Kudus switched has saved Moyes West Ham job


Moyes West Ham job looks safer thanks to Kudus

Last nights 3-1 win against Arsenal must have increased David Moyes hopes of retaining his West Ham job. Whilst the draw for the next round at Anfield was a disappointment, the success of Muhammad Kudus and Jarrod Bowen against the Gunners suggests a turning point for the team.

Muhammad Kudus, in particular, stood out as the key player who can help Moyes retain his position. Kudus’s impact is was immediate. His inclusion in the line-up, alongside Bowen, gave the attack a far more potent feel. It was a significant improvement over Michail Antonio, who, despite his dedication, hasn’t been as prolific in front of goal.

Kudus-Arsenal-West Ham_David Moyes

Moyes West Ham job looks safer thanks to Kudus

Kudus’s performance against Arsenal showcased his strength and his potential to disrupt opposition defences. This newfound attacking prowess is a game-changer for West Ham. The team’s ability to threaten with players like Kudus and Bowen is a clear advantage, even when we’re sitting back and parking the bus.

The emergence of Kudus and the promising performance of Bowen suggest a potential changing of the guard at West Ham. These players have the quality to play for any team and should give opposition managers something to think about.

Moyes has come under scrutiny during the last week. However, the switch in personal may well have presented him with a way out. Kudus and Bowen looked lethal  . . . when everyone is fit, Antonio may find it hard to force his way back into the team.

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I hope not Gonzo, we can’t continue to play in this style and expect to move farther up the table, it is a style that puts the defence under pressure for most of the game, apart from the fact it is costly on energy expended for the players which makes it unsustainable, it’s risk vs reward percentage over a season is negligible meaning that on average we will lose more than we win as has been happening for 2.5 seasons, teams that play possession have a lot more opportunities to score and gain from luck as Bowen did with his deflected shot last night, all the percentages are against us and it is horrible to watch also, we have the players that can thrive in a higher pressing team, which would also give us more options in the striker positions so we can better utilise the team.

  • Gazza1974 says:

    ‘Saved his job’ is quite extreme. If he wasn’t sacked halfway through last season he’s surely under no threat right now and that’s before the Arsenal game. Mid table is a marked improvement on last year. Admittedly we was shocking in the 3 games leading up to last night and it’s not rocket science that Kudus has to start. Main problem is in which formation? We also need to sort JWP as he’s been acting more as a defensive midfielder so his passing is going to waste. Soucek has found his shooting boots and Alvarez looks great in the centre but something has to give to accommodate Kudus.

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