reply

  7. Lama there was briefly a comment from someone else having a go at whufc board out.I can only summise whufc was replying to them

    Rick though i dont know.Jumping on the band wagon blindly it seems.Sad comment by him if thats the case.

  8. 😂😂😂😂 chief inspector cluseau been here has he !! He escaped this morning wearing a Toulouse loutrec costume brandishing a small trowell !!! Last seen floating over LS trying to steal the popcorn 😂😂 so don’t panic the regulars have it in hand 🍺

  9. Sean, please. In the current circumstances, we DO NOT need headlines like this.

    Even if the story had any basis.

  10. Ha ha Rads dont waste agodd trowel mate, however my humble apologies, cant find the post now that I was refering to maybe it was someone else, I think need to use me glasses more often FFS

    • Lol no worries Rick,i just couldnt understand why i was getting ear’ole when i never mentioned anyone being sad.All good mate 😁
      My original comment was a misunderstanding.I though board out was on about the whole article not just the headline.So i wasnt defending any headline or clickbait 😀
      I shall put my trowel to bed for the night 😁

  11. My comment got deleted!!!! All I was saying was that some people on here abuse others for having a comment not to mention the over the top adverts same old story’s being recycled over and over again and I had a pop that the editor should learn to spell!!!! And I’m dyslexic.
    Let’s see how long this one lasts

  12. Well youre a happy camper charch.How about starting your own site,maybe The Charch Chronicles.Then we can all come and slag you off just for the hell of it.Let me know when you run the first copies off 😁

  13. What you after a medal of valor for getting a message deleted chuchy!!
    Wasn’t for abuse on someone was it valorman ! Practising what you’re preaching ffs!
    We don’t give a toss mate what you’re sexual desires are being dikleksick so maybe getting in touch with oxford Dave would’ve been a better place to learn how to play with a pigs head at the bullingdon club , wherever you crawled out from crawl back cos as far as I’m concerned you’re open season you Hippocratic ****? Troll on camper ⛺🐷

    • Hahahah still here you p#### ? Go buy some haribos valor man !!
      I’m surprised mummy let you stay up this late , pussy !! Meeeoooowwww
      Move on medallion man , you come across as a right plum 👦

      • Laz – lol. Have to admit you’ve cheered me up, first giggle I’ve managed since the Xfer window closed.

      • He’s a troll jimbo ! Low life trying it on , nothing to say but criticises everyone and everything to cause trouble ! Muppet !!! 2 Bob !!😉

    • Don’t know why but coming on to just have a pop at some of the posters don’t half remind me of someone 😆😆 Good old Fishy Cometh the Chippy moment and his never ending email accounts 😆😆

      • 😂😂 defo GW , it probably is codface doing Moriarty manouveres as you say ! He was fun though marching up and down outside the salon complaining about the price of a rinse and anything going lol , 😂😂

  14. I have never got my head around folk who only post to have a go at a west ham news site.They support the same team as the authors/owners so why abuse a fellow supporter who tries to bring you news.
    I dont think i will ever understand the point of it but hey ho.

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